Ladies is it a faux pas



  • I keep my makeup looking natural and I don't match it up to colors in clothing.
  • kiraleilani
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    I'm a matcher. If I'm wearing an emerald green shirt I wear emerald green eyeliner and rock a neutral smoky eye. I think it looks really good. I think it's a matter of personal preference and how it's applied.
  • lovelyMYlovely
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    uhh do what makes YOU happy... people tell me things ALL the time but then the next week they copy my style.. haha its funny so just do you and be yourself people will soon follow...
  • CassieReannan
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    Does it really matter? I didn't even know it mattered :noway:
  • flobeedoodle
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    Mint green top? Yeah, let's put on some mint green eyeshadow.
    Said no one ever.

    Said lots of people, plenty of times. I will leave determining whether or not it was a good idea to say as an exercise for the reader.
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    It's just hard to pull off and that's why it's gotten the bad rap as being faux pas.

    Most everything everyone here has said is true. Including the seemingly contradictory statements
    "you're face is not an accessory"
    "my face is an accessory"

    Most perfect statement here that also explains why both those statements fly..."it's all in how you apply it."

    There are plenty of tutuorials all over youtube and there are sites where you can play with makeup, fashion, and even makeup AND fashion to decide what look you'd like to achieve. instant message me if you want the website addresses for some.

    for now while you're figuring it out and learning whether you can really "own" a bold look stick to the advice given here mostly matchy matchy is bad, "goes" together is good. matching neutrals is okay cause it's like natural tones, right? but matching bold colors you better know what you're doing with application like our beauty "erhower" on the previous page and have that swagger to carry it off.

    here are examples of matching that works on top and doesn't work below, don't ask me why I can just tell by looking at them:
    top set=good, bottom set=bad


  • alias1001
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    I thought you chose makeup to compliment your features?
  • pudadough
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    I don't do it myself. I have a few colors that I stick to. Mostly grays and browns.

    BUT, I think it can be done subtly if you use a light hand and maybe a color from the same family and not the exact matching color. For example, use a darker burgundy instead of stop light red when wearing a red shirt.
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    I thought you chose makeup to compliment your features?

    yeah when you're starting out you should. and when working corporate style. but when working in creative fields or just have your time to yourself, you can be more adventurous and braver bolder and it's more expected.
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    Whatever makes you feel good, go with that :smile:
  • ladymiseryali
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    I never knew that it even mattered. I'm not being sarcastic either.

    I never knew either. Then again, I rarely wear eyeshadow and when I do, it's usually black or greyish
  • sofielein
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    Even though it's not in fashion in this decade (post 2000) to make an exact match, I am finding that the natural harmony-seeking instinct of my human being is still pretty pleased when it sees one. :)

    That being said, I always preferred people wearing clothes/make-up off the beaten path but still suiting them, to the people who are just straight downright all trendy but really nothing extra.
  • PinkyKiwii
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    Does it really matter? I didn't even know it mattered :noway:

  • Does it really matter? I didn't even know it mattered :noway:

    your fat
  • PinkyKiwii
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    Does it really matter? I didn't even know it mattered :noway:

    your fat


    1. You dont know me
    2. You can see ONE photo of mine, so lovely judgement
    3. Good for me :bigsmile:
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    I got stressed out just reading this..

    I just get dressed.
  • monikalama
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    Ooo i hate when people wear bright purple top and stick same bright purple eye shadow....
    it looks a bit trashy to me.. But of course there should be proper way to match it up or blend or whatever,,,

    i personally like neutrals or metallic black :D
  • Tatiyanya
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    Everything should go, not match.

    Yep, I'm definitely a guy. That sentence made absolutely no sense to me. :P

    Dude, I'm defenitely not a guy and I'm as lost as you.

    I just wash my face, remove the shine, apply eyeliner to trick the natives that I do own a big pair of brown eyes rather than 2 malicious slits . Eyeshadow ...eyeshadow colour matching...face accesory...what is blush part the thing you get when you do dem nasties? ITS SO VERY CONFUSING.
  • kamiAK
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    Mimi from the Drew Carey show matched it all the time and I thought she looked stunning 99% of the time.

    oh man i havent thought about that lady in forever lol
  • ravenstar25
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    What? On the rare occasions that I wear eye shadow that's what I always do. Of course whatever I do fashion wise is probably terribly wrong, I learned how to wear makeup in the 70s and 80s!