• larryc0923
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    WOW!!! Your transformation is remarkable. Your accomplishments inspiring. Your dedication a role model. Thank you for sharing.
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    You look amazing!!! When I saw your picture of you with your family at your higher weight I thought that was my body double standing there. Now I know what I have to look forward to when I lose 100 pounds. Keep up the great work and btw you look so much younger in your recent pictures!!
  • kimad
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    GOod job! You look fantatic!

    And that dress compliments you perfectly :)
  • JanaCanada
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    AWESOME! You look fantastic!!
    (As a former Ohioan, looooove the Ohio State Buckeyes shirt, by the way. :drinker: )
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    wow you look great, what an inspiration
  • you look AMAZING!!
  • cbungard1
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    Thank you! I actually FEEL good which is incredible' :)
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    That is awesome!! That's so cool you got your first pair of shorts too!
  • Well done Ma'am! Truly motivating.
  • craigja
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    Aside from the Ohio State shirt you look fantastic! :-) Just kidding but I did go to Michigan. However, in here we're all on the same team. I've lost 148 pounds and I only have two regrets. 1) I let myself get the way I WAS and 2) I didn't start sooner. Your story is inspirational to all. Now - for me at least - the hard part starts of keeping it off. Congrats..
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    That is Great!!! I'm on my way to meeting the 100 pound goal. 22 pounds gone. I love hearing about the people that have done it, your my hero's I look for inspiration in your success.

    Great Job
  • Congratulations!!!!! Amazing job.
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    You look fantastic. Definitely will be an inspiration for many! Extra props for the OSU tee.
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    Great job! So happy for you! :)
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    Way to go!
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    Thanks everyone! Definitely a Buckeyes fan for life! It was also the first size Large shirt I bought which makes it even more special!! ;)
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    very well done! You look beautiful!