Greek Yogurt



  • dsckrc
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    i didn't know what all the fuss was about either so i went out and bought chobani (every flavor they had on the shelf) and i LOVE it! not a regular yogurt fan but this greek stuff, i can dig it :wink:
  • bluskies01
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    I had some regular yogurt and my mom's house and it was so gross to me! Way too sweet and soupy. Greek yogurt has that yummy tang and I use it in place of sour cream in dishes, in smoothies, mixed with oatmeal, etc. I like the plain Fage, although the Chobani is good too.
  • MissFitee
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    Fruit flavoured sour milk? Greek yoghurt doesn't taste like fruit at all!

    Anyway. I didn't like before either. I was in the states and I couldnt find any NORMAL yoghurt. All I could find was greek yoghurt and I was so upset. The normal yoghurts I found were usually "greek style" normal yoghurt lol. Then I got home and a few weeks later I started to like it. It's so creamy, almost like soft serve icecream. =) Always eat the unflavoured one though(we don't even have flavoured ones here) and top it with a tsp of honey and raisins.
  • LRuland
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    It's definitely a sour, chalky taste. It took me till the 3rd one that I loved it. I like that it's thicker & less cals than others. It seems more filling to me than other yogurts.
  • DexterDarko
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    Tastes like sour cream, i hate it
  • ohnancy
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    Love Fage 2% plain plus frozen cherries or blueberries that I have thawed in the microwave! Stir in some cinnamon and top with crunchy nuts and yum! Don't like non-fat yogurts, though. They are too thick. Plus you need a little fat anyway.
  • Fiesty1006
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    Looooove the Chobani chocolate chunk. Add in a tbsp of peanut butter. Tastes like you are eating something bad for you, but it's oh so good!

    That sounds delicious! Great idea!

    I LOVE Greek Yogurt... and hate regular yogurt... I'd buy it and choke it down... or end up throwing it away because it expired. Greek Yogurt? I eat it almost every day.... I love it. Can beat the added protein either - which is what originally made me try it. I've only tried Oikos, Dannon, and Chobani... Oikos is my fav.
    That is not to mix it, but scoop from the bottom, some yogurt, some fruit.

    I always scoop too... Not sure if it makes a difference.... But the Chobani creator said it does... lol.
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    Don't try the greek gods kind it's chunky and disgusting!!!

    No it's not.. I get that one sometimes and its' not chunky.. maybe you had a bad batch?? Or maybe it's cause I get fat free plain only (I don't like any of them with full fat or already added flavoring). . Chobani is the best though.
  • JustJennie1
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    I get the chobani 0% plain greek yogurt. The ones that have the fruit in them has too much added sugar. I'll eat it plain or add my own fruit to it. I'll add it to my smoothies and use it in place of mayo. It is an acquired taste but I like it. I really don't think I can go back to the non-greek yogurt now
  • dunadan
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    Don't try the greek gods kind it's chunky and disgusting!!!

    If that was the case, then what I believe you were eating there was *spoiled* Greek Gods yogurt. With the exception of the flavors that are supposed to be chunky (e.g., blueberry), none of the Greek Gods I've tried is chunky.

    I prefer my yogurt to be as smooth as whipped cream, so I always take a spoon to the container and whip it up for a few seconds. If you're not willing to put that effort in, then I guess you don't deserve the best tasting Greek yogurt out there. :tongue:

    I'd rather have Greek Gods Honey Yogurt than ice cream, it is that good. :smile:
  • WAHMto5
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    I found that it really depends on the brand! SOme I just do not like at all, while others are great!
  • ohnancy
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    Oooh! If you like the yogurt plus peanut butter, try plain Fage plus Nutella p:
  • I thought I was the only one! It tastes like expired yogurt.
  • Erica_theRedhead
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    I like it because it helps me hit my daily macros and is one of the best things for pre or post workout. It took some time to get used to the flavor, but now I'm onto the fage 2% plain and mix in my own fruit. Yumm
  • fanceegirl75
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    Like most foods I find myself eating these days, I eat it for health and nutritional purposes not the taste.

    ^^^True for me too!
    Quaker Quick Oats in the morning with frozen blueberries. No added sugar or sweeterners & my Mid morning snack is Plain Non Fat Greek yogurt. I usally add Stevia & frozen berries to it. Not at all eating it because I think it taste so delish!! :wink:
  • tommygirl15
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    You might need to experiment with the brands, some taste better than others. Oikos is my favourite right now. It's a hype because more people are looking to add extra protein to their diets and this is a great way to do it :)
  • alexbusnello
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    i love it
  • JennySwonke
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    Try Greek Gods Honey or regular and mix in your own honey. Much better that way!
  • JmeJinxx
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    It's soooo yummy. I love the thicker consistency and the tanginess.
    I also love using plain as a substitute for sour cream. or making homemade parfaits with thawed frozen fruit and granola.
    Scored a really good deal on Dannon light & fit greek and yoplait 100 calorie greek this week, set for a while! :)
  • JenniferNoll
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    I make my own Greek yogurt. I like to eat it with honey, almonds or pistachios, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of cardamom. A friend of mine from India introduced it to me.