With the fire of 1000 suns: Exercises you loathe



  • ApexLeader
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    i used to love jogging but i'm really not into it any more because of the impact it has on your joints and shins
  • majope
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    EDIT: Last but not least, running. I admire people who can run every day, but it just turns my feet into blistered hamburger.
    Dude--you need better shoes!
  • horseryder77
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    Lunges, and burpees. Mostly because I'm double jointed so some moves like that can make me hyper-extend.. and it hurts..

    I also have recently hated the treadmill. I wouldn't say it's for "low skill" people.. I'm a runner myself (or was), but I hate the treadmill. mostly because I have a foot injury now, and the treadmill makes it 10x worse, when running outside is 100 times better on it. It's also nice to be going somewhere instead of staring at something and not really moving. TV or not, I get bored.
  • thankyou4thevenom
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    Lunges. HATE THEM
  • burpees and lunges... definitely
  • ashleyShades
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    The Arc Trainer at Planet Fitness ughhh
  • jayche
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    Hack Squats.

    Also bicep curls and any ab exercise (reason why I don't do them).