Goal weight for 5'4" girls?



  • crunchybubblez
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    Mine is a lot higher than the ones posted here. More like 165. I really have some goal measurements. I don't really care about the scale.

    But everyone already mentioned, it really depends on how your body is shaped and your body composition. I've got more muscle than most.

    Same here..
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    115-120 depending.
  • Have you considered changing your goal weight to a goal body fat %? I used to have a goal weight in mind, and was driven by the scale and nothing else. Then I discovered weight training, and switched my goal to a body fat % of 18, and whatever number the scale says at that goal, I'm good with. Right now I am at 20% and weigh between 128-132 lbs. I haven't weighed myself in a month...

    It is so nice to not be chained to a particular weight! I wear a 2/4, feel great and get to eat more because I lift frequently, WIN WIN WIN in my book! Just something to consider...
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    Mine is a lot higher than the ones posted here. More like 165. I really have some goal measurements. I don't really care about the scale.

    But everyone already mentioned, it really depends on how your body is shaped and your body composition. I've got more muscle than most.

    Same here! I would love to be 160 or 165 (and that seems so very very far away). I just restarted my journey of weight loss a couple weeks ago and even with the big numbers it can be discouraging! I think a goal of 125 would be completely unrealistic for me as I'd probably look like a walking skeleton!
  • I'm 5'4" and my goal is 120.
  • Holy shizz guys, this topic got a much bigger response than I thought it would. xDD

    Thank all of you for responding to this! It's really very helpful!:)
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    110 is below your ideal weight range, even for a very small frame and 115 either JUST scrapes in or is just under (depending on what you're reading and who you listen to). A healthy weight for 5'4" is usually between 114lb and 151lb, obviously all dependant on what you're reading and what your frame is (small, medium or large).

    If you're not happy at 140lb I would probably aim for 120lb-125lb, and from there see what feels right. I'm 5'4" and my goal was 130lb. Now I'm here (ok there's a fraction of a lb still to go!!) I know I could lose more fat, not necessarily more weight. So my new goals are all based around body composition - building muscle and losing fat. Maybe that's something you could also look into.

    ETA - could you focus on a goal size instead of a goal weight? My goal size was a 6 - now I'm a 3/5 in jeans and a 2/4 in tops.

    I'm right around where ^you are! I started at 145, goaled myself for 130, reached it, goaled for 5 more, about right there (body is adjusting to a calorie increase), and now I'm going more for body composition and body fat percentage as well. I'm 5'3" and for me to be at 21% BF, I should weigh 118 so you might wanna keep it closer to 125-130 lbs for your goal for now, then, adjust accordingly from there. I thought about 20% BF, but then I'd have to be 116 lbs and I feel like I've lost enough of my boobs to risk losing even more haha.
  • 50 yo, 5' 3.5"
    Ideal for me is 135, which is my goal weight. I'm at 146.3 right now and a size 8.

    When I was in my late 30's I went down to 125, started working out and doing weight training along with a massive amount of cardio, went up to 130 and looked really awesome. Size 4-6

    Even at 140-145 people thought I was 120lbs, go figure, lol. I do hold it pretty well and I"m pretty athletic, but I also go by the way my clothes fit and everything is a bit too tight in the waist right now! Ugh.
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    I am 5'4, 45 years old and weigh 145 Lb (Christmas baggage). I usually hover around the 142 LB mark which I feel comfortable at due to my age and the fact I have had 5 children. Ideally I would like to get down to 136 IB.

    I was just wondering how many Net calories you aim for? I did a lot of rowing to get down from 150 Lbs to 142 Lbs after I had my last son who is 5 now. I have my goal at 1400 calories and nearly always eat back my calories.

    Just wondered what you lot have as goals etc. I would like to get down to 136 Lbs within the next 3 months. Is this realistic?

    Thanks for any replies x
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    My goal si about145. When I was 18 I got down to 125 and everyone told me it was too thin...looking back at the pictures now, I have to agree that I did look gaunt, too thin. However, everyone's body is a little different so do what is best for you. :happy:
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    I'm 5'4" and my goal weight is 130.
  • I'm 5'4 and my goal is 140- I started out at 307 currently at 200. I am really not too worried about the number on the scale, I just want to be able to wear a size 6-8. When I get to 140, I will reassess.
  • Im 5 foot 4 currently 181lbs down from 199lbs and my goal weight is 133lbs, as you say everyone is different and personally any lower than that just wouldn't look right on me xx
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    I'm currently 165, size 8 at 5'4" and 40something. My goal weight should be 150lbs according to my doctor who says I have a muscular frame and he doesn't like the BMI calculations as they don't take into account each persons build. So my plan is to work my way to 150lbs and re-evaluate.
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    I am 5'4" and right now my goal is 135 but I always say and trust that I will know when I am there by how I look and feel.
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    I am 5'4", I started at 143, I am now at 140. For some reason, the number that sticks out in my head is 127. It's the weight I remember feeling good at. But hopefully once I reach 127 I will want to re-evaluate and maybe get to 120?
  • I'm 26, 5'4". I used to weigh around 115lbs around 2 years ago. I gained up to 140lbs. I'm at 133 right now. My target weight is around 125lbs-128lbs. Looking back at picture from when I was 115lbs, I do not like at all what I looked out. My bones were sticking out everywhere and my skin had turned slightly yellow. I'm sure other 5'4" ladies look great at 115lbs though.
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    I'm almost 5'4 (5'36) and my goal weight is 60 kg (132lbs).
    I currently weight 117.2 kg (258lbs) so I have a ways to go...
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    I'm also 5'4" aiming for a toned 130lb for now, for my age (19) I should be anywhere between 152lb - 103lb going by bmi, but different formulas put me at around 129lb - 119lbs optimal weight