How much sodium do you consume?

I think I might be eating too much sodium without noticing so Im going to start to monitor it. How much sodium do you consume. Im a woman 5"3 and 150 pounds. No health issues.


  • 257_Lag
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    I am almost always between about 1800 and 2500 since I changed my eating habits. Prior to January I can only guess it must have been over 5000 daily. ALL my favorite foods are (were) high in sodium.
  • 257_Lag
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    bump out of curiosity
  • margieo1983
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    I never checked before MFP, but I'd say a good guess would be around the 5k mark. I ate A LOT of processed food, canned goods, etc. I never realized how much of a sodium difference there was until I started tracking what I ate. Now, I'm almost always under the 2500 mark. Usually around 1500 or so, if I had to guess. The days that I go over are the days that I eat fast food (even the "healthy" options have huge amounts) or pizza.
  • _Zardoz_
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    Don't really take much notice just had a look over the past few weeks. I'm averaging below 1000. I have the odd day around 400 and one at 1200 it seems that my normal is around 800 though.
  • thelordismysheperd1
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    I'm currently at about 1,800 mg a day, but def need to lower it!
  • msurads06
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    Last week is the only week I have data for but averaged a little less than 2000 per day, some more some less.
  • psuLemon
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    3000-5000g a day (it's hard to tell as I don't log pickles since they don't really have calories), so realistically, it's probably more on the higher end. I still lose 1 lb a week and my blood pressure is 110/70. But I also eat a lot of foods high in magnesium and potassium which can help offset some of the effects of sodium.
  • S0nsh1ne
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    I monitor mine on MFP. Started when I had weight gain / bloat w/o other explanation.
  • sandy_gee
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    Don't really take much notice just had a look over the past few weeks. I'm averaging below 1000. I have the odd day around 400 and one at 1200 it seems that my normal is around 800 though.

    I'm about the same range here. I USED to be insane with sodium, salt on everything, processed/canned foods, etc, so now I like to actually monitor it as closely as I do my calories, just to keep myself in line.
  • butterflylover527
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    I've been trying my best to get my sodium under control, but I'm usually over 2500
  • FoTime
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    A few months ago, I'd guesstimate between 3k-4kmg daily. Now I'm trying (and usually struggling) to keep it around 2k.
  • NWCountryGal
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    I was just reading on this subject and found the thread here on MFP. I guess the American Heart Association recommends 2000 and my setting here was on 2500. I have been going over that lately. I especially got interested because of vanity (my eye's really look bad, drooping and puffy). It's partly age, but a lot could be not enough water on a regular basis and too much sodium.

    I'm starting today setting my sodium goal at 2000, drinking more water, and, eye exercises. They are pretty simple and make sense since the eyelids have muscles as well. It's worth a try, especially when my eyes seem to have made me look 10 years older in just 2 years:(

    The body needs sodium though so I wanted to work with a "healthy" number. I hope the old heart association knows what they are talking about;) Denise
  • lilpoindexter
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    I looked once, and it was pretty damn high...I eat lots of turkey sausage and processed meats for lunch out of convinience. BUT...a big BUT is that I exercise like a beast. I can tell when I've eaten a lot of salt because the following day on the elliptical I will the machine completely, 100% covered in sweat. I had all my blood checked in February, and thanks to my exercise schedule every thing is A-OK. If I didn't exercise, I would probably want to try real cuts of meat for lunch, but the processed meats are just so damn convienient.
  • GODfidence
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    Most days 3-4k, often 4-5k.
    Unless you eat basically nothing good and avoid foods packaged
    with deliciousness,it's hard.
  • LorinaLynn
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    Mine's fairly high... Over 2500 most of the time. I don't bother tracking it. No health issues, plus I drink a lot of water and sweat buckets.
  • ChristinaR720
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    I start having water retention issues if I go above 1500 mg, so that is pretty much my max amount. I typically only go over if I eat at restaurants.
  • NWCountryGal
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    men's needs are different of course, didn't check what you guys need a day. Everyone is different and like all things, we have to see what works for us. I'll see how I do on the 2000 instead of the 2500, plus lay off the tortilla chips and other things that are just loaded with salt. I'm glad to know we need salt because I would hate trying to give it up completely. Denise
  • jenilla1
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    Probably anyone who is eating a lot of processed food is getting too much.

    I don't even monitor sodium anymore. I have other things I'm more concerned with and MFP only gives me so many things to track, so I have to prioritize. I cook almost everything I eat from scratch, almost nothing canned or pre-made, so most of the sodium I get is from the salt I add myself, which isn't a whole lot.
  • Habiteer
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    I have high blood pressure, so I should have a sodium intake of < 1,500mg per day. In reality, it's usually between 1500 and 2000 mg per day, but its better than what it was before I started tracking.
  • Ely82010
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    I have mine set up at 2000 and very often I am below that or right on target. But sometimes, specially when eating out, I will be closed to 2500.

    It is a balancing act trying to hit my calories and macros all the time, and "enjoying life" at the same time.