Ladies: That time of the month, what do you do different?



  • gracielynn1011
    gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
    I keep my routine. My work out actually gives me the boost of energy that I lack that week. The only thing that really changes is that I find myself craving junk food. I try to control myself and only have 1 or 2 instead of a whole pack of junk. Lol
  • joleenl
    joleenl Posts: 739 Member
    I don't do anything differently. I do listen to my body though. If I need an extra day of rest (or two) I take it. I don't really have cravings or haven't since I got seriously about my healthier lifestyle.
  • melaniecmajors
    melaniecmajors Posts: 39 Member
    I weigh myself but take it for what it is. For bloating, try to eat carraway seeds (rye bread), pineapple, and tons of potassium which you can track on this app. I will tone down my workout for day 1, like walk on treadmill at 13% incline, 2.4 pace. You can still burn 450 cals but you're not a sweaty mess when you're already feeling gross.
  • joleenl
    joleenl Posts: 739 Member
    I don't do anything differently. I do listen to my body though. If I need an extra day of rest (or two) I take it. I don't really have cravings or haven't since I got seriously about my healthier lifestyle.

    Oh ya, I forgot to add that I do weigh myself. I am also a daily weigher. I don't let the scale fluctuations get to me as long as the week balance out.
  • BabyCerise
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    I'm very sick during 2 or 3 days, I work out if I feel like working out, and honestly, I eat crap ! :(
  • ruwise
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    I try to do nothing different if anything if I'm feeling bloated or have any pain I try to walk more not less. I used to get real bad sweet cravings but the last month I was ok. If I don't lose as much weight I don't beat myself up about it as I know sometimes it's not a true reflection.
  • LaurenVamp
    LaurenVamp Posts: 74 Member
    I do it all the same unless I'm hurting too much. And then, I do a LOT of crunches. Crunches help me with cramping.

    Also, lots of water! My weigh-ins aren't usually affected, but if you think you're bloating then just skip a week.
  • neacail
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    I try to avoid weighing myself when I'm bloated. I carry an extra 4-5 lbs of water during TOM. I start bloating a few days before, and stay bloated for a couple of days after. I carry the excess water for seven to ten days.

    Other than that, nothing changes (expect copious use of ibuprofen).
  • Seminolegirl97
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    The week before forget it, I'm an emotional mess and give myself 200 extra calories to eat because of cravings of any kind. The week of I lose all appetite and don't eat very much. I still workout as normal. I do try to drink more water to trick myself into thinking I'm helping the bloat.
  • missj1020
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    Omg I can weigh as much as 4lbs more during that time of the month! Ugh.....
  • xiamjackie
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    Really just drink more water and take extra long showers. And maybe add in some more dark chocolate than I'd normally eat.
  • lizziebeth1028
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    So I was wondering, when it is that time of the month what do you all do differently? Do you still weigh yourself, still workout at full speed, still eat the same?

    Sadly at 54 I'm still getting 'that time of the month'...will this ever end?? Anyway....I don't change anything in my routine, if anything I try to work out harder! And i NEVER weigh myself during that time, I know I've gained weight and it's just temporary, why torture myself!
  • freckledrats
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    I don't change much at all and just remember that the scale isn't the best measurement of my progress. Just gotta know your body and when you're going to be bloated. Also keep in mind that as long as you're an honest tracker and stay on target, your body will respond. It may not respond as quickly as you want or as stably as you want, but over time, that weight comes off. It can't not, because of the laws of science. Calories are energy. You can't stay the same unless you're burning the same as you eat. The scale may say the same (or even a higher) number. Sometimes your measuring tape may make you think you're going crazy, but that's just not the whole story. Keep going. Eat a bite of dark chocolate (I like 90 calorie Fiber One brownies and eat them EVERY DAY not just on my period) it won't kill you. Just don't drink a bottle of wine and eat a cake and you'll be alright. (And if you do, log it.)
  • karibrit
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    Honestly I must be super lucky because I never get water retention or cramps and the whole thing is over in 2 or 3 days max. I barely even notice it.

    I want to be you.

    I had a hella bad time of it in my teens and twenties and then as soon as I hit 30 it all stopped and has been a breeze since.

    Yeah, the Pill will do that too—make it all breezy and barely noticeable. Or narcotics.
  • SweetestLibby
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    I don't do anything differently. I still eat and workout just the same. I do however CRAVE carbs and I have to stop myself from going overboard. I weight myself but I bloat 2 to 3 pounds so I'll take it with a grain of salt. I'm on the pill so 3 days and I'm done with little to no cramping. I don't care what other people say I love my pill. That time of the month is much more manageable (used to be hell!).