Any other slow losers on here?



  • JOYOUS62
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    Yeah, me, I have lost nothing in 3 weeks :angry: :frown:
  • GauchoMark
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    I only lost .4 lbs last week dont know why. My goal is only 1 lb a week for the whole year, dont know if that counts as a slow looser

    0.4 lbs for 1 week on a 1 lb/wk plan is just variation. Some weeks will be higher, others will be lower.

    A couple of comments on this thread though,

    1) if you are following the plan MFP sets up, then "slow" weight loss is the goal (as compared to crash/fad diets). So in that sense, congrats!

    2) There really isn't such thing as a "slow loser". It just means you might need to tweak your routine some. Even if you follow all the numbers to a tee, they are just estimates, so you just need to adjust your routine based on the results you are achieving.
  • MarthasVineyard
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    I am a slow loser a total of 31 pounds in 10 months, but slow and steady wins the race. Don't get discouraged. You may not see the results on the outside, but your heart, lungs and entire body thank you for taking good care :)
  • Vailara
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    Me too! I've averaged about 3lb a month over my weight loss, but it has slowed down as I've carried on. It tell myself that it's better to lose slowly! I was looking back at an old weight loss diary and I was losing quite fast, about 2 - 4lb a week, but I remember that I stopped that diet because I was completely miserable! I feel a lot happier losing slowly.
  • julesxo
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    I suppose. I am more interested in getting fit and toned than just the numbers on the scale though.
  • mommamills
    me me me me ME!!!
  • Mustangsally1000
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    I am the slowest EVER!!!!!:grumble: Have had lots of set backs, dislocated my hip 3X, in a brace for the summer, and another hip surgery, but fricken' slow!!!! :noway:
  • Dfracassa
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    Been trying for a year, and have only gained weight and inches. I NEVER lose weight. I've been using this for almost a month, and it's nice, but I don't expect any results this time, either. I'm going to keep at it, though.
  • prokomds
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    In seven months I've lost 10 pounds, so I think I qualify? :)

    I've also lost 5 inches off around my tummy, which I think is more important. I'd love to lose another 3-4 more inches, maybe, and let the scale fall where it may.
  • squashyhelen
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    If I work my butt off, I lose 0.4 pounds a week. :) But then again, I don't feel starving either (most of the time), so this is hopefully sustainable!
  • astheygrowup
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    I am a slower loser as well. It took me a year to drop 30 pounds. I drop from 1-3 pounds a month if I'm lucky. I just always say ... Slow and Steady wins the race!!
  • happyheart15
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    Thanks everyone.
  • Behavior_Modification
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    I've been at this 3 years now.......very, very slow - but this is what is finally working for me to keep it off.

    Drastic = retaliation
  • acpgee
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    Sigh. This is me. In the first 3 months I lost 10 kilos, but the last two and half months have only lost 3.5.
  • cwolfman13
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    Yes...but I'm a slow loser on purpose. With 30-40 Lbs to lose when I started, I started with 1.5 Lbs per week for the first month...then cut that down to 1 lb per week. I just hit the 20Lbs lost mark (started first week of November) and have just cut my deficit back to .5 Lbs per week for these last 10-20 Lbs. At this point I'm feeling a lot nutrition is up...I'm out and moving, etc. I wanted to slow my weight loss at this point to help preserve my lean body mass...I'm also hitting the gym and lifting, so at this point, while I still want to lose, I want to do it very slowly and focus more on body composition than the number on the scale. I figure it'll probably take 1.5 - 2 years to really get to where I want to be in RE to my BF% and muscle composition.
  • Micahroni84
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    I'm a slow loser. The weight is not coming off as fast for me as it has in the past, but I've got to accept that. Any other slow losers?

    Ive got a couple of medical conditions that make the weight come off a bit slower but any progress is great progress. Ive never been a patient person so this has been a challenge but i find that i need more challenges so I've begun to enjoy it.
  • kelly101386
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    Slower is better!
  • ashleydmassey
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    I'm a slow loser. The weight is not coming off as fast for me as it has in the past, but I've got to accept that. Any other slow losers?

    I'm not sure what is considered "slow". I've been at this for nine months. I know there have been times when I've not put in 100%, or even 90%. But slow and steady wins the race, right?!

  • SmileyFaceGuy
    Yes, very slow. Haven't lost a pound in a month. I'm seeing about get my RMR tested because my calculated BMR (1813 calories) is obviously inaccurate considering, I ate at it for 3 weeks and only maintained. I dropped my daily goal down to 1550 a week ago to see some loss; I've gained 3 lbs. since then, but that's probably because I just started Stronglifts 5x5 and have unbelievable DMOS. Disheartening nonetheless.
  • Kryshope
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    Me! I work out(Eliptical machine and treadmill) 4 to 6 times a week, always under my calories (1200);I have been doing this for 3 weeks and have only lost 4 pounds. Any suggestions?