What do you like to eat pre workout?



  • 2 cream crackers, a banana and a disgustingly strong coffee about an hour beforehand, a meal with good protein content afterwards.
  • Nada. I'm up at 5am and on the gym floor at 5:45am. However even if I work out later in the day, I still like a fasted workout (lifting OR cardio).
  • awake4777
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    Strawberries and Cream Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal and sometimes (maybe once per week) 3 strips of center cut bacon, roasted. I always have 1/4 or 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen fruit. Then I go work out for 2 hours.
  • veggieluver2
    veggieluver2 Posts: 70 Member
    30 minutes prior to 5 a.m. workout

    1/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal
    1/2 cup no sugar added applesauce
    1/2 scoop protein powder
    1/2 almond coconut milk

    Together around 225 calories. Follow up with three egg whites - sometimes some yolk and stir fried bell pepper and broccoli.
  • juniorette
    juniorette Posts: 274 Member
    1/2 cup plain vanilla lowfat yogurt, and one plain piece nickels brand 35 calorie wheat bread. I usually have a banana for a snack when I get back home after the gym.
  • ubermensch13
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    Breakfast, bran cereal, if I go in the morning. Dinner, if I go in the evening.
  • Lupercalia
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    Usually bulletproof coffee.
  • vanguardfitness
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    coffee or lately I have been drinking Isopure Apple Melon (from the bottles) at the start of my workout or towards the middle.
  • magerum
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    Nothing. Maybe a caffeine pill or 5 hr energy
  • CyberEd312
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    4 pc. Whole Wheat toast with All Natural Peanut butter and drizzled with Honey
    Travel Mug size Keurig coffee
    Glass of 1% Chocolate Milk
    1 Banana

    I work out in the A.M. so I get up at 6, eat around 6:30 and off to the gym around 7:30......
  • MrNoisy
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    Nothing! I train fasted at 6am. I have my first meal at 2pm.
  • Topher1978
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    I often workout about a half hour after breakfast, which is a fruit/probiotic smoothie, and often a thin protein shake if I need the calories/protein.
  • BaDaSsBrUnEtTe
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    Usually almonds, or a banana.
  • Shadowknight137
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  • 5stringjeff
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    If I have anything, it's a spoonful of honey.
  • dlrosen
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  • betoarango
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    fasted workouts rock!
  • RunDoozer
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    If I eat within 2 hours of working out I get sick. So I dont.
  • Thanks for all the responses, I got some new great ideas :smile:
  • fasted workouts rock!

    I always do fasted cardio, but I have to have some fuel in me when I do my lifting.