Insanity... has anyone done it?

Hi, I've just heard about this insanity workout... just wondered if anyone has done it and if they got good results.

As much info as you can pretty please :happy:


  • cowboy032587
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    I completed the first month before discovering that i needed to have surgery on my elbow. With the right diet and giving it your all i saw very good results in the one month. In fact I am currently doing a p90X/insanity hybrid workout out to see how that goes. But the insanity by itself is a good way to melt off fat and tone up.
  • xprplstardust
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    I am doing it right now & am still only in my 1st month but so far I have lost 1" off my hips & 1" off my waist & toned up everywhere! it's worth it.
  • SassyCalyGirl
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    did it-very tough if you have joint issue's its not for you-very high impact plyo workout
    I didn't have weight to lose I did it for stamina/endurance and core training.

    I don't recommend doing anything else while on the program-it takes a lot out of you
  • hockeyfan87
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    I did it and lost 14 lbs :)
  • jmanthei98
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    It is ridiculous, but it's so worth it. After completing the program, I lost a little over 8 inches over and saw some good definition in my arms. My endurance for running was much better, too. I'm thinking about doing it again. Good luck!!!
  • healthylifeforme
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    It was insanely difficult for me! It is very intense. I don't mind working hard at all, but the pace of this was too much for me. They say you can modify it, but I found that hard to do. That being said, it is a great calorie burn and you will most likely lose weight and inches.
  • Nishi2013
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    Is it free like stronglifts?
  • ShallaLovee1
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    Currently in Month 2 of Insanity and its intense. Definitely a challenge but a good one. I'm seeing pretty good results in not only my body but in my mind. My endurance and tolerance for the burn is going up. I'm pretty satisfied with the program. When I go back to Turbofire I am going to kill it even more than before! It's well worth it if you put in the work. Good luck!
  • Guamybear
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    I have two weeks left!! went down 1 pants size and loving it..plan on redoing it when I am done.. It can very addicting to see yourself progress in cardio and strength.
  • 12chyang
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    Did it every other day for a month, on days I didn't do Insanity, I went jogging. Unfortunately I didn't see any physical changes, but wow, it's still totally worth it because you feel great after completing each work out. I'm going to continue doing it though (:

    I did notice one thing, it made my right knee hurt at times while doing the workouts.
  • andreamelo1
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    one work insane but soooooo worth it well thats like 7 words but whatever
  • PamShebamm
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    Made it almost to the end, and then hurt myself in an un-Insanity related incident with less than two weeks left. It was great. I didn't see a lot of loss on the scale, but I did lose about an inch or so and my endurance got so much better.
  • Salisburah
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    I finish on Sunday! It has been a MASSIVE transformation- both mentally & physically. I have some comparison pics on my profile but I've lost 12 inches from my stomach & dropped 15% body fat- both of which I didnt even realise were possible in such a short amount of time. It it INTENSE & a lot of jumping (so not good with joint issues) but just stick with it. I found first time trying a new workout was a struggle but each time I improved & soon enough I could do them, just keep pushing!!
    I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred just before I did Insanity (which was my first ever attempt at exercise) so I pretty much just threw myself in the deep end but it was SO worth it!
  • selmafeki
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    Im about to start month two on sunday. Recovery week has been good and the first month is tough but you can dig through it with the help from Shaun T :D
  • mindyjo74
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    The workouts were tough but noticed a HUGE physical difference in the end. I still continue to do the workouts on occasion. But the only down fall for me was that some of the workouts are time consuming. I highly recommend the workouts. Just go at your own pace but dont be afraid to push yourself!
  • Cupcakebettiejo
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    This is taken from my post about 2 months ago. I'm doing round 2 now.

    I did not follow the nutritional guide but set my calorie goal to TDEE -20% and made sure i was hitting my macros which i set at 40, 30, 30. I also got some Reflex Diet Protein, Amino X, a good multi vitamin, super strength glucosamine sulphate and Omega 3,6 & 9 pilss. I took these everyday.

    Going into it i had no idea of what i would achieve weight loss wise. I've always had a goal weight in mind but after reading so many reviews on Insanity decided that the number on the scales would become secondary. I took the horrible before photos, mesured myself and got to it.

    I started to notice changes after about 2 weeks not much movement on the scales just in the mirror. This really motivated me to push through even on the days i didn't feel like it.

    All of a sudden i had completed 1 month and was feeling fantastic. I decided on taking some progress photos and this time i wasn't as worried as i could feel myself changing. Progress pics are one of the best ways to keep you motivated and see how far you have come. I also took measurements and was very happy with them all going down. I also felt alot stronger, i was finally able to do some press ups!!

    So into month 2 i went and i won't lie i was slightly worries as every session had the word MAX in it. I think the first day was an hour session so quite different from month 1 but as Shaun says go at your own pace and take breaks when needed. I was looking forward to each session as i wanted to do better than the time before. One of the main things i noticed was my hunger, you really need to make sure you eat enough to get you through the sessions.

    My clothes started to feel too big and dresses i couldn't wear before now fit me. I was getting very excited. Going into my last week it was weird, i was feeling rather emotional and proud that i had stuck to this. I had such determination to finish it, i wanted that INSANITY T.SHIRT.

    The after photos felt great to take, i'm really happy with the changes i have made to my body:

    Fitt test results 1st and final:

    Switch Kicks (2 kicks=1 Rep): 37 - 54 UP: 17

    Power Jacks: 38 - 53 UP: 15

    Power Knees: 70 - 111 UP: 41

    Power Jumps: I had to cancel these as my knees couldn't take the landing.

    Globe Jumps: 7 - 11 UP: 4

    Suicide Jumps: 8 - 15 UP: 7

    Push Up Jacks: 0 - 20 UP: 20

    Low Plank Oblique: 20 - 45 UP: 25

    Very happy with how much better i have done in just 63 days!:)

    Onto my measurements:

    Weight i have lost 9lbs

    Muscle Mass: UP 0.5%

    Body Fat: DOWN 2%


    Widest: 2.7 inches

    Navel: 1.5 inch

    Smallest: 2.7 inches

    Thighs: 1.2 inches each

    Arms: 0.5 inches each

    Under Bust: 1.2 inch

    Around Bust: 0.8 inch

    Finally onto the Photos!!




    Finally i want to say a huge thank you to my OH Tony (tikitony13) for supporting through my 63 days of Insanity and always encouraging me to continue and complete it. Also to my MFP friends you guys have been amazing and have motivated me all the way, i couldn't have done it without you lot.

    Onto my new fitness plan i go......

  • Thank you all... love hearing about all these stories. Makes me want to do it now =). So if you have more keep them coming.... Has anyone done the Shred as well as the insanity - if so is there much of a difference??
  • rahlpn
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    I'm doing Insanity now, currently in Recovery week about to go into month 2. I did 30 Day Shred in March before starting Insanity, HUGE DIFFERENCE! At the start of 30DS you will be SORE, you will think you're going to die during cardio segment, you will get a little bored toward the end, but I did it, finished and was 11 pounds lighter and MUCH more prepared to go into Insanity. When you start Insanity you will almost die and you may throw up (best to eat at least 2 hrs before, very light snack, or first thing in the AM before eating, but sip water, you will need it!) but after your first week you will feel a change start to take place, you will recover faster week by week. In the first week I had a max HR of 185 during the toughest parts of the workout, then during the stretch my HR would only get down to around 150s, now it gets as low as 118, so I'm recovering a lot faster and my resting HR is now 52 :) I can run further and faster than I ever have. And since starting the program on April 9th I have lost 12 lbs and have gone down one pants size (I will be taking measurements on Sunday after I'm done with recovery week). Also, I started this program at 207 lbs, totally out of shape, only been working out since January, it's totally doable you just have to have the mental determination and motivation to do it, to PUSH PLAY every day. Good luck!
  • Is this a dvd series that you purchase to follow?
  • dalehall64
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    Done it twice. Once by itself, once as a hybrid with Les Mills Pump. I'll be doing it again as a hybrid with P90X in September.
    Even now, if I need some serious cardio, I'll pop in one of the routines and kill it. It's a freakin' amazing program!! And Shaun T is just an overall great presenter.

    @iamgonnamakei: Yes. You can learn about it and other at home programs at