how old were you when you got your first grey hair?



  • InnerConflict
    InnerConflict Posts: 1,592 Member
    32, on my wedding day
  • JessiBelleW
    JessiBelleW Posts: 815 Member
    I've skipped grey altogether and have some white hairs....... I'm 23. Luckily they just look very blonde but still they are white
  • smirf1972
    smirf1972 Posts: 93 Member
    15 hard paper round :laugh:
  • terlyn20
    terlyn20 Posts: 142 Member
    late twenties.
    my mother who is 73 might have 20 gray hairs .... argh!
  • TheRoadDog
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    I can't remember having hair on my head or not having this grey goatee.
  • greenmonstergirl
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  • chubbard9
    chubbard9 Posts: 565 Member
    Stress related, found one last year right before I turned 20... My boyfriend found it and pointed it out and laughed, and now I'm laughing at his patches of gray in his beard that appeared randomly... He's 25.
  • atsteele
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    I have no idea. I've been coloring my hair since high school. And I'm not sure if I have any grey hair yet. I'm not terribly motivated to find out. ;)
  • 1223345
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    Like, 23. I now have a nice little grey streak in the front that looks like an intentional dye job. Of course, I don't plan to ever dye my hair, I am happy with it no matter how grey it gets.
  • Legs_McGee
    Legs_McGee Posts: 845 Member
    I had one single gray hair on my head on my 23rd birthday. I didn't see another for years and years. But now I color my hair so I plan to remain completely and totally oblivious to the number of gray hairs I may or may not have. FOREVER.
  • shygur
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  • karibrit
    karibrit Posts: 29
    At age 37 but I yanked it out. They don't dare show up anymore.
    AMBURRRRRR Posts: 3
  • AMHouse85
    AMHouse85 Posts: 285 Member
    I'm 27 and about 2 months ago I found my first one. It's freaking awesome. I always thought the women in my family looked beautiful with their long wavy grey hair.
  • 3foldchord
    3foldchord Posts: 2,918 Member
    18 or 19.
    my dad had lots of greys by 16.
  • rileamoyer
    rileamoyer Posts: 2,411 Member
    Twenty Four I think. I remembered where I was living then backed into the age. :wink:
  • jenniferrusso7393
    jenniferrusso7393 Posts: 189 Member
    36 or 37, but mine are white too... And now I have a "tuft" of white, right in the front... I dye about every 5 or 6 months, because I hate losing my highlights...
  • BinaryPulsar
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    I first noticed it when I was 18 and was curling my hair for my prom. My hair is probably 25% gray now. I thought it was more, but that's what the hairdresser says. It just looks like highlights until recently, now I cover it with highlights.
  • Contrarian
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    18, but I am still less than 10 percent grey.
  • mockchoc
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    47 and I probably only have one or two. My mother still has none that I've noticed.