Side effects after quitting smoking?



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    Question-I've never understood if the weight gain was simply a product of eating more due to better taste buds and needing to occupy your hands, or if there is a physiologic/metabolic change that takes place that makes you gain weight. Anyone know?:huh:
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    I can only remember that I was an emotional wreck and craved them for a while afterwards. I became a riteous non smoker in order to stop for good. It was a long time ago but I am sooo happy I did it. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Congrats to you!!! You must be so proud of yourself!! I remember not knowing what to do with my hands. I became a really good knitter after I quit smoking lol.
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    I think (and am no doctor) that a huge part of the weight gain after quitting smoking is the recovery of your taste buds. I also believe another factor is that smoking increases your metabolism/makes you less hungry???? I'm not sure if this was a myth or fact. But I remember in college we used to chain smoke to suppress appetite.
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    I have had similar experiences as the OP, coughing, constant need to clear my throat, i also have had a random pimple and cold sore like bumps in my mouth and or on my tongue, last time i quite for a few months and these things all went away by the end of the first month if not sooner. on the positive side i have more energy when i am not a smoker, not a huge difference but something i notice in the evening. Try eating more oranges.
    Question-I've never understood if the weight gain was simply a product of eating more due to better taste buds and needing to occupy your hands, or if there is a physiologic/metabolic change that takes place that makes you gain weight. Anyone know?:huh:

    on the weight gain issue, when you want a cigarette your body is hungry for nicotine and it can feel similar to hunger, it is easy to replace that habit with grabbing a cookie or something when you feel it, people also tend to think - a piece of cake? ok, its not as bad as the cigarette i want. this is probably true but it doesnt make for a sound decision and will lead to weight gain. doesnt have to happen,
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    I had that the first few weeks. But it does go away. 3 months later and I don't get any of that, not even when I exercise.

    As far as the weight gain...I stalled in weight loss for about 2 weeks but did not gain. Congrats, btw!

    Oh...tip...after a few months try foods you never liked before. Chances are that once your taste buds and sense of smell have healed up you will like a lot of things you used to not like.
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    I joined MFP the same day I quit smoking......can't afford to gain weight when I am already so heavy. Side effects completely normal and I am happy to say that I am on day 15 no smoking and 10 lbs down!
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    i have one last cig in my pack and am going to try my darndest to quit after tonight (which will be in about an hour). wish me luck! hopefully in a week, i'll be joining you with the clearing of the lungs! congrats on doing something spectacular for you and your health :)
  • Good for you! I did the same thing.. For years I was reluctant to quit because I was afraid I would gain so on Jan 15th I made a decision to change. Tomorrow will be 2 months without even a single puff, and I have lost 22lbs. :)
  • In the early days anger is very prevalent side effect. The toughest time when the person quit smoking is the initial 72 hours. Person feels difficult to control his temper and often feels frustrated which leads to digestive disorders and chest pain. Watch a movie, get a massage or go out on a trip to avoid this problem. I used Chantix to quit smoking. You can find out the reviews here
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    I don't remember those specific symptoms. I have been quit for 7 years. I would reccommend which is a cold turkey site, if you haven't found it and has a list of all symptoms and what is happening to your body as you quit. Remember not everything is related to your quit, you could quite possibly have a sinus infection or bronchitis, so if it gets worse or doesn't let up, I would see a Dr. Quitting is one of the best choices you have ever made..
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    I quit pretty much cold turkey. Had patches for maybe 2 days. The only side affect I had was really freaky nightmares for about a fortnight
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    Fantastic that you have quit, you're body has to have time to adjust to a life without all the chemicals you have been putting in it.
    I am now 19 days without a cigarette and am feeling really good - a lot better than when I smoked.

    This is the second time I have quit and had only been smoking for 2 years this time. The first time I quit after 15 years of smoking I felt awful for a couple of months - obviously more cleansing for the body to do. Foolishly I took up again after a 4 year break thinking I wouldn't get addicted from the odd one - which I obviously did. Oh well we live and learn.

    Just give it time and I am sure you will start feeling the benefits too.
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    I had this problem when I quit smoking (cold turkey as well). Your body is going to try to "cleanse" over the next couple of weeks (depending on how heavily you smoked and how long). I quit (for the final time) in the summer of 2007 and it is the best decision I ever made (other than the fact that I am a horrible nail biter now). Be proud of yourself for quitting and good luck!!!
  • Huge congrats on quitting!!! I quit March 13, 2013. I just realized all the 3's in the date. 'Twilight Zone Music'. Unfortunately, I tried everything and had to finally use electronic cigarettes to quit. I now vape with bigger versions of e-cigs called Mods so I can eventually lower the nicotine levels to 0%.

    I thought at first that vaping was making me feel under the weather when I first switched, but the cold like symptoms went away after a few weeks. For me, I generally keep feeling better which is awesome! I think like everyone has mentioned here that your body just has to clean out.

    To poster Spike90 - I actually quit bitting my nails after 30 some years when I started vaping. Lol! I guess it gives me something to do. For those of you who quit cold turkey and never went back, my hat's off to you. Congrats!!

    Quick Tip: If you can quit smoking before the age of 40, you have a great chance of living just as long as someone who never smoked. Just more risk of dying from lung cancer at an old age.
  • Congrats!!!! I was a PAC a day smoker for 16 years. I'm 31, female. I quit smoking for 7 weeks now and I'm miserable! Btw patches and the electric cig has helped me. I cough, breaking out like crazy, lazy, hungry, irritable....will this ever go away????
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    Quit cold turkey 19 years ago because I wanted to get pregnant. (And I smoked over a pack a day.) Whenever I wanted a smoke I did a couple of jumping jacks because I'd heard that increasing your heart rate mimicked that stimulous from the cigarette. Don't know if that is true or not, but it took my mind off the cigarette. I did have to learn how to drink again, because instead of sip drag sip, I was sip sip sip, LOL. A few weeks of coughing up mucous and you'll be good to go.
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    I coughed up lung butter for weeks. No lie.

    Great job quitting!
  • Congrats on quitting! It definitely isn't easy! I just past my 4 year mark and I smoked for just about 30 years before I quit. You can do it and seems you are doing a great job so far!! Keep it up, you will feel much better as time goes on and the coughing, sneezing and all the other stuff will go away. :smile:
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    Hi, my husband quit smoking in January 2013, He started a severe cough and asthma like symtoms after walking out of a cigar shop(Getting a gift NOT for him). he still has the symtoms a month after, and not looking better, he already went to an asthma allergy clinic. They say its an allergy or so, but I am not sarisfied with answers. I have read many things in the internet, from people that go through the same thing. Many , Many say its normal and that it will clear. Good for you that you quit.
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    That's just your lungs clearing out the crap and the cilia in your throat repairing themselves.

    When I quit smoking everything tasted like cardboard for about 2 months! Things will taste better they said - HA! A lie.