What is your heaviest? Lightest? Where are you now? Goal?



  • Hagar227
    Hagar227 Posts: 4 Member
    Height 5'6"
    Highest adult weight 183 lbs
    Lowest adult weight 105 lbs (aged 18)
    Current weight 157 lbs
    Body fat - er lots?!
    Next Goal 154 lbs
    Ultimate Goal 140 lbs
  • rawebe
    rawebe Posts: 14 Member
    Height: 5'7"
    Age/Gender: 38/Female
    Highest weight- 360
    Current Weight- 277
    Current body fat - 41%
    Lowest weight- 6.1 birth (LOL!) 140 as an adult
    Goal weigh- 150
  • ValerieAnne84
    Height: 5'1
    Age/Gender: 28/F
    Heaviest Weight: 215
    Lowest Weight: 160 (that I can remember)
    Current Weight: 187
    Goal Weight: 140
    BMI (current): 35.3

    I'm trying to lose in groups of 10 or so, that way there isn't much pressure on myself. I also know that for my height my weight should only be between 106-129 because of my frame, but if I had a large frame the high would be 140, so I'm going with that and then deciding how I feel :)
  • Gogetter1314
    Height: 5'3
    Age/Gender: 23 yrs. Female (24 in may)
    Highest weight- 154 lbs
    Lowest weight- 122 lbs ( at 17) then got pregnant with my first born
    Current weight -145.5 lbs.
    Goal weight - 100-110 lbs.
  • 3momwrestler
    3momwrestler Posts: 14 Member
    Height: 5'7"
    Age/Gender: 49 Female
    Highest weight- 192 lbs Jan. 28th, 2013
    Current Weight- 177.8 lbs Apr. 2nd, 2013
    Current body fat - 27.8%
    Lowest weight- 136 lbs (in HS as a sophomore)
    Goal weigh- 145 lbs or so with a lower body fat %
  • enkennon
    enkennon Posts: 161 Member
    Height: 5'10"
    21 years old
    Highest Weight: 213lbs
    Lowest Weight: 165lbs (pretty thin on my frame!)
    Current Weight: 191lbs
    Goal Weight: 170-175lbs ( we'll se when I get there!)
  • winchestervol63
    winchestervol63 Posts: 47 Member
    Height - 6' 0"
    Age/Gender - 44/M
    Highest weight - 305 (4-5 years ago)
    Lowest weight - 240 (That's in the last 20 years. I'm not counting high school nor early college)
    Current weight - 263
    BF% - Best estimate is about 27-28%
    Goal - For now, I'm calling it 220. I'm going to get close to that and then re-evaluate - could be slightly higher or lower.
  • thaze90
    thaze90 Posts: 68 Member
    Height: 6'2"
    Age/Gender: 22/M
    Highest weight- 375+ lbs
    Current Weight- 219 lbs
    Current body fat - ??%
    Lowest weight- 219 lbs
    Goal weight- 200 lbs, possibly 185 once I get down to 200.
  • hiyomi
    hiyomi Posts: 906 Member
    Height: 5'8
    Age/gender: 20/female
    Highest weight: 280-283
    Current: 259
    Body fat: 47%, before I lost 22 pounds.
    Lowest weight: 200, like in freshmen year of HS lmao
    Goal: 200
    Ultimate goal-180
  • locdin2motion
    Height: 5'8"
    Age/Gender: 28/F
    Highest weight- 242
    Current Weight- 226
    Current body fat - ??%
    Lowest weight- 149 -looked sick!
    Goal weight- 175- for starters had a kid don't know how that will look now so may be a little higher or just right we'll see :)
  • NewMnky1
    NewMnky1 Posts: 264
    Height 5'8
    Age/gender 37/female
    Highetst Weight 278
    Current Weight 160
    Body Fat%?? But I know I have lost someting like 30%
    Lowest Weight 135 in highschool
    Goal 150
    Ultimate Goal 148 - that would put me at 130 pounds lost. If I don't get ther I am ok with that, I just like round numbers LOL!
  • exquisitecadavre
    Height: 5'3"
    Age/Gender: 25/Female
    Highest weight- 276
    Current Weight- 268
    Current body fat - I have no idea.
    Lowest weight- 150ish (freshmen year of college)
    Goal weigh- around 150-160. Maybe a bit less.
  • losbeatlesmolan
    Height: 5'1"
    Age/Gender: 21 female
    Highest weight- 134 lbs
    Current Weight- 102 lbs
    Current body fat - 22%
    Lowest weight- 102 lbs
    Goal weigh- staying as I am - perhaps losing more body fat
  • teenasbody
    teenasbody Posts: 212 Member
    Height: 4'10"
    Age/Gender: 41/Female
    Highest weight: 167
    Current weight: 147
    Lowest: 137
    Goal: 135
  • Lauren_Ellison
    Height- 5'8"
    Age/Gender- 26/ Female
    Highest weight- 245
    Lowest weight- 160
    Current weight- 240
    Goal weight- 170

    Just starting again. Got down to 213 and stopped working on it, gained it all back plus some. I'll do it this time!
  • nikki_1123
    Height: 5'6
    Age/gender: 20/ female
    Highetst Weight: 189
    Current Weight 150
    Body Fat%?: Don't know
    Lowest Weight: 138
    Goal: 140
    Ultimate Goal: Maybe 130-135, I might look too skinny then though.
  • nhradeuce
    nhradeuce Posts: 168 Member
    Height: 5' 9.5"
    Age/Gender: 41 / male
    Highest weight: 230 lbs (might have been more, this was the highest I ever saw on a scale)
    Current Weight: 154.5 lbs
    Current body fat: 9.8%
    Lowest weight: 154.5 lbs
    Goal weight: 165 lbs (I may revise this, 10 lbs of muscle might be bigger than I want)
  • wifey103188
    HEIGHT~ 5'9
    CURRENT WEIGHT~251LBS and dropping
    LOWEST WEIGHT~220 that was in high school
  • litatura
    litatura Posts: 569 Member
    Height: 5' 3"
    Age/Gender: 35 / female
    Highest weight: 214.5 lbs
    Current Weight: 121 lbs
    Current body fat: Don't know
    Lowest weight: 121 lbs (I'm back down to my high school weight)
    Goal weight: It was 139.5 lbs. but I kept re-adjusting/losing. However, I think I'll stop at 120 lbs. because I'm already down to a size 2.
  • sportybrewerschick
    sportybrewerschick Posts: 170 Member
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9

    Ohh boy.. when I FIRST wanted to lose weight, I was 185. I lost quite a bit of weight which landed me at 150. After my surgery, I gained it all back and am at 190 now. That WILL change!
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