Hi everybody! Today is my first day

My name is Izabela, I'm 21 years old and currently I weigh 132kg.

I've always been overweight and when I was little I was forced to make several types of diets. None of them worked and I always ended up gaining weight all over again. I never gave much attention to my health and I always had the bad habit of eating everything and exaggerate in quantity.
What made ​​me have the urge to start losing weight, was the fact that everyone around me were moving on with their lives while I stayed behind getting fatter every day more and more.

I'm tired of waiting for a miracle to happen and I magically lose all the weight I need to lose. It's time to take the reins of my life and become a happier and healthier person!

I would be very excited if I made new friends who are going through or who have gone through similar paths to my.
I hope you all have a great day! Let's make today ridiculously healthy!:smile:


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    I'm with you on all of this! Feel free to add me!
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    welcome and feel free to add me
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  • Feel free to add me :)
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    Way to go Izabela! Good luck! I am new to this site as well. You're more than welcome to add me if you'd like to.
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    Glad you're here! Feel free to friend me if you like.
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    This is the first day to the rest of our lives :-)...Please feel free to add me.
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    Welcome!!!! :flowerforyou:
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    Welcome Izabela...Feel free to add me:)
  • Thanks everybody for the support!
  • Welcome and you CAN do it!
    The first 2-3 days are the doubter days...the 'is this working?' , 'oh man I'm hungry'.
    Just remember this one little piece of advice...you may be hungrier for the moment but you are training your body to eat differently, healthier and not gain weight...it will cry and grumble and beg for food but don't give in!

    Because...that 4th day rolls around and you'll notice the weight start dripping off, just takes a couple days to start the ball rolling.
    When in doubt, come on to this website, read or ask questions and we can help you through it.

    Add friends to your page as a way of gaining support from others, if you feel like consuming a pizza or donut then just post that you need encouragement not to...super fun and easy way to lose weight without gross diet foods.

    Good luck!
  • Welcome Izabela,
    You have a great attitude! Keep it up! You've made the right choice joining MFP. I'm on almost every day and look forward to everyones success!
    Let's do this!!
  • TraciStivers
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    Good for you! MFP has helped me more than any other diet I have tried. And I have tried lot of them!!

    Feel free to add me for encouragement. I am pregnant, so not currently losing but I still track my calories every day just to make sure I don't end up the size of a whale!
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    Welcome To MFP :):)
  • HI! Welcome to the first day of your new journey to a new way of living. This is a great site with plenty of support and if you take advantage of logging your food and exercise you will learn alot about yourself and learn to change your habits. Congrats on joining and I'm sure you will be very successful.

    Feel free to add me if you are looking for friends!

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    Welcome! You have made one of the toughest decisions already: deciding that you want to make a lifestyle change. I think it's great, you'll find this is a whole community that share your goals for a variety of reasons and motivations.

    Good luck with your journey, and stay focused on your goals and the steps you'll need to take to reach them! :flowerforyou:
  • Welcome! I'm new too! Just made it my 5th day! I already feel better. Feel free to add me!
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    Welcome Izabela. You made a great start on your journey. Please feel free to add me.
  • Then today is the first day of the rest of your life :-) You have such a great attitude, it brightened my day
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    This system works, good luck on your journey