Brand new me, before and during pics!



  • prudism
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    hey that is so impressive that is my body shape too I put it on all on top what excercises did you do to tone up
  • I am so completely honored by you mentioning me... But my friend you deserve all of the credit...
    Wow, you are looking great and I feel your enthusiasm...
    Stay the course my friend

    I love the statement "during"... It means you are not done...
    love ya
  • you look great congrats!
  • hayz182
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    You're such a great inspiration! Look at that booty! Great job!!!
  • MsKeelah919
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    COLOR ME INSPIRED!! Great job!
  • emmph
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    You look fantastic!
  • WOW!! You really worked hard and it certainly paid off! You look amazing!
  • travelgirl77
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    Amazing....and what a great attitude to boot.
  • Mommy4812
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    You are doing awesome!
  • vivipr
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    Girl! You look Fantabulous!!! your hard work (and cold showers) are paying off :)

    keep it up!.
  • Kurrupt1922
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  • fatyoga
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    Great job!
  • ChristyRunStarr
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    You look amazing! Congrats
  • shellywillmann
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    Fantastic transformation!
  • stunningalmond
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    You look great!! My favourite part is the smile on your face! :D
  • Mads1997
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    great job!
  • fantastic!! you look great!
  • dorianaldyn
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    Great job! You should be so proud!

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  • Tootce01
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    Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing! You look fantastic!!
  • Congrats!!!!:smile: