STARVING!!! after morning cereal

So I'm still pretty new at this eating better/losing weight thing, about a month into it after years of being a heavy soda drinker, large pizza devouring, lazy bum :P I've cut out as much sweets as I can, cut soda out 100% (really 100%, I don't even drink diet), greatly increased my water intake and drinking unsweetened iced tea when I want some flavor, eating more fruits/veggies, etc.

I'm doing pretty good overall, and am transitioning out of hitting the roach coach at work every morning for my breakfast burritos (largely because I still have an extremely difficult time waking up in the morning, so I don't have time to prepare breakfast at home).

I thought taking breakfast cereal into work would be a good idea instead....not quite :P I bought a box of Fiber One cereal, poured a bowl full (typical cereal bowl size, probably 2 servings worth), and took my time eating through it, and then...holy crap! I'm STARVING afterwards, as in FAR hungrier after eating than before.

Is it the little bit of sugar that's in that cereal doing that since I'm no longer used to consuming large amounts of sugar? Is cold cereal just a bad idea across the board? I was thinking maybe some plain oatmeal instead, but I've been hesitant to try that as oatmeal used to give me wicked acid reflux, but I've also noticed that my reflux problem is almost non existent since I've started to generally eat better, so maybe it's worth a shot?


  • pontprennau
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    Fibre one doesn't have any sugar? though it is high in salt? at least the one I ate in america was this way?

    When in america I go to starbucks and have black coffee, nothing added and a starbucks breakfast wrap (egg white, feta in a wrap) under 300 calories and keeps me going for hours!
  • frando
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    Personally I find that cereals don't really make a dent in my morning hunger. I've switched to porridge which keeps me full pretty much all morning. The way I like and make it is calorific but you can tweak and add your own flavours and what not so that you find something that will keep you going all day.

    There is always the protein shake, make one up in the morning and drink it as you go along you'll get the full feeling for a while.
  • AleciaG724
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    I make a big batch of steel cut oatmeal on Sunday that will last me the whole week and I sometimes change up with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. I think both the protein in the yogurt and the whole grain from the oats keep me feeling full longer than even a good cold cereal does for some reason.
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    I cannot do cereal for breakfast. It makes me ravenously hungry after about an hour and a half. I love my porridge in the fills me up and keeps me going.
  • LaHermosaKate
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    Yeah, cereal is almost as bad as bagels for me (they just make me want more bagels all day long!). I do well with 2 Rice Cakes (or some whole grain ones like puffed Kamut), 1 tbsp Almond butter smeared on it and topped off with half of banana sliced. This has kept me full all morning for about a year and a half (and it often takes me over an hour to eat it during breaks of doing other morning things). I recently started getting hungry for a mid-morning snack (usually a tangerine), but when I looked into it, as you are now, I found a lot of people saying that its the sugar in the fruit and grains that is making me hungry. So maybe something like a hard-boiled egg would be a better option? But while the paleo-types are telling me to eat more protein, others are telling me that fiber keeps you full. While both are probably true, it's something to play around with while you pay attention to how you feel.
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    Porridge oats. That is the answer.
  • Pookylou
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    Porridge oats. That is the answer.

    QFT I can't have anything else or I am starving after an hour! Oats keep me filled up till lunch time!
  • acpgee
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    Simple carbs with a high glycemic index make your blood glucose yoyo. First too high, then too low (as your body is designed for dealing with fruit, not grains and sugars). A couple of hours later the low blood sugar causes cravings for more carbs. Either lower the glycemic index by combining with protein and fats, (ie slowing down the rate at which the food is converted to glucose) or cut out the cereal.
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    I usually try to get some kind of protein for breakfast, like eggs. Carbs tend, for me, to burn off pretty quick, leaving me crazy hungry!
  • sixfootaliw
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    I find the only thing that comes close to filling me up for the whole morning is porridge. Must be the oats I think.

    To keep it healthy I sweeten it with raspberries. If you put them in the porridge while it is cooking they go all mushy and taste wonderful!
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    I use to just skip breakfast because I didn't want to get up earlier :blushing: , you should try weetabix I like it if you not a porridge kinda person that's fine you can just make something the night before to eat.

    I'm well lol lazy I like my porridge, I have that and a banana and I'm good to go.

    Not really into oats unless its instant and sugary lol.
  • majasmi
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    i eat two boiled eggs in the mornings.

    heres an interesting blog post.
  • janimei
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    When I have the time, I eat 3 eggs fried in a nonstick skillet and an apple or orange. With a cup of tea or coffee.

    When I don't have time, I make a quick smoothie (1 cup fruit, 1 cut skim milk, 4 ice cubes, 1 tablespoon plain yogurt, and a dash of maple syrup or agave syrup).

    These keep me satisfied, with no hunger pangs, for 4 hours.
  • Lupercalia
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    I've done well skipping breakfast.

    But when I was eating breakfast every morning, I found that having something with lots of protein was the key for me. Eggs, usually, with some sort of meat, and also a good sized portion of veggies. I made scrambles, omelettes, baked eggs, etc. I would also have a handful of berries if I wanted something sweet.
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    I have a 4.5 hour gap between breakfast and lunch and I don't have a problem with only eating cereal. I must be the odd one out. I try to make sure it's a higher fibre kind, right now I'm eating muesli. However sometimes I'm stuck with special K or corn flakes, not the best. I always eat my cereal with yogurt not milk, maybe that's the trick?
  • AlliBarlik
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    Skip breakfast.

    I would not recommend this. I too love cereal, but having a balanced meal is better. I like the idea of a wrap with egg whites and low-fat cheese (or feta, yummy!). You get protein--which for me helps me last longer between meals.
    Also, make sure you have a snack in between b'fast and lunch. Healthy and sensible.
    Good luck. Good for you for making a change!
  • rebbylicious
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    hard boiled eggs
    apples with cheese
    greek yogurt with honey and banana sliced in it
    Yesterday I had rye bread toast with jam and a hard boiled egg.. I was full for a while.

    Cereal sucks, especially when you measure it and see how little you actually can have. The only cereal I like is indigo morning from Kashi.. and i like Malt o meal with pure maple syrup in it (not the healthiest but it's comformting for me)
  • smmadsen
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    I love cereal but it is actually a downfall for me because it does not satisfy my hunger for long. More protein really helps me.
    I usually eat egg whites, 2 thin slices of bacon(the black label hormel 18 cal a slice) on whole wheat toast or flatbread.
    Throw in some fruit and yogurt and it will last a good while.
    Like the others it is good to mix it up and alternate with porridge or yogurt so you don't end up with high cholesterol from the bacon.
    I am a nurse and do not agree with ever skipping breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day.
    Skipping breakfast causes your metabolism to slow down and can get your blood sugar out of whack.
    I also agree that cooking things ahead of time, to have available, is a good idea. Put things out the night before helps too.
    I have four kiddos and work full time so I am always in a rush.
    Subway also has great breakfast wraps if your in a rush.
  • MelAb8709
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    I have the same problem with cereal - If you like eggs, this is my breakfast every day and it's very satisfying - At the beginning of every week I bake eggs in a muffin tin (spray with nonstick spray, crack one egg into each. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

    Then, before I leave for work I throw into a tupperware container about 1/2 cup of spinach, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and 2 of the eggs. Nuke them (covered, so they steam) for a minute and 1/2, and then top with 1/2 an avocado. It's so delicious and the only meal I never get tired of eating every day.