This is a photoshop - signed, a graphic artist. (with pics)



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    Loads of examples on youtube...
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    Awesome post! Thank you! I remember when Brittney Spears released those before and after photos and I gained a little respect for her that day.
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    Wow when I left yesterday no one seemed interested, i'm surprised by the response over night. I read all the comments and I'd like to reply to everyone, but couldn't possibly. But I'll try to address some of the questions.

    I thought I'd take a moment to point out many of the great links people posted, the internet is filled with these before and after shots. You'll find that, especially in the magazine stand, everything is shopped to some level. You don't need proof to assume that. Good designers make a point to leave some "structured flaws" that make you think… well maybe this could be real.

    One commenter mentioned this Pintrest board, I actually follow IndyInk myself, this is a great board and she updates it frequently. If you're on Pintrest, its absolutely worth following.

    I'm not a hater. As a GA I'm torn at times, part of me says as humans we seek beauty and perfection, this is an art that creates beauty, that's what good art does. Photoshop is the new makeup, makeup isn't cheating is it? As some one with blotchy skin you won't catch me dead without foundation and contouring, and I sell it like it's reality when it's not. I think why this crosses the line is because many people aren't aware it's going on, they don't see it as "art" they see it as real.
    Its so important we educate others about this, especially children.
    These models and celebs are beautiful in their own right, and sometimes all takes some color correction to make them perfect, in body and face. But then… sometimes they sheer off ribs.

    I prepared a few ahead that I'll now post so I don't feel so rushed to come up with stuff haha.
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    Dove's Real Beauty Campaign
    (open this image in another tab if your screen doesn't show all the women) Yes, they do photoshop. Its a great example of leaving "structured flaws" they don't remove as many freckles, and they don't seem to cut much fat (rather hide bulges behind other women). But they do shop cellulite, and clean the lines on the face. They were not all taken together, they photographed a few models at a time and pieced them in one group. Notice only some have wind in their hair. There are some funny shadows between the 3rd and 4th suggesting maybe 1-3 and 4-6 were shot different. The 7th and 8th were shot together, though the lighting is just a little off suggesting they may have been a last minute decision to shoot and add. The "wardrobe" is most certainly taped on and clipped in the back so they don't pull in places that would show more tension in soft fleshy parts of the body. They also cleaned out some stray hairs for sure.
    It is lying to you, but I think reflects a natural beauty we feel, maybe that "hair tied chillin with no makeup on" kind of beauty Drake sings about that isn't really captureable by camera. So its up to you if you feel deceived. I still appreciate the message.

    Here is some of the models in harsh lighting followed by their ad photo.

    Also, the UK ones are very natural with just good lighting. They didn't even alter the whites of the eyes or brighten the color in this one.
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    Photoshop in men
    Men are also photoshopped. But they tend to have different types of edits done, and I have to admit I haven't trained my eye to spot as many. But they do do all the regular "tricks" on them, eye and teeth whitening, brightening colors, and stretching and bulging muscles (instead of boobs). Here is Terry Crews on muscle magazine, I can tell the whole image has been shopped over, but noticeable details include the "turtle neck" He does have a long neck in real life, but I suspect they stretched it some, but I'm certain they thinned it. The ab area under the closer nipple, looks almost cloud like, but I'm sure fitness people will argue that's how it looks, but it was at least airbrushed. After looking at a lot of photos I know they also made his waist more slender by cutting out along his back.
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    After all the threads that disparage "too bulky"...this is what *I* don't want to look like.

    (I did when I was a teen and I liked my body then too, but it's not a look I'd strive for.)
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    Honestly I would LOVE to see the photoshopped me! I love me the way I am, too...but I dont really have a problem with photoshopped photos...if I were going to be on the cover of a magazine accross the US I sure as heck would want it to be perfect :)
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    #7 the compilation photo.

    Look for heavily shopped images that look normal enough, but you don't know why it seems "off" You'll notice here, a mysterious floating head, also her wrist seems a little odd doesn't it?
    The second image is from the same photo shoot. They first turned her white shirt lavender, and the babies shirt white. Now you can see it don't you?
    The magazine cover is actually, from what I can tell at least 4 different photos compiled together. Notice her hands are the exact same, but the baby is different (and his head is floating). Her head from a different photo than the body. Not to mention the heavy work done on her "drop that baby weight" body. I think it's just terrible the pressure they put on new moms just to sell magazines.

    I'm going to take off for the night, but I can keep finding them if it looks like the conversation shows enough interest, i don't want to bug the MFP world lol
    Wow thanks for sharing these!!! The floating head thing is so obvious now you pointed it out! As for this one with the baby, I wonder why they bothered doing a photo shoot really, if all they were going to do was stick different bits together and then change the colours, they could have just taken them off google or something lol.

    I think I read somewhere that the Kardashian Christmas photo is done that way. They are all so busy that they can't get together so they photoshop everyone in. Take a look at one of them and it is pretty obvious.


    It doesn't even look like a photo, it looks like one of those photo to canvas converts. Everyone in that picture looks angry and plastic. Also, this is a Christmas card? Looks like an Adam's Family Halloween portrait.
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    #4 looking at the woman above please note the following: Real women's heads are NEVER bigger than their waist.
    A lot of you may have seen this one, yes she is from the side, but at the size that this waist was shopped, the measurment around the crown of her head would be wider than the waist. Not even anorexics can do this.

    So what I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
    And I have alwayyyyyyyyysssssssssss admired this picture.

    And that's great. Just don't strive to achieve her waist. Because she doesn't have that waist either.