• jenniferrusso7393
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    Even if they did, I wouldn't give them up... one was my breakfast this morning!
  • SukieCookie
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    I can't have bananas :( allergic to them!
  • annamc18
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    this message coupled with the writers profile pic just made me bust out laughing! lol :laugh:
  • NovemberJune
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    I eat 2-3 bananas a day and haven't had a problem losing weight =)

    Same here! *high five*
  • dsmpunk
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    Peanut Butter + banana = win
  • Lyerin
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    I love, love, love bananas. I've only been actively trying to lose weight for about 5 weeks now, and I've done very well AND consumed plenty of bananas. I put 1/2 of one in a yummy pumpkin smoothie last night for a treat (and I made another smoothie with the other 1/2 of the banana for a snack today). My "go to" treat right now is a banana with 1 tbsp of peanut butter on it. I love it, and it's less than 200 calories for the snack. When I'm craving sweets or chocolate, I eat a banana with peanut butter - yummy and filling.
  • BarackMeLikeAHurricane
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    Bananas aren't high in fat, they're high in sugar and carbs. Peanut butter is high in fat. But remember, dietary fat =/= body fat. If you eat below maintenance you'll lose weight. I've been eating ice cream and chocolate every single night and I still lose weight. IIFYM.

    what kind of ice scream do you eat?

    Homemade :) 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 2tsp PB2, 2tbsp torani sugar free vanilla syrup (optional, but I like it), and 2tbsp splenda (I just kind of eye ball it but maybe a little more). Optional: health bar bits, shredded coconut, whatever you like to mix into your ice cream. YouTube how to make ice cream with two ziploc bags. Without any mix ins, it's 30 calories (15 from almond milk, 15 from PB2). I put it in an ice cream cone which adds 20 calories. I ate two of them last night and some rolos, mini krackle bar, and a mini dark chocolate bar.
  • meeper123
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    Bananas dont make youfat lol
  • TeachTheGirl
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    Just like the perpetuation of the 'no egg yolks' myth. Sigh.

    EAT 'EM UP.
  • majope
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    per The Doctor, "I like bananas. Bananas are good."

    This is why there is now a banana grove in the heart of Villengard. This is also why the banana daiquiri got invented too early :)
    Always take a banana to a party!
  • UsedToBeHusky
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    Personally, I eat like 2 or 3 bananas a day! Never stopped me from losing. It's my favorite source of potassium!!
  • Cr01502
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    Personally, I eat like 2 or 3 bananas a day! Never stopped me from losing. It's my favorite source of potassium!!

    Gotta phone number?
  • PetulantOne
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    You don't have to give up anything except overeating to lose weight.
  • Msdays007
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    I LOVE bananas and usually eat one everyday 30 minutes before I work out! Great boost of energy to push hard and make it count!!
  • weightloss12345678
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    I put bananas in my nurti blast all the time
  • CMay16
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    I would not go through life without bananas. I refuse.
  • IsleEsme
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    You don't have to give up anything except overeating to lose weight.

    Best reply ever :)
  • running_shoe
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    There is nothing wrong with a banana! I wish Chiquita would just sue that stupid site or whatever it its. A banana has so much food value. Sure, it's a bit heavier on the calorie count that the average fruit, but what about avacados (also a fabulous fruit/veg food with a higher calorie count)? Its about choices and priorities when you're choosing your calories for the day, just as with any other food.
  • MinimalistShoeAddict
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    If you don't eat them..............they will eat you!


    I used to really like bananas. Thanks to you now I am terrified of them!
  • ctyler150
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    Im eating a banana right now!lol