trying to lose 50lbs by july? Or a lot in general?

I'm 20 - I'm looking for more friends. Currently 250 and I want to be 200 by summer - I hope! Or at least smaller than I am now! (:

Looking for more friends for motivation, tips, food, etc. ^__^

If I look familiar it's because I restarted my account. O_o


  • Luffbot
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    <3 (:
  • thedescentofhope
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    I'm down to 209, looking to go to 136 ASAP! Haha.
  • nicosuave2013
    nicosuave2013 Posts: 42 Member
    im 35 so a bit older than you but id love to drop 40lbs by july!
  • Luffbot
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    I don't discriminate again size age or gender ^_^
  • PennStateChick
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    Im 29 and hoping to lose 45 pounds before my family heads to the beach in July. It was originally 50, but I've already lost some.
  • I'm trying to lose about 40 by July too. Just I need the motivation...and the accountability so I don't give up....again! :)
  • nicosuave2013
    nicosuave2013 Posts: 42 Member
    I don't discriminate again size age or gender ^_^

    maybe you can challenge me as they say the older you are the harder it is lol
  • 55tolose
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    I would love to lose 50 pounds by july! I am 24 and I weigh 174
  • cara_116
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    I'm 5'10 171 and hoping do get to around 118-128 by the end of june (: feel free to add me
  • Hi, im 21 and looking to loose at least 40lb by July, ill add you as a friend! xx
  • Ooooh! Pick me, pick me. I want to lose about 30lbs preferably. :)
  • gabegrammy
    gabegrammy Posts: 147 Member
    Friend me. I'm got 52 more pounds to go, and my goal is July 2013
  • KJFairywings
    KJFairywings Posts: 24 Member
    You can friend me. I am 47 and am looking to lose 75 pounds. I need all the help and support I can get
  • Emin55
    Emin55 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! Any of you can feel free to friend me. I'm 46 and want to lose 25 - 30 lbs by June. Lost 10, and then, lost a bit of motivation too...
  • LaniLani999
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    I want to lose 20lbs by July...looking forward to Vegas and I really would like to be in a swimsuit during that month.
  • emilypurplefrog
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    You can friend me if you'd like! I'm 21 and weigh in the mid 170s, however, I'm 4'11" and small framed so I have a lot to lose taking into consideration my height and frame. I would like to be down to 130 by the time I graduate from college in December.
  • gayatrik
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    I'm trying to lose about 40 by July too. Just I need the motivation...and the accountability so I don't give up....again! :)

    Me too ..... I am trying to lose 30 by May... started afresh yesterday after falling off the wagon several times........ And dont want to give up this time ... Looking forward to a Lifestyle change..
  • clairehepple72
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    I'm 40 and have already lost over 20lbs but looking to lose a further 50 by the end of August!!
  • I am 25 years old and 5'8". I currently weigh 239.6 and would love to drop 50lbs by July! I would really like to lose 90-95 pounds total.. so I am going to need alot of motivation. I am currently on week 2 of my diet and have lost 2 pounds so far.. so I have a ways to go!
  • stamfordjules
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    I'm 5'2", 41 years and 175lbs. I want to be 135lbs, realistically this will probably be October time but it would be great to get most of it shifted for the summer