WHAT are you cheating with today?



  • skiersteve12345
    skiersteve12345 Posts: 89 Member
    chinese food... but that came to just within my daily allowances, but the Baileys pushed me over the sugar allowance...

    i think its impossible to not go over sugar lol i eat a lot of fruit and that alone sends me way over :(
  • inksyrup
    inksyrup Posts: 81 Member
    Nothing today, but I know that tomorrow, I'm going to eat me some pizza and buy myself a Subway cookie. :love:
  • kmluecht
    kmluecht Posts: 37 Member
    Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sabine_Stroehm
    Sabine_Stroehm Posts: 19,263 Member
    Never cheat, people put way too much emphasis on food enjoyment when in reality food is simply fuel to keep you going... Why enjoy something for the sake of enjoying it? Waste of time.... Find a hobby eat bland things

    theres so many reasons why that statement is retarded
    Hmm. Why's that?
  • KittyViolet
    KittyViolet Posts: 220 Member
    The closest DQ just opened up for the season so DUR, of course I went get a Blizzard! Also going out to watch the fights tonight, so there will be drinking involved!
  • RetroSnowflake
    I had a fresh cream apple turnover but I worked out so I feel it's justified.
  • jhericcajohnson
    jhericcajohnson Posts: 8 Member
    My cheating began this morning... my boss brought donuts. I had already ate my "diet breakfast" and then the donuts came. I thought I was safe with eating just one glazed donut...

    It was further worsened by lunch. MFP has me set at 1,200 calories; I was already down by 550 with breakfast. And then I went to Red Lobster. The shrimp scampi and two cheddar biscuits were heavenly~! And I love potatoes so I couldn't just let my baked potato sit, right?? Then I ate the breaded shrimp with cocktail sauce and I was so full I couldn't touch the ceasar salad that came with my lunch. Oh annnndd I had to go get gas during lunch so guess what? I got a Mt. Dew while I was at QT!

    The good thing is, today is a workout day for me. The bad thing is... I still have to eat dinner, >_<
    I have tears running down my face you made me laugh so hard......probably because it so could have been me:laugh: :laugh: thanks for the giggles

    Glad I could be of service, ^__^
  • samanthaNT
    I love goldfish crackers! I can't say no to them! And I like to eat mini snicker and mini twix 3 or 4 or those a week, just so I don't lose it!