• Same, keeps me going on tough days.
  • albatrosssherpa
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    Me too! Haha i check it everyday! Can't wait to be able to post in there!

    same here!
  • aslteacher5
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    Me too...when I get tempted to go and eat something I shouldn't, I go to this section and read the posts and get inspired. Almost as good as chocolate!
  • tif83
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    Me too, and I am obsessed with working out. My coworker called me obsessed this morning because I still want to go workout even though my knees are in pain. I despise that I have to rest. It's amazing how much you can change.......

    i agree it's insane how much you can change. a year ago i would have never seen myself where i am today. granted i have a LONG way to go (120 lbs) but i am getting more active and fit by the day! i HATE skipping a workout now! i have been in pain for the last few weeks and i still go. i walk through leg cramps and foot numbess. and afterwards it feels SO good. i want to be obsessed, i'd much rather be obsessed w/ fitness and nutrition than a negative vice!
  • jesusislove1526
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    I am too! This is so inspirational. I check in here every day.
  • DeniseNichole76
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    same here! totally motivating and inspiring!!!
  • JCulp19
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    I am too! This is so inspirational. I check in here every day.

    ^ this
  • avababy05
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    I get a little obsessed with my workouts as well but,Please don't ignore actual pain.Muscle soreness is normal.Numbness and pain are not.
  • nomayo
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    Same here!
  • Absolutely! It is very motivational to see peoples successes!!
  • Letters24You
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    I'm with you girl! I always read them on my lunch break!!
  • Definitely Me too! Reading the success stories keeps me motivated throughout the day!
  • Hadabetter
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    Yes, it's so motivating! Can't wait to see all y'all's!

    For those of you who aren't from Texas or Oklahoma, "all y'all" is the plural of y'all.

    You're welcome.
  • bootsandfros
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    meee tooooo! i love seeing the transformations and can't wait until i can contribute as well!
  • Fitnsexy12
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    Yeah, me too, it's so motivating to see everyone's success....keep it up MFP friends....
  • beautsarah
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    So am I.
  • The success stories definitely help. I constantly keep in mind these amazing before and after pictures.

    So, please keep them coming people. :)
  • Kurrupt1922
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    Same here, this is really the only forum I go to on here..lol. When I first joing MPF, I told myself that I was going to be a SUCCESS STORY one day. That has been my motivation to continue on my weight loss journey. :happy:
  • kuiboop
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    Me too. Reading and seeing b4 and after pics of ordinary people who have worked hard really motivates me.
    In the last week I have gone to gym early morning b4 work and loving it.....I want to get obsessed with working out.
  • rachael4real
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    Count me in. Totally obsessed and pround!