Hummus Help Please



  • I love hummus! I use it instead of pizza sauce to make pita pizzas.

    1 whole wheat pita
    2 t. hummus
    1/8 c. marinated artichoke hearts, diced
    1/4 c. fresh mushrooms, sliced
    1/8 c. sundried tomatoes chopped
    1/4 c. light finely shredded cheese
    1/8 c. thin sliced sweet onion

    Broil until cheese melts.

    Approximately 250 calories

    Slainte! :drinker:

    This sounds dope!
  • SarahDavs
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    My recipe for hummus is a roasted bulb of garlic, two cans of drained garbanzo beans, chili powder, salt & pepper to taste. Throw everything in blender/food processor/even a hand blender will suffice and there it is! I love it! I like it wrapped in crunchy lettuce or w/carrots and celery. Sometimes I use it as a sandwich spread. Once I used it in an egg salad and it was delicious! :-)
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    I tried a variation of a few of these recipes but stayed pretty consistent with the overall basic recipe except I used a lot more lemon red peppers and garlic than most call for. I also added kalamato olives for a little extra something.
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    Bump... Love hummus!
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    I eat it with any veggies but mostly with apple slices.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of hummus! It tastes so much better with some tahini which can be purchased either in the ethnic section of grocery stores or some whole foods will also have it. You can also make it with a bit of peanut butter if you cant find tahini or some other nut butter (tahini is ground sesame seed). Also tons of garlic!
  • dellaquilaa
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    Make your own. Toast 5 cups of sesame seeds @ 350º for 5-10 minutes. Let them cool, then pour into a food processor with 1 1/2 cups olive oil.

    that's a lot of olive oil! I make my tahini with 1/2 cup of the stuff - but then when I make the hummus, I drizzle some on top :) mmm...

    If you do cut back the oil, though, you'll have to scrape more often while you're blending it :)
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    My favorite! I like to dip peppers and cucumbers in my hummus. I also make a hummus pizza with Naan, spread a little on top and then put under the broiler for a few minutes.
  • You can also make your own tahini. I toast the sesame seeds and then grind them up in the food processor with a little bit of olive oil.
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    I love it made with lots of garlic and cumin, and I use snap pea pods for dippers. Yummy.
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    This recipe is so good... except I melt 1 tablespoon of light butter and mix it in as well but OMG it makes the best broccoli ever!
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    Make your basic hummus (plenty of basic recipes posted here already) then once youhave it the way you like it, then add 3-4 (or 5 or 6) tbls of fresh basil pesto and process for a few seconds more. This is the best! But I love basil pesto.
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    I don't make my own yet...not enough members of my family like it. I like the red pepper kind the best from the deli.

    I like to wrap it in a soft shell Xtreme Health Wheat tortilla, roll it, and microwave for 15 seconds. YUMMY! I also like it in celery (like you would do PB).
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    Thanks MFP friends for sharing these wonderful Hummus recipes. :happy:
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    what is "bumping"? 8^}

    Good question What IS BUMPING?
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    use a spoon
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    what is "bumping"? 8^}

    Good question What IS BUMPING?
    On most threads it stands for Bring Up My Post which would cause it to be brought to the front page because there is a new post, but on MFP, most people use it as a way to "bookmark" a certain thread in the "My Topics" section.