What's harder for you? Healthy eating or Exercise?



  • Erica_theRedhead
    Erica_theRedhead Posts: 724 Member
    Def eating healthy. Even though I was overweight my whole life, I dedicated a majority of my time to playing sports. I love working out and being an athlete, but I def go to town on some nachos, and wings, and beer (you get the picture) way too often.
  • babydiego87
    babydiego87 Posts: 905 Member
    Definitely exercise for me!
    same. i hate sports and i dont get an urge to go exercise at all :sad:
  • RoadsterGirlie
    RoadsterGirlie Posts: 1,195 Member
    I would have to say eating. I'm really regimented at both, but there are times I would rather go out to eat at a calorie laden restaurant than cook a healthy meal at home. I don't do it if it's not on my plan, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like doing it.

    I enjoy exercise - especially how I feel afterwards, so that part is easy.
  • TheRealParisLove
    TheRealParisLove Posts: 1,907 Member
    Eating healthy, by far. I love, love, LOVE to eat. I also love to exercise, so luckily I can get some pretty serious calorie burns most of the time.
  • metacognition
    metacognition Posts: 626 Member
    Exercise is easy.

    Healthy eating isn't hard.

    Eating a low enough amount of food to lose weight every day, and ignoring those hunger pangs before bed - now that's hard!
  • vguynes
    vguynes Posts: 794 Member
    Healthy eating for me!
  • healthy eating, Im a Cardio addict..
  • selmafeki
    selmafeki Posts: 48 Member
    Definitely the eating part....
  • Roxie8611
    Roxie8611 Posts: 39 Member
    Exercise - i really have to talk myself into it at times but i always feel better afterwards :)
  • Revonue
    Revonue Posts: 135 Member
    Exercise has become a habit for me. So I'd have to say, healthy eating.
  • 141by2016
    141by2016 Posts: 179
    Eating. Even when I was 226lbs I exercised at least 3 days a week, now I am incorporating more movement into my normal routine (ex. bike to school, walk to the store, etc.), and dedicated exercise 5-6days/week, but I still have trouble not eating ALL of the food :/
  • FussyFruitbat
    FussyFruitbat Posts: 110 Member
    Exercise. Bleh.
  • HappyElizabeth
    HappyElizabeth Posts: 231 Member
    Neither - my issue is portion control!
  • 20107006
    20107006 Posts: 5 Member
    Eating! I can't stop it!
  • shorty458
    shorty458 Posts: 163 Member
    Eating healthy.... I am losing weight still by having pizza and fattening foods, but I do more exercise to make up for it.
  • ellepribro
    ellepribro Posts: 226 Member
    Both - just depends on the day. Some days I have no problem eating healthy, some days it's tough. Same with exercising.
  • Zombriana
    Zombriana Posts: 764 Member
    Eating healthy! I can exercise all day everyday. But I love to eat so much! Well, I eat moderately healthy when I cook for myself. But my husband likes to go out. So yaaaa
  • Shanel0916
    Shanel0916 Posts: 586 Member
    My eating habits are the worst I would be in great shape right now if I could only control my eating!
  • CCusedtodance
    CCusedtodance Posts: 237 Member
    Excercise definetely, cant wait until I get to the point where it is not such and effort to get myself to do it, once I start I am fine, but finding the morivation sucks. I still make excuses about it like I used to with food. Baby steps, no pun intended. Happy Sunday all and the best of luck with your journey.

  • Mrsfreedom41
    Mrsfreedom41 Posts: 330 Member
    Have to push myself to exercise.

    Will power is pretty good with the diet. Most of the time.

    I agree with this. Exercise is very hard for me to get in every day.