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MFP Runner's Club - 6/8



  • Shannon023Shannon023 Posts: 14,577Member Member Posts: 14,577Member Member
    Is MFP runner's club just for women or can an icky boy play too?:flowerforyou:

    How icky?? :devil:

    j/k - Welcome! :flowerforyou:

    Lots of good running today!

    mhsr - you'll be catching up to the rest of us in no time! You too, Jo! :drinker:
  • pmkelly409pmkelly409 Posts: 1,653Member Posts: 1,653Member
    wow! Happy sunday everyone!

    I was going to be lazy today but everyone has done so well considering this ridiculous weather that I am off to run!!

    Thanks for the reminder that we have a fan up in the attic - going to go dust it off and place it behind the treadmill - I don't think it is going to cool down enough to go out today - it is 7pm and I think it is still 95 degrees in the shade!!!

    I LOVE THIS RUNNERS CLUB!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Welcome JD!! Icky's are very welcome! We will be a little harder on you tho - hope you are up for the challenge!! :happy:

    Joanna - it isn't quantity its quality! Keep at it girl!! :flowerforyou:
  • MargieMMargieM Posts: 2,253Member Member Posts: 2,253Member Member
    I feel like the odd ball in this group:indifferent:

    I walked 2 miles... will try another 2 later on.

    I am right there with you! I highly recommend the Couch to 5K training program. It's what I've been doing and I never thought I would be a runner, but I'm loving it more and more each day. Who knew?
  • AlliOopsAlliOops Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    8 miles???

    That is amazing! Wow, I hope I am in that kind of shape one of these days.

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