Cottage Cheese



  • MariaLivingFit
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    This is so timely. For years and years I hated the stuff - mostly the texture. But, like I do with my kids, I kept making myself try it. Finally, this year I actually like it! Not sure what changed.... ?!?!?!
  • JenAndSome
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    I eat it with ground ancho chile pepper on it. Simply and delicious.
  • raiderrodney
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    I normally eat it every day for lunch at work. It's great plain but also good with blueberries, dates....about anything really. There is a big difference in flavor between brands to me....I prefer Daisy ;)
  • Queen_JessieA
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    I like mine with pineapple (crushed) OR with cinnamon and a bit of splenda or other substitue (South Beach taught me is actually pretty good :)).
  • raiderrodney
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    I mix it in with my scrambled eggs before putting them in the pan. The cheese melts nice and makes the eggs fluffier. I also add a bit of black pepper and a pinch of salt.

    Thanks! I'm trying this ;)
  • changing4life
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    i like with with blueberries, strawberries, raisins, pineapple, tomatoes, plain, apple butter. There are endless possibilities. I usually eat the 2% small curd. Great protein, low carb. But, high in sodium...
  • angelcurry130
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    i grew up with my mom subbing ricotta with cottage cheese in lasagna and other Italian recipes (didn't even know what ricotta was until i was all grown up!)

    tastes pretty good with a lot of fruits and veggies. like, avacados, peaches, strawberries, celery, tomatoes, pears...go nuts with it!

    you can toss it in casseroles and fritattas instead of bogging down on cream or hard cheese. works with pancake batter and muffin batter (blend it smooth first to avoid funky lumps.) you could mix it with jello before it sets. mix it with some tuna and basil and stuff a tomato...possibilities are endless. play around with it. :)
  • Heaven71
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    Depends on what you like. I put salt and pepper on it sometimes, pizza sauce, other times I use fruit or cinnamon and a little sugar. I LOVE Cottage Cheese
  • Heaven71
    Heaven71 Posts: 706 Member
    I normally eat it every day for lunch at work. It's great plain but also good with blueberries, dates....about anything really. There is a big difference in flavor between brands to me....I prefer Daisy ;)

    I prefer Daisy as well.
  • JessMason24
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    Never realized there were so many different ideas...always trying to find something new for cottage cheese
  • b7bbs
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    I like to either mix my cottage cheese with yogurt and banana. or just eat with a side of sliced banana and strawberries.

    My favorite cottage cheese, and the only one I will eat is, Friendship 2% (blue container). I absolutely love it! I could eat it straight out of the container with nothing else.
  • metacognition
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    Tastes great on its own, or eaten alongside a fruit like pineapple or grapes. Good way to boost your protein levels at a meal.

    Also tastes great with vegetable soup.

    P.S. Great Value 1% cottage cheese tastes really disgusting. It's watery and pretty sour / brine tasting.

    Land 'O Lakes 2% is much better, with a richer flavor.
  • CM9178
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    Sorry I'm not help, I think cottage cheese is disgusting.
  • houlenberg
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    Love the idea of putting on top of a baked potato. Never would have thought of it and it adds a great deal of protein. Thanks!
  • KevinS62
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    Please don't laugh...

    I have never tried cottage cheese, but I see that a lot of people eat it and like it..... so I got some cottage cheese...

    How can I eat it?
    What can I put in it?

    Advices please!!!! Thank you pals!

  • Not laughing AT you. I've never tried it and don't plain on it. Based on the description I got turned off. Served sweet, salty, spicy, acquired taste, etc. You're bold! I commend well as others that tried this, eggplant, and mushrooms :smile:
  • MightyDomo
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    Can use it to make bite sized cheesecakes as well, its different in texture and not as strong of a cheesecake flavor but it works.

    Can also do a pumpkin pie pudding with it, 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp canned pumpkin (not canned pumpkin pie), 1/8 tsp pumpkin pie seasoning, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (UN IsoSensations Vanilla is the best) and 2 tbsp of milk. Blend till smooth and you can put it in a crust if you want or chill and eat like a pudding cup. Adjust according to your tastes of course.
  • I like mine with black pepper and I use reduced fat wheat thins as chips to use it as dip. mmmm

    I put it in my sweet protein shakes too. I havent been able to get into the fruit and cottage cheese though. Something with it doesnt set right with me.

    Same here. I eat it with pepper sprinkled on. I tried putting fruit in it, but yuck!!
  • llcjmama
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    I just like mine with a bit of pepper in it!
  • on top of noodles, or potato or just plain! so good!!!