Hey Appleheads! Which apple is best?



  • daphne_m
    daphne_m Posts: 84
    I used to hate apples but now I am absolutely crazy about gala apples. No clue why. And I hate peanut butter, but the thought of dipping gala apple slices into peanut butter is now super appealing. Weird. I wish I had peanut butter in the house.
  • trhjrh06
    trhjrh06 Posts: 2,272 Member
    My preference is Pink Lady...No nutrition info. on them...They are a crisp apple...


    Here is a website with Nutrition info. on pink lady apples. You can also search Pink Lady Apples on MFP on your food tracker and it will have options.
  • KatjaO
    KatjaO Posts: 71
    I second the Honeycrisp. Try it. They should call it the Yummycrisp. Yum.

    Agreed. Anyone saying otherwise has not had a Honeycrisp!
  • ecogranny
    ecogranny Posts: 24
    Definitely Fuji..........superb
  • maggiecosmo
    maggiecosmo Posts: 47 Member
    FUJI all the way
  • KarinaGeneva
    KarinaGeneva Posts: 21 Member
    Macouns! I was (and still am) utterly shocked that no one besides me mentioned Macouns! Everyone I know LOVES them! I did a search of the internet to see if I could find any clues why. Wikipedia agrees with me that Macouns are "regarded to be the finest eating apple in the world."

    It also states "Macouns are also very popular at roadside stands and pick-your-own farms. Availability is generally October through November. Aside from its short season of availability, the popularity of the apple is somewhat compromised by the problems it gives orchardists. The Macoun has a short stem, and there is a tendency for the apple to push itself off the branch as the fruit matures; also, the Macoun tends not to produce reliable crops each year, with a good harvest followed by a sparser one."

    Ok you apple fans, do yourselves a favor and if you happen to be lucky enough to encounter a Macoun apple, by all means eat it! You'll be in for a treat!!
  • OnionMomma
    OnionMomma Posts: 941 Member
    I second the Honeycrisp. Try it. They should call it the Yummycrisp. Yum.

    Agreed. Anyone saying otherwise has not had a Honeycrisp!

    The store was out of Pink Lady apples once and the person stocking the produce told me to try a Honeycrisp, they are almost the same he said.

    No.No.They are not.

    Pink Lady apples are the best. :-)

    Honeycrisp were just too "mushy" for me. I like a crisp apple. It has to be a pink lady or a granny smith. Can't stand an apple that is mushy when I bite it.

    Please tell me I'm not the only one.

    For that reason, I can't eat apple pie either....LOL Except when pregnant and then my husband was totally amazed I was eating a slice.
  • LJCannon
    LJCannon Posts: 3,636 Member

    I second that!!

    I don't know if One Kind is better than another, Nutritionally speaking. But I agree, GALA is The Best!!
  • Zepplipop
    Zepplipop Posts: 33
    I pick honeycrisp, so good!
  • bbydl64
    bbydl64 Posts: 30 Member
    pacific rose
  • SteveJWatson
    SteveJWatson Posts: 1,228 Member
    No newfangled apples for me thankyou.

    Beauty of Bath are the nicest apples in God's own country. Don't think you'll find them in supermarkets though.

    Egremont Russet

    Cox's Orange Pippin

    Lord Lambourne

    Ashmead's Kernel.

    I love the apple and of course, its glorious product: Cider (thats "hard Cider" for those of you across the pond).

    To quote Fantastic Mr Fox: "It's like drinking sunbeams and rainbows"
  • sabolfitwife
    sabolfitwife Posts: 424 Member
    Fuji FTW!!
  • pucenavel
    pucenavel Posts: 972 Member
    the really, really dark red delicious, but only when they are firm, crisp and untarnished

    and for the record, it is WRONG to wrap an apple in plastic wrap - gross!
  • pucenavel
    pucenavel Posts: 972 Member

    and they have to be Columbia Valley apples from Washington!!

    RIP, Grandpa!

    (worked the orchards in Pateros/Brewster area from just after WWII until his death a few years ago)
  • gotogogirl1
    gotogogirl1 Posts: 5 Member
    There are so many delicious varieties. Honey crisp or pink lady from the grocery store, but my favorites are from local farmer's market.
  • liittlesparrow
    liittlesparrow Posts: 209 Member
    Pink lady, honeycrisp, and gala <3
  • Carnivor0us
    Carnivor0us Posts: 1,752 Member
    Gala and Kiku :D sometimes Fiji
  • Sharkington
    Sharkington Posts: 485
    Honeycrisp apples are my absolute favorite! Followed by Granny Smith and Pink Lady.
  • Jazz
    Honey crisp
    Pink lady
  • csheltra26
    csheltra26 Posts: 272 Member
    i almost exclusively eat gala.