Dirty old man at the gym



  • If there is no perve at your the gym... then u are the perve at your gym! :bigsmile:
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    Usually I'm the pervy one. I like to watch the hot guys working out. Mmmmm.
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    Men from that generation lived in a time where it was perfectly fine to treat women like that and far worse. I was astounded at some of the stories my aunt has told me of how men treated her at her job back in the day.

    My dad was older than this guy (84 when he died in 2005), but trust me -- they knew how to respect women. He'd have NEVER done something like that, though he was a very friendly man and would talk to everyone, everywhere.

    I'm sure this guy at the gym was creepy when younger too, but it's not as obvious then as when they are old.
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    :laugh: that's so funny! I pictured the perve tickling you! I'd have cussed the @ss hole out! And warned him if he came within 5ft of me again I'd knock him out!
    ^ :laugh: I'd like to see that
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    What creepy people have you run into in the gym??

    None creepier than myself...
  • In commercial gyms, old men drying themselves in the locker room, in the middle of the route between showers/toilets and main room, one foot on a central seating section, taking at least 15-20 mins to dry each ball.

    Why? Really, why?
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    Something similiar happened to me many many years ago when I was a member of a gym. He was actually a staff member, but very creepy so I tended to avoid him, but one day while I was working out he came over and touched my back, I guess I was so put off by it, I jumped, I used the excuse that I don't like people touching me, well a little while later another staff member came over and did the exact same thing, this one happened to be gay and not at all creepy. I let him know I knew what he was doing and that if he wanted to go back and tell the other guy I thought he was creepy and the thought of him touching me made me physically ill, I was ok with that. I don't know what what he told him, but after that he was the one that avoided me. Soon after the gym went out of business and I found another gym that didn't hire creepy guys.
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    So I see this old man at the gym. He is overweight, wearing khakis and suspenders, and walking with a cane. I think to myself, good for him. Until I get on the angled leg curl machine. The equipment in my gym is super close together, so when people walk by, you have to pull your legs in, or they don't have room to walk by. So I have 90 lbs on the machine, which is a lot for me. The old man goes to walk by, so I pull my legs in and hold them in. He stops directly in front of me. I tell him he has to move, cause I can't hold this weight in any longer and I will kick him. So he slowly shuffles over. I release the weights, finally, and the dirty old man reaches down, tickles my feet, and says "gitchee gitchee goo." Seriously???? Wtf!! I told him he best get his hands off me quick!

    What creepy people have you run into in the gym??

    You should have kicked him and gave him a need for TWO canes. A disability doesn't automatically exempt him from consequences. If it were me, next time I saw this chump, he'd meet the pavement, just cause. Leeway is for those who are afraid of taking action and direct effect of action. Random Strange People need to know up front, as long as you are alive, this shall never be acceptable.

    Oooooh tuff guy eh! You'd end up in jail for assault, just cause.
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    He had Alzheimers and thought you were his long lost daughter
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    You said it your self he is really old. He could either be loosing it mentally. He could be viewing you as a child and was just being silly. Or maybe going to the Gym is the only interaction with people he gets in a day and doesn't now how to relate with younger generations.

    He joking touched your sneaker its not like he grabbed you *kitten*. I don't understand people sometimes. How about cutting a senior citizen some slack.

    There are some real creepy pervs out there but this old guy doesn't sound like one of them.
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    My boyfriend is security at our local YMCA and there was an elderly man who regularly showered with the curtain open smiling at all of the other men.
    After a nice public shower he would then squat and just take a dump in the shower in front of the other men and leave it there.

    I hear about so many disgusting things men do in the locker rooms it's amazing :laugh:
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    That is seriously disturbing.

    My worst one was a guy that took a cell phone video of my butt while I was on the elliptical. I saw what he was doing in my peripheral vision, did a double take, and he literally RAN away. Yeah dude, that was super discreet, we're surrounded by mirrors. I was the only person in the cardio bay at that time. It made me so uncomfortable that I never went back (apartment gym)

    Hahahaha.. your name is an EPIC one for this forum.. :laugh:
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    From the other side, , , it's pretty disheartening to see women freeze like a deer in the headlights when they accidently make eye contact with you. Get this freaky, "Oh, God. He looked at me. I need a shower." expression on their face. I'm 54 years old, extroverted, happily married & WELL AWARE that I have no chance with you, even if I wanted to. So what say we can actually make eye contact, have casual greetings or even a brief discourse without you thinking I'm a PERV? Hmmmm?
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    In commercial gyms, old men drying themselves in the locker room, in the middle of the route between showers/toilets and main room, one foot on a central seating section, taking at least 15-20 mins to dry each ball.

    Why? Really, why?

    Hahaha, you wouldn't believe that stuff that happens in the female locker room.

    One time at my gym, I just got out of the shower and was walking back to my locker when I saw this older lady (maybe like 55-60) with one leg propped on the bench and a handheld mirror in her hand, plucking away at her vajayjay. I was permanently scarred.

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    There's a chick that always works out barefoot at the gym.


    Super Ewww!
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    I'm sorry to correct your title

    "Dirty Old MEN at the gym" :laugh:

    OMG I see how they stare at the little girls when they bend over at the water fountain. And when I say OLD it is loosly used. But If they could be your granddaughter it is nasty and creepy. Then they just glare not even a quick glance but a full on GLARE. EWE:sick:

    I would talk to my gym person about that I don't like odd people touching me.
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    not saying this guy was right

    (he wasn't, but you don't know that he didn't see you as his granddaughter or something... maybe had something going on upstairs that wasn't all there) just something to consider
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    I do think older people are inappropriate. And I do think they know they can get away with it.

    To be fair though, my grandfather had Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and in the last several years of his life, he grew increasingly inappropriate. Family can try to control it, but sometimes early on an innocent starting conversation turns inappropriate.

    The right thing was to make it clear he had to stop then report him to the gym owner.
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    I can't wait to be a dirty old man instead of just a dirty man.

    P.S. I'm totally going to rock some suspenders and a bow-tie.

    Don't forget knee high black socks and sandals.!