Looking for "Open Diary" Friends



  • UrbanLotus
    UrbanLotus Posts: 1,163 Member
    I'm open! Anyone can add me but please send a message!
  • Definitely looking for friends, add me! (This goes for anyone!)
  • Sarahmeridith
    Sarahmeridith Posts: 298 Member
    I have an open diary! I will add you =) I log everything I eat and all my exercise daily, I am 26 and 212lbs looking to eventually get to around 150
  • mamamia05
    mamamia05 Posts: 82 Member
    Feel free to add me..open diaries give me great inspiration :-)
  • Feed_the_Bears
    Feed_the_Bears Posts: 275 Member
    I'm a total diary creeper.
  • FoxyLifter
    FoxyLifter Posts: 965 Member
    My diary is open to all and I will gladly accept friend requests. :flowerforyou:

    SW: 161
    CW: 152
    GW: 140

    I was bad today, but I will make up for it. :tongue:
  • Open diary ***ADD ME***
  • niekkosgirl
    niekkosgirl Posts: 60 Member
    I'm a total diary creeper.

    ^^^This, lol! I love to see what other people are eating and to get ideas of cool things to eat that I might be overlooking. I don't understand not making your food diary public or at least visible to friends, anyway. Accountability is key! I'm sending a request your way. :)

    I'm 34
    CW: 157
    GW: 130
    UGW: 120
  • theloft51
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    I will set mine to open with more open diary friends. I like this idea.
  • Feel free to add me too!! I like the idea of having friends who will help you be accountable on the nutrition side as well!
  • nmaxie
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    I agree. I'm sending you a friend requeat now.
  • lovemitch125
    lovemitch125 Posts: 257 Member
    Accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight. When you have to report to someone else, when you feel a level of pressure, it tends to change how you think and act. :happy:

    I'm looking for Active folks who want to share "accountability" and support each other to achieve our weight loss goals by having an OPEN DIARY (at least to friends).

    Hope to hear from you :drinker:

    My Stats:

    Age: 31yrs
    Height: 5"4.5"
    CW: 168.2
    UGW: Between 130-140

    I have an open diary and I log in it about 16 million times every day. Even on cheat days, I have not missed a day since I started in December XD FEEL FREE TO ADD ME! Always love support and being support! :bigsmile:
  • Zelinna
    Zelinna Posts: 207 Member
    Feel free to add me. My diary is open to friends. I am on daily and try to offer help and motivation where I can.

    Age: 31
    Sw: 210
    Cw: 175
    Gw: 150
  • littlewolf3785
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    Im open like a good book!! Feel free to add me!!:flowerforyou:
  • sopoeticqueen
    sopoeticqueen Posts: 3 Member
    I need all the support I can get please feel free to add me I am 184, 5'1, 29 yrs old.
  • Babeskeez
    Babeskeez Posts: 606 Member
    Add me if youd like :)

    5 1, 131, GW of 115 or so
  • LovinDaNewLiz14
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    add me:)
  • newbodynewattitude
    newbodynewattitude Posts: 4 Member
    Hello, Im looking for new friends. I have been a member for over 1 1/2 years. I am really motivated right now and looking for encouragement.

    31 years old
    Current weight: 247
    Goal:199 (just wanna see a 1 in front ) under 200
  • Frogmuzik
    Frogmuzik Posts: 5 Member
    Open Diary here. Need accountability as well.

    5ft 3in
    Would like to get down to 130.
    Just starting trying the Green Coffee and Raspberry Keytones to see what all the hype is about . Hardest part is having to remember to take them!

    Anyone else try them? Have you had success?
  • elyseology
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    Open Diary Here! Always looking for more support! :drinker:


    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 8"
    CW: 219
    GW: 150