Foods that are fulfilling that have very few calories



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    Awesome site. thanks so much for sharing
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    hard boiled egg :)
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    Cole slaw, very basic

    1/4 cabbage shredded
    1/2 carrot shredded
    1tbsp mayo (lite of course)
    1tsp apple cider vinegar

    About a cup and a half at around 100 calories.
  • 90 calorie applesauce cups.. they have a variety of flavors
    40 calorie dole mandarin orange cups in water (my favorite)
    100 calorie air popped pop corn
    90 calories of veggie dip cup with celery

    Those are the only snacks I eat. So that is all i got!
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    Lately been on a kick for dill pickles. No not prego either. lol :noway: :tongue:
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    Protein like meat and digestively complicated whole seeds keep me filled to capacity. I would rather eat a dozen Krispy Kreems, but I would be hungry again in an hour.:laugh:
  • Lately been on a kick for dill pickles. No not prego either. lol :noway: :tongue:

    Pickles are really good haven't eaten them in a while though.. Only 5 calories but the sodium content is outrageous so guessing there not the healthiest huh?..
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    155-180 Calories total - 6 Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits (120 calories), with a Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb spreadable cheese wedge (35 calories). Or switch the cheese wedge for a Sargento reduced fat colby Jack cheese stick (60 calories). The combination is so flavorful, it doesn't feel healthy. Tons of fiber, keeps me full.

    170 Calories total - Thomas Whole Grain Bagel Thins (110 calories) toasted with 2 tablespoons of Greek Cream Cheese (60 calories). It's warm and toasty, and the fiber from the bagel and the protein from the greek cream cheese fill me up.

    100 Calories - Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with Blueberry or Raspberry. I try not to use all of the sauce to cut down on empty calories.

    ~0 Calories - a big cup of hot tea. I like fruity teas so Red Zinger, True Blueberry, and Mandarin Spice from Celestial Seasonings. Really help when my stomach gets grumbly between meals!

  • These are delicious! No bake energy balls -
    About 84 calories each. They keep well in the fridge for at least a week (they never last that long here :-) or freeze them and pop them into ziplock bags and they'll be good to go in time for the morning snack. And Broccoli with Mizithra cheese Or just blanched (i think that's the process) broccoli with a bit of garlic and crushed red pepper. Those are my favorite snacks!

    These look great! Thanks for sharing the link :)

    My favourite snacks are 2 cruskits (these may just be an Aussie thing?) with cottage cheese or light laughing cow cheese, veggie sticks with hommus and pop corn.
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    tuna fish in water in the pouch for 80 cals with half a tablespoon of mayo or mustard is my fav
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    I'm going to be a bit of a contrarian, and say that if your macronutrients are in my proportions below, you may not get crazy hungry. I used to get "crazy hungry" really quickly, but now I don't. For reference I'm a 48 yr old 5' 10" 225 lb (muscular, but not ripped yet) male, doing HIIT 4 days/week. Below are my goals, and I rarely exceed them unless I'm eating out, special occasions, etc. Although my goal is 2800 cal, I'm usually around 2500.

    Target calories: 2800
    Protein: 280g
    Fat: 140g
    Carohydrates: 105g

    I go over my carbs once a week (sushi night). Try upping the protein maybe. It doesn't have to be meat. I eat a lot of almonds.
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    I think it's also important to identify what you mean by "starving to death". If it's actual hunger, then you need something satisfying (this usually means some protein/fat). It's ok to spend a couple-few hundred calories on a snack if its actual hunger, and fits into your daily goals. (For that, i love a handful of nuts) But, if by starving to death you mean "uncontrollable urge to put something in my mouth" that's different! Then I tend to go for popcorn or raw veggies. Greek yogurt makes a great base for a veggie dip.
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    I meant to answer the original question, too. I'm a huge fan of stir fry mix, steamed. I buy it frozen and it's 25 calories a cup. If I like, I can eat an entire bag for a whopping 125 calories. It's a pretty good deal, I think.

    I do this too!! I like the 'lightly sauced' frozen veggie bags for a meal they're usually between 150-250 calories and delicious.
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    Where does one obtain Chia Seeds???

    I get mine from one of two Amish/Mennonite bulk food stores. A pound (which is a LOT of chia seeds) runs about $1. But that's probably a regional solution. Bob's Red Mill sells chia seeds, so you might look in that section of a grocery store...
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    nuts are not low Cal, very healthy but far from low Cal.

    veggies give you the biggest bang for your buck by far!
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    Try this recipe in the blender

    1 cup frozen fruit, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
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    Peanut butter on celery works for me..

    And dill pickles (burns more calories than it consumes).
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    Boom Chicka Pop popcorn!!! Yummy:) 33 cals in 1 cup. It's a whole grain, and if you go nuts and have a massive amount, it STILL won't mess up your food diary!!
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    1 6oz 0% raspberry flavor chobani greek yogurt
    1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 packet truvia


    So yummy

    OK--this has to be the best idea for a snack EVER in my opinion. Absolutely can't wait to try it!
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    So...what are some great suggestions for food to munch on when starving to death that will not pack on the calories. Anything OTHER than ricecakes.

    Corn cakes are an awesome alternative hah