177 to 130 lbs with Pictures!



  • Danni1585
    Danni1585 Posts: 250 Member
    Wow, you look stunning x
  • Cullinanmarti
    Cullinanmarti Posts: 72 Member
    WOW! You look really young in your "after" picture!.....and so sophisticated! Congrat on your transformation.
  • perfectionisntme
    perfectionisntme Posts: 205 Member
    You look wonderful. Congratulations!
  • ell1087
    Well done!
  • EpicChristy
    EpicChristy Posts: 12 Member
    You look fantastic. I didnt' work out during a one week vacation, and it really set me back. Next time I will not take a vacation from working out!
  • Bubble2223
    Bubble2223 Posts: 13 Member
    Thank you for your story and the pictures tell it all. Your joyful expression tells it all.:smile:
    We tend to make our journey more complicated than it needs to be. It is all about choice and a simple prescription.
    Balance! and wanting the results more than the binge.
  • shelbystatic
    shelbystatic Posts: 61 Member
    Great Job!!!
  • Juliebugsh
    Way to go!! You look amazing!

    I did the same thing around the same time you started as well. I started at 168 and I'm down to 125. I feel the best I've ever felt!!
  • kris_root_2014
    kris_root_2014 Posts: 34 Member
    I am not great at adding photos, so hopefully these came out ok.

    I was 177 lbs last April, decided on May 6, 2012 that I was too fat and was going to do something about it.
    I started running, watching calories, doing any kind of exercise I could think of at least 30 minutes a day, every day.
    I didn't add in "Cheat Days"

    I stayed committed and the results can be seen below.
    I hit my goal weight on November 9th and now, 3 months later, I have successfully been able to maintain. (This is a first for me)

    My Fitness Pal is going to be my steadfast tool to stay committed to maintaining my new healthy weight of 130 lbs.
    My advice is: Stay away from FAD diets, Eat at least 1400 calories a day, Exercise in some fashion every day for at least a 1/2 hour.

    Remain on your quest through Holidays, Birthdays, and Vacations and you WILL achieve the results you desire.

    Good luck to everyone out there trying to achieve their goal weights! Everyone can do it with steady commitment!

    May I ask how tall you are? I'm 5'6". I used to be 5'8" when I was younger. Unfortunately, I am big chested so it makes it a little more difficult on my back. I'm hoping to lose some of my weight and see if my height will come back a bit with the relief on my spine. Right now I have a goal of 160 lbs set. Would LOVE to be 140-145 again. But I figured baby steps will work better.
  • Behavior_Modification
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    Congratulations, you look great!!! :flowerforyou:
  • auntiecyndy
    auntiecyndy Posts: 17 Member
    Thanks sweetie. I needed to hear this.
  • GandEsMom
    Wow, that is so impressive. I just started yesterday and you are in inspiration to me for sure. I agree that there is NO easy fix- just sticking with your goal even during Birthdays, parties, whatever is going on. I would like to lose 30lbs, but shooting for 20 at this time. You should feel very proud of yourself. Thanks so much for telling your story.
  • irmaj78
    irmaj78 Posts: 10 Member
  • Renogirl07
    You look amazing and you are beaming from ear to ear! Congrats...you deserve all of these well wishes!
  • schaskes
    schaskes Posts: 103 Member
    You are inspirational, and you look beautiful! It's clear your beauty starts on the inside with your positive "can do" attitude. My question for you is how are you maintaining? I am in that place and really having a hard time figuring out how many calories to eat. I am exercising the exact same amount as when I was losing, and I'm eating about 200-250 calories more per day...but it hasn't been long enough to tell. I am very afraid of gaining weight and returning to the yo-yo place of the past. Any tips?
  • Janelle173
    Janelle173 Posts: 396 Member
    Nice!! Thank you for sharing! Very inspirational!
  • astheygrowup
    astheygrowup Posts: 188 Member
    You look amazing!! Well done!
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
    IsMollyReallyHungry Posts: 15,359 Member
    Congrats!! You look awesome! Very inspiring and thanks so much for sharing too.

    I like the tip on 30 min of some type of exercise everyday too.
  • heatherpg47
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  • lisahall1969
    Well done!
    That's exactly the difference I want to make.......
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