Food diary logging in advance? As you go? End of the day?

LavenderBouquet Posts: 736 Member
Just curious to see what others do/like to do.
I personally like to add things as I go, but sometimes if I'm really busy it's easier to do it in advance.


  • coliema
    coliema Posts: 7,646 Member
    I don't log my food anymore, but when I did I would log as I go on the weekend and during the week I would log in advance.
  • tanashai
    tanashai Posts: 207 Member
    My meals are done in advance (I shop for the week anyway, so it's easy), but the snacks are sometimes as I go because I can never tell until I get there how hungry I'll be come snack time!
  • WTF7
    WTF7 Posts: 140 Member
    I do both- depending on the day. But, I do find that if I log in advance I am better at staying within my goal!
  • missymakayla
    missymakayla Posts: 309 Member
    I think it's easier to log in advance, Then at the end of day i will change anything that needs to be changed. I feel that it keeps me on track this way.. But everyone is different, you do what is best for you!!!!!
  • TheStephil
    TheStephil Posts: 858 Member
    Monday-Friday I bring my food for breakfast, snacks and lunch to work with me so I log that food in advance because I know I'm going to eat it. I usually have dinners planned as well so I'll log it in advance. That way I know how much wiggle room and I have and its easy to delete a food entry if I ended up not eating it.

    Weekends/Evenings I log as I go. I never log at the end of the day because I know I'll miss something.
  • sharleengc
    sharleengc Posts: 792 Member
    I tend to do it a day at a time. At least breakfast and lunch. I usually log dinner too but by the time I get to that point, a lot of times what I want will change.
  • MayaSPapaya
    MayaSPapaya Posts: 735 Member
    I don't actually log food and keep it in there until I actually eat it, but I often will try planning out what I'll have for dinner in my log and seeing how it fits, what I need to adjust, etc.
  • CeCe_711
    CeCe_711 Posts: 35
    i find that it's easier for me to log everything in advance, at least for the day. especially if i know i am going out to eat. i can choose what i want prior to getting to the restaurant and not have to worry about what i'm eating!
  • apg2302
    apg2302 Posts: 667
    End of the day for me, I have too many things to do during the day
  • Cp731
    Cp731 Posts: 3,195 Member
    But If theres something Im not sure of I will prelog just to see what it looks like at the end of the day
  • SundayGirl1989
    More often than not i plan my food the night before and log it in advance, that way i'm less tempted to stray from it and eat something i shouldn't. It also helps me decide what to eat; i can be quite indeceisive if i have to do it spur of the moment.
    On the weekends i tend to log as i go because i'm a little more relaxed about going over my calorie allowance.
  • SamDanielleB
    As I go. The iPhone app is a beautiful thing... i can even scan barcodes and it automatically adds the food.
  • JoelleAnn78
    JoelleAnn78 Posts: 1,492 Member
    I always log my day in advance so I know exactly what I have leftover.... It's easier to pack my lunch and snacks and puts my mind at ease to know I can eat everything I brought with me and not worry about going over. Also, I try to leave at least 100 calories in the day when I start. That way I can have an extra coffee, dessert or something like that along the way if I want. For me, logging ahead keeps me on track. Good luck!
  • Machdude
    Machdude Posts: 136 Member
    I log in in advance, putting in what I intend or plan to eat for the day. Then I review it at the end of the day and make changes as necessary and add in the things I didn't plan on eating. This helps me know if and how much I need to exercise to support the level of weight loss and amount of food I am eating. It also lets me know if I will have calories left so I can look forward to a special snack or glass of wine.
  • devan33
    devan33 Posts: 177 Member
    Weekdays breakfast and lunch, as I go. Usually as I am sitting and eating my lunch I will log in my dinner to know ahead of time what I am looking at at. Weekends its usually as I eat it.
  • JoelleAnn78
    JoelleAnn78 Posts: 1,492 Member
    As I go. The iPhone app is a beautiful thing... i can even scan barcodes and it automatically adds the food.

    Agreed!! Love the iphone app :smile:
  • ingeh
    ingeh Posts: 513 Member
    I always do it at night and plan afor the next day but leave it open to change things if I change my mind, I usually eat the same things so its easy for me to pre log
  • MelisMusing
    MelisMusing Posts: 421 Member
    I tend to log morning time as I go, but by noon- pre log the rest of my day, so I can plan out the rest of my allowances. Sometimes dinner will change a little, but not by much.
  • exquisitecadavre
    I go shopping at the beginning of the week, so in general my meals are planned out...
    But as for logging I'll log breakfast and lunch and snack in the morning to see how much I have available for dinner. My fiance tends to cook and while we generally have an idea of what we are eating, sometimes a wrench gets thrown into it. =]

    But, as someone else mentioned, the iPhone app is amazing for logging as you go. xD
  • TheRealParisLove
    TheRealParisLove Posts: 1,907 Member
    I used to always pre-log my foods, but lately I've been using the as I go method. I've been way over on calories, and my weight is starting to creep up. I'm back to pre-logging again.