Some people just don't get it....



  • MizTerry
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    If folks minded their own business about what people are eating, we probably wouldn't have quite so many emotional bingers.
  • MrsJonSamuels
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    I work the swing shift and have a 3 hour overlap with the morning shift. The women I work with always has junk food and drinks pop like its water. So yesterday I ate a snack and she then asks me how I expect to lose weight if all I do is eat every 2-4 hours. I told her Ive lost 90lbs doing it this way, I think I got it figured out by now lol! I was like all you eat is junk food everyday why would I take diet advise from you?

    Like really?!

    I left her speechless, somehow I dont think she will be commenting on my eating from now on :)!

    LOL!!!! nope not at it!!!
  • msmithevv
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    I let them talk but mostly ignore.

    Great post! Keep doing what you are doing. What works for some people doesn't work for everyone. We are all different. Keep up the good work!
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    I believe you left out the part where you told her to stuff it.
  • mrs_schultz2012
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    i have a very overweight friend who thinks the less she eats, the's frustrating....and then you turn around and she's going out to eat or going to the bar.... :huh:
  • watcheronthewall
    People are so annoying. She's probably just jealous.
  • smaihlee
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    Everybody is a freaking expert :/
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    You shouldn't eat lunch because you ate 250 cals at breakfast?
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    I have a co-worker who is uneducated like that... and I tried to break it down in kiddie terms for her... "I could eat this small handful of potato chips OR this entire bag of baby carrots..... which do you think will keep me full longest? Which do you think is going to give my body better fuel to keep moving throughout the day?"

    this is the girl who carries in multiple bags of food and from what I see eats 3 course meals 4 times a day at work.... McDonalds, Chicken Chunks, leftovers from her giant chinese food meal the night before... a PIZZA box one day... gah...
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    So annoying!
    A co-worker of mine knows I eat healthy and have been trying to lose weight. She always has something to say about how I'm doing it wrong because of how much I eat! Never understanding the fact that you HAVE to EAT in order to LOSE WEIGHT!
    She saw me eat my lunch today..always asking me when I'm bringing her a lunch b/c mine always look so good.
    ( it was a spinach salad w/ 2oz grilled chicken, veggies, 1/4 cup black beans, and blue cheese / greek yogurt dressing I made = about 250cal)
    Then she asked what I had for breakfast - 1/2 cup egg beaters w/ spinach, peppers, onions and a mini whole wheat bagel w/ avocado - around 250cal
    Then she said Oh! Well you shouldn't have eaten lunch! You already ate too much today!
    ....after I just watched her slam down a huge cheese and meatball sub and a bottle of coke.
    she only eats 'once a day'
    (shes very overweight btw)

    I just hate how people look at ME funny b/c I try to eat right like somethings wrong w me!

    I had an apple for a snack between breakfast and lunch btw...what a binger!

    Who else experiences this?

    start asking questions and offering random opinions and suggestions about her sex life. that'll shut her up.


    I put a sign outside my cubicle wall which reads: Barkie the bear is on mission to try to lose weight; some of her choices are good one some of them are not so good, but they are my choices. If you would like to encourage me, and give me helpful hits please leave me a note. But most of all Please don’t feed the bear she bits. I'm tired of people knowing I'm trying to lose weight and then giving me crap which I don't need but still eat. Co-workers are so much fun to deal with. Most of them now get the hint and stop giving me food and telling me how to lose weight. Hang a sign and if she wants you to fix her a meal tell your Not UPS and you don't deliver. Otherwise charge her, hope this helps
  • Monica_has_a_goal
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    Heavy ppl once believed that eating once a day was sufficient.. unfortunately it only stops your metabolism and you still gain weight.. she doesnt know what shes talking about..

    Follow MFP and lose the weight safely
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    Sounds like you have additional motivation - to prove her wrong. :)
  • Dyann_Alvarez
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    Not to mention the ones just waiting for you to fail.
  • Its_My_Time
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    Your doing great and your meals sounds delicious by the way! Yes..ditto..she's jealous! :wink:
  • Beckyloo80
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    I always get the "how and when are you going to stop logging everything"

    Um, unfortunately, I have to in order to take care of myself. I have seen huge success in it and it just pisses them off
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    I've been vegetarian for about 9 years, people always seem perplexed about why and what I eat. My rule is don't judge what I'm eating and I won't judge what you are eating. Seems like it could apply here!
  • Emmidoodah
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    It just plain old pees me off that people thing they have the right to comment on my weight or food in any way. I even get quite narky when people say things like "oh you've lost weight you look so much better" , or " We always thought you had such a nice face"... I feel like saying " So you secretly thought I was grotesque before then? Thanks!'
  • HardRockCamaro
    I tend to work on a "all people are ignorant sheep of low intelligence" until they prove to me otherwise.

    Works quite well as I can then easily ignore their dopey comments like your colleagues...

    (don't worry, I'm sure they think the same of me, and they may be right, haha!)
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    Your breakfast and lunch sound amazing!

    People used to tease me whenever I walked in with my little Igloo cooler. I'd set it on my desk, and they'd go, "Whoa! What do you have in there? How much food does that hold?"

    Now that I've lost almost 50 pounds, they keep making comments and ask what I'm eating. I open my cooler and show them all of the veggies, fruit, cheese, and my little tupperware container of food to reheat for lunch. They always say, "Ooh! Yummy! That looks better than the cafeteria/fast food crap I had," or something like that. :)