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In Defense of Bacon.



  • Iceprincessk25
    Iceprincessk25 Posts: 1,888 Member
    Loooooove me some turkey bacon. SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! :love: :love:
  • July24Lioness
    July24Lioness Posts: 2,399 Member
    I love bacon and pork belly. I think the only thing that concerns me about the stuff is the high sodium content and the questionable nature of nitrates.

    I also (gasp) save the grease and cook with it or use it to cure cast iron pans. A little bit goes a looooong way in a skillet.

    I do too. I filter it out so it is smooth.............

    Uncured bacon has no nitrates so it is way better for you. :love: :love: :love:
  • nakrya
    nakrya Posts: 191
    I just got back from a camping trip and nothing tastes and smells as good as bacon cooking on a cast iron skillet! Especially after a long day of hiking.

    I probably won't have bacon for awhile now lol!
  • TheSpicyMermaid
    TheSpicyMermaid Posts: 279 Member

    How I heart you.

  • jdorais
    jdorais Posts: 27 Member
    bacon is a "gateway" meat
  • Ryhenblue
    Ryhenblue Posts: 390 Member
    Never knew about the nitrate free bacon definitely going to have to try that.
  • weaklink109
    weaklink109 Posts: 2,831 Member
    While we are on the subject of nitrates. If you read labels carefully, you can get nitrate-free deli meats also.