This is a photoshop - signed, a graphic artist. (with pics)



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    I didn't know it would post gifs!
    In all my examples I've tried to find more original pics that aren't spotted all over the net, but googling bad photoshops will bring up millions of mind-blowing images.
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    bump. I have someone to show these photos to.
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    Wow. I have to say I totally appreciate this thread!! Thank you so much for posting. I've been struggling with my body image and wanting to look a certain way... Its so helpful to know that celebrities and models actually look like normal people!! Its such a shame and outrage that so many women and girls feel bad about themselves because of all the Photoshopping going on. 'Guess what's fake about this" will be a new game I play when I see photos now. Seriously... I always knew photos in magazines and ads were doctored to some point, but never realized to what extent. Why do they even bother taking photos at all...
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    This is hands down the best thread I have ever read on this site. I am absolutely mesmerized!
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    They wonder why women and men too have body image issues this is just crazy the gifs in particular
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    bump....this is amazing, thank you!
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    This is so amazing. I discovered the reality behind "perfect women" when my friend became a graphic designer. I always thought when you're that rich or in that industry you could afford better nutrition and personal trainers. BUT NO! those side crunches are done with a click of a mouse! Don't get me wrong, they work out like crazy but are still not goddesses.
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    This is awesome!! I absolutely love this one ever!! I've been glued to it!!
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    Interesting stuff.. bumping :)
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    bumping to see later
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    Bump for later....this is a cool thread.
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    This is an awesome thread...I'm not photo-shopped! haha
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    Wow! This has been a cool thread! I never really paid that much attention before, but alot goes into making a flawless pic! Thank you for sharing with us!
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    wow this is informative I love stuff like this. I as well as most know they use photoshop but to know where and the details of it interesting! Thanks for posting!
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    Bump! This is awesome OP! Thank you.
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    WOW:noway: So true, not too look at others for perfection. The world isn't perfect, EVERYONE must work to get what they want. Very interesting, thank you:flowerforyou:
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    This has been entertaining me all day at work!! Thank you. :smile:
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    this is one of my faves! not only did they do all the usual skin tone tricks, but they MOVE her eye on the right.

    I think she looks sexier in the unphotoshopped version. More human and vulnerable.
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    I guess she looked "too bulky"?
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    Facinating thread! Any more tips and tricks gratefully received!