My Success Story



  • dicoveringwhoIam
    dicoveringwhoIam Posts: 480 Member
    amazing job!!
  • kristarablue2
    kristarablue2 Posts: 386 Member
    First I must say you are simply gorgeous, at 340 you were truly stunning, now you are even more beautiful....I am so proud of you, you obviously have worked very hard. Amazing girl!!!
  • kittenbobitten
    kittenbobitten Posts: 199 Member
    BUMP for my friends!! This is awesome! You look amazing!!
  • maryrshstattoo
    maryrshstattoo Posts: 206 Member
    OMG Lady you have done a great job! Looking great!
  • rayray61
    rayray61 Posts: 68 Member
    you did good !!!!!!!!!!!
  • SweetLillyM
    You look amazing! Great work! :)
  • nataliedrake3
    nataliedrake3 Posts: 23 Member
    So happy to see someone without unrealistic goals for their health. You look wonderful!
  • red_road
    red_road Posts: 761 Member
    Great work
  • sdsrn49
    sdsrn49 Posts: 5 Member
    You are absolutely beautiful at any weight!! Way to go.
  • Sharon_C
    Sharon_C Posts: 2,132 Member
    You are beautiful! What an amazing transformation. Keep up the good work and great job on the dedication.
  • DeeOnAMission
    DeeOnAMission Posts: 36 Member
    wow, wow wow
    I think it's pretty special that we can all come together and share our struggles and success, without judgement and with genuine happiness for one another. We all have the same goal in mind. To be happy and healthy. And I wanted to share my success with all of you, as I have enjoyed reading all of yours. I'm still on my journey, but you have to know that at one point, I did Not think this accomplishment was possible for me. And it goes to show that anything can happen if you're willing to work out.

    So when I started out, I was 340 lbs:


    This was at Christmas, when I had lost 90 lbs, so I was at roughly 250 lbs.:


    This was back at the beginning of January, and I was about 235 lbs:


    This was me 3 days ago. Sorry, it's not a body shot. But you can see how much I've slimmed in the face:


    Today, I am 224 lbs. and I couldn't be happier. My goal is to be 200 lbs. I think that will look good for my heigh (5'10) and to me, it's not necessarily about the number, but how I look and feel.

    Congratulations to you.. you look wonderful!!!... It made me smile to read the "Its not necessarily about the number but how I look and feel". Congratulations your almost at your goal..and definitely living a better lifestyle!! :) Thanks for sharing! :)
  • Raybug0903
    Raybug0903 Posts: 86 Member
    Congrats! You look beautiful.
  • IMElektra
    IMElektra Posts: 65 Member
    You are so beautiful!! Congrats
  • Bibianna2012
    Bibianna2012 Posts: 88 Member
    You are stunning. Congrats on all that you have achieved!
  • jscupp1016
    jscupp1016 Posts: 52 Member
    Gorgeous! Great job on the weight loss and the journey to be happier with yourself and not giving up! Thanks for inspiring me that it can and has and will continue to be done, and that there are no excuses!
  • Maribabewhich
    Maribabewhich Posts: 157 Member
    Great job. Btw I love the dress,where did u get it
  • valeriewxy
    valeriewxy Posts: 418 Member
    You look fabulous!! :D
  • clements1030
    WOW Congrates to you. Continue knowing who you are in the inside so that it shines on the outside. You are a beautiful young lady.
  • darkangeljanie
    You are gorgeous! Keep it up!
  • JessicaPasieka
    JessicaPasieka Posts: 149 Member
    Great job. Btw I love the dress,where did u get it

    Oh! It's not mine. My boyfriend and I went and got an old, traditional western photo done at a speciality boutique!
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