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I want to hear success stories from non-gym goers!



  • nomoremasa23
    nomoremasa23 Posts: 18 Member
    I have lost 9 lbs in one month and havent been to the gym. I get creative! Example, if I need something from the store I will walk there and back. Its like 2 in one, saving gas and exercising and walk fast. I also do trails, walk in my neighborhood on streets with BIG hills and Zumba. Some helpful tips...I went to the library and rented some workout dvds (FREE) and also swapped dvds with friends or worked out with them at their house doing the dvds (support) One thing that has really worked for me is my cable carrier has on demand. I go on there and there are fitness workouts from 5-60 minutes doing everything! Cardio kickboxing, situps, pushups, belly dancing, walking, etc.

    Good luck to you and add me if you need any support! I workout at least 5-6 times a week!

    Or if anyone needs support, ADD ME! Friends are always welcome!
  • sparklelioness
    sparklelioness Posts: 600 Member
    56 lbs down in 8 mos, no gym, just walking and watching what i eat.
  • capperboy
    capperboy Posts: 99 Member
    walk, bike, jog 60 lbs loss over two years
  • petejjcharlton
    petejjcharlton Posts: 20 Member
    No gym here also, started C25K training 3 months ago and now starting 10K training. I've got an old exercise bike for when it's raining, and also started the 100 push-up plan.
  • furrina
    furrina Posts: 148 Member
    two words: jump rope
  • furrina
    furrina Posts: 148 Member
    Full disclosure I am actually a gym goer most of the time, but I live in NYC and I walk miles a day just to get places. Jumping rope is a great fill in when I'm somewhere and cant get outside or to a gym. You can build a great HIIT routine around it. Also, here in the city I see zillions of people on bicycles, and pretty much all of 'em look pretty fit. Great way to get around, stay healthy and cut down pollution.
  • Gemz321
    I don't go to the gym either, all my weight from my ticker, is what I have done through diet and exercise at home and outdoors.
  • froggy77064
    froggy77064 Posts: 49 Member
    my 1st time around i lost 54lbs by watching what i ate and doing c25k. all in about 7 months. it can be done without the gym.
  • lukeniknak
    I joined the gym around 2 years ago and lost no weight! I'm lucky I guess as I do have a cross trainer at home (so I swear by using that!) I invested in some dumbbells to do weights and used youtube to do work out videos. I've lost 58lbs so far without having to pay for a gym membership (but as I said i have a cross trainer so does that count?). I do go for runs though, so I dont think having a gym membership is needed
  • grrrlface
    grrrlface Posts: 1,204 Member
    40lbs lost by eating well, walking, playing xbox kinect and willpower! :D
    I've never been in a gym in my life and don't think I ever will. :)
  • dan95130
    dan95130 Posts: 78 Member
    I work odd hours and can't get to a gym without totally disrupting family life. I exercise at home with severel DVD programs and got better results than when I was going to the gym. If money is tight, you can borrow exercise DVD from the library or watch a large selection on youtube.
  • Jfearn64
    Jfearn64 Posts: 353 Member
  • fit4lifeUcan2
    fit4lifeUcan2 Posts: 1,458 Member
    I just cancelled my gym membership. Haven't gone for a few years. I've lost all my weight exercising in my house, using my stationary bike, riding my regular bike and walking.
  • tigressgrace
    I have always hated the gym, especially change rooms and so, I have found other ways to work out--I only just joined here but have released 80 pounds in the last two years by watching what I eat--I eat Canada's Food Guide. --and walking, and using the wii to workout at home doing a variety of different activities.
  • ChickPea89
    ChickPea89 Posts: 31 Member
    I use hasfit and fitness blender videos on YouTube, I find both equally awesome. I love that I can workout in my pjs :-). I've lost two stones so far.
  • skcardiog
    skcardiog Posts: 316 Member
    Rowing machine - exercise bike - diet - worked for me.
  • Nikachelle
    Nikachelle Posts: 66 Member
    I haven't had a gym membership since I was 18. Over the past year or two I've lost 36 pounds from running outdoors combined with the 30 Day Shred at home. You definitely, DEFINITELY do not need a gym.
  • efirkey
    efirkey Posts: 298 Member
    Your body doesn't care if you are in the gym or working out at home. It just wants to move.
  • pwittek10
    pwittek10 Posts: 723 Member
    I walk!
    It is free and very easy to do!
  • Dudagarcia
    Dudagarcia Posts: 849 Member
    Exercise videos, elliptical, stretchie bands, resistance belt, dumbells and now stronglifts :). All done at home!
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