Anyone tried the Nutribullet blender ?



  • Can anyone tell me how does the Nutribullet do with ice? I need my shakes, especially with protein, to be COLD! Can I crush ice in the nutribullet?
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    Love my nutribullet. They have them at bed, bath and beyond for $99 not including the coupons you can print out online at BBB
  • Can anyone tell me how does the Nutribullet do with ice? I need my shakes, especially with protein, to be COLD! Can I crush ice in the nutribullet?

    I've been using the NutriBullet for a while and I always add ice. Sometimes I have to put the fruits and vegetables and blend for a short time to make room for the ice. HTH

    I have made many different concoctions and there have been some that are fantastic and some that are putrid. I just keep playing with it to see what I like best. Good luck!
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    I just bought my nutribullet at Bed Bath and Beyond and used it today for the first time. I made sure it didn't go over the mix level. Well it leaked and in side the powerbase there is juice trapped inside behind the plastic and there is no way to clean it out unless I actually take it apart. I have gone on to forums to ask and all I get are other people who don't know either. I paid $99 and can't find the receipt. I don't like the idea of dried juice on the inside of the plastic like that. I turned it upside down so the juice would drain but it was too thick and it just dried like that.

    Is there anything better than this? I wanted to do the juicing but I am so discouraged right now. My friend has one and has had no problems.
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  • I just bought a Nutribullett yesterday, and my first two concoctions weren't bad. The first one with spinach, strawberries, raspberries, water and raw almonds. The second one with spinach, celery, broccoli and 1/2 an apple. It was so easy to use and so easy to clean up compared to a blender. I do have the Ninja, but the NB is easier/faster to use and takes up less space on the counter. I purchased mine at Kohl's with coupons and Kohl's cash and ended up paying $62 plus tax. I went to GNC today and purchased some organic chai seeds and flax seeds to put in my Nutriblasts going forward.
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    Had it for half a year. I make myself and the kids one for breakfast every morning (we let them have cereal on weekends tho :)). I personally think it's awesome --- even though i'm on my second one. Our first one only lasted 3 months before it started leaking through the blade shaft. Returned it no prob and grabbed another.

    Our morning smoothie has 1/3 spinach and kale. The rest is costco frozen triple berry mix, milled flaxseed, raw almonds, half banana, goji berries, vanilla whey powder, a couple chunks of frozen pineapple and finished off with water. I think it adds up to around 400 calories and i'm always good until lunch.
  • I just got home from a trip and it was waiting for me! I am very excited. My husband and I are making a concerted effort to improve our nutrition.
    I am very pleased with the way it made my drink. I didn't have all the right ingredients to try any of the recipes so I just threw some good stuff together like spinach, avocado, frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lime wedge, cilantro, and some of my 124 online powder (has probiotics, green foods like spirulina and chlorella and more antioxidants) and I am enjoying it now.
    I have made healthy smoothies before but I was excited to be able to "extract" the nutrients.
    It extracted everything beautifully and it was a bit thick but I just added more water. I will continue to experiment and keep you posted. I REALLY need to get off this sugar addiction along with the love of salty crunchy stuff. I plan to be as healthy as I can going into the fall of my years. I will keep you 61 is the new 40!
  • It should be able to, I added frozen berries and it was fine. If it can extract almonds ice should be a cinch!
  • Can anyone tell me how does the Nutribullet do with ice? I need my shakes, especially with protein, to be COLD! Can I crush ice in the nutribullet?
  • It should be able to, I added frozen berries and it was fine. If it can extract almonds ice should be a cinch!
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    I bought the Ninja Kitchen Professional model, 1500watts, came with 3 smoothie glasses and two large mixing bowls which I have not used yet, but love the product. I bring smoothies to work most mornings.. Extremely powerful.
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    Been thinking about purchasing one of these due to its portability over other blenders
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    I love my Nutribullet! Besides how loud it is! Sometimes when my brother is sleeping, I'll blend my protein shake in the garage lol
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    I've had one since January, no problems so far. I use frozen fruit and spinach so I don't have to water it down with ice. I use frozen spinach because it lasts longer than fresh. Throw in some greek yogurt, maybe some almonds, some chia seeds, etc. I also use water to save calories. Plus I like that it's never overly sweet, I don't like sweet too much. Also, because I'm not huge on sweet, I never ate much fruit, like none ever pretty much. Now I have blueberries, and strawberries and banana, and peaches and apples, etc. So my fruit intake as gone from zero to 3-4 servings a day.
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    After watching an infomercial the other day I then got stuck in a Nutribullet rabbit hole on youtube. Then when at WalMart the other day I checked one out in person. Still haven't broken down and bought one yet though.
  • I recently got a Nutribullet for my birthday. I had been juicing with a Breville Juicer and had lost 12 lbs in two weeks. I am now using the NB so I can stop throwing away all that fiber. I find that the pounds are coming back slowly. Maybe my smoothies are too fattening? I tried the book recipes and they were thick and unappetizing. So now I experimented and found a combination I like. A typical drink for me is: *(I can't eat cruciferous veggies because of my thyroid)(I take a greenie powdered protein drink separately)

    Spinach/Kale/Leaf blend in first
    A few Blueberries
    Raw Sunflower seeds
    6 Raw Almonds
    Handfull of Flax seeds
    Handful of Hemp Seeds
    Raw Honey
    Tumeric-just a dash-you can't taste it
    Almond Milk/fill halfway
    Filtered Water/Fill to max line

    I don't like it thick so I add lots of water. This tastes really good, kind of nutty. Sometimes I throw in Irish oats for my cholesterol so I don't have to cook them.
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    I bought the Nutribullet at Target for $99 and was going to try it out for a few days and see how it stood up. I am not sure if it is different than the Magic bullet.
    I have a kale or spinach drink every day. I put whatever I have available but always include ginger. Today's drink has
    kale, ginger, flax seed, cantaloupe, banana, frozen blueberries - and some water. Yes, it is green, yes it is thick sometimes as I put too much in, but I am pretty happy I bought it and will finally throw away the boxes - 4 months later!
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    I bought the Nutribullet last month. I haven't used it consistently but the times I have used it I love it. It is the greatest thing. A lot better than my blender. So much easier to clean than the blender too.
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    Note that the "Nutribullet leaves too much pulp" meme persists to this day, despite lack of factual evidence to support it. This is a good example of how people will present ideas as facts without knowing whether there is evidence to back them up or not, picking them up and repeating them without regard for their origin, thus creating a social "fact" that may in reality be completely erroneous and misleading. It's especially unfortunate when that happens when it's also simple to determine the truth of the matter. In this case that can easily be done by viewing a YouTube video that demonstrates the difference between blending the exact same fruits and vegetables in a Nutribullet and in a Ninja.