Do you know your end Date??



  • susannamarie
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    I have projections, but I'm not gonna cry if I don't make them. Reassuring myself that yes, I could be there by Christmas makes it feel a lot more attainable. If I miss and I'm 5 lbs off at Christmas I'll still be a lot leaner.
  • RoseTears143
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    I have an idea - I want to be as close to goal by December 31st which should be doable with 2 lb a week loss between now and then. I don't think I'll be all the way to goal by then, but I'm using that as a target date anyway to keep me motivated for my Hawaii trip to be in as good of shape as I can be by then :)
  • RllyGudTweetr
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    there is no end date..I am doing this for life..

    once you have an "end" you start slacking and putting weight back on ..

    make the changes for life OP
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    Well . .. I never plan to live an unhealthy life again or go back to an existance lacking accountability, so there's really no "end date" to my current lifestyle.
  • DesireeAshley90
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    According to my armband it says that at the rate I'm going I'll be hitting goal early September. From there, I'm probably going to aim for another 15lbs down lol
  • danimalkeys
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    when I 1st started on my lifestyle change in Feb '12, I weighed between 275 and 280. I had a soft target of being down to my goal weight of 225lbs by my vacation in July '12 which was a 2 week motorcycle ride and where being lighter would really help my stamina and comfort with long days on the bike. I made it to 3lbs of my goal. I hit my 225 goal a couple weeks after I got back from vacation, right around 6 months after I started. I put about 5lbs back on over the holidays, and in January of this year got back on the wagon to hit my new goal of 200lbs. I have not lost a single pound. Well, I've lost a lot of pounds- the same 3 pounds over and over. Get down a couple pounds, then they creep back on... frustrating as all get out. It's like my body says "this is where you will stay". I'm not unhappy where I am, I'm lighter than I've been for 20 years, I'm in much better shape, but I have that goal of 200lbs in my mind. Eating well, exercising, lifting weights, doing everything that everyone here does and has the pounds come off, yet I've been stuck for almost 6 months now.
  • rahlpn
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    I have a calendar at my desk too which shows what my projected weights are if I lose 2 lbs per week like I'm aiming for. I should hit my goal weight in mid October. I've been right on track or slightly ahead so far so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully don't hit a plateau. If I do I'll just change something and try to push through. I have a wedding to be in in November so I wanna look good in that dress!
  • lanielou30
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    According to my trainer at anythime my end date should be Jan 8th.. i just pray i will make it because i have made end dates and plans before.. fingers crossed
  • melindasuefritz
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    i dont understand how u can plan an end date
    u cant predict how much u will gain or lose so
    u can estimate i guess.......... but then u might not make it
    no not a good idea

    my end date is when i get to 170 pounds
  • ktliu
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    there is no end date..I am doing this for life..

    once you have an "end" you start slacking and putting weight back on ..

    make the changes for life OP
    Same here, when it ends then what, So I can go bad to all my old flaws? Worked too hard for it. And at 48, I enjoy not cringing when I look at my body in the mirror. and all this new found energy.
  • adorable_aly
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    I don't have end dates, just a continual progression of goals. I hit my weight loss goal in September. I'm now working on having a healthy relationship with food and making healthy eating a way of life. I'm also working on making sure my exercise is regular, and focusing more on strength training. I'd also really like to have flat stomach for when I go travelling next year.

    To sum up my goal is too be healthier lol. Which doesn't have an end date.
  • tbrain1989
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    maybe i should have asked what everyones end goals were? that would incoporate even those who are MFP for life, although i would like to see how many people last more then 5 years on here?

    thansk for discussing though, some really interesting viewpoints and strategys and i hope they work for everyone :)
  • Blacklance36
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    Im not sure of the end date because now that I have hit my goal I need to go on to maintainance and thats a whole new learning curve....and Im finding it harder to maintain than it was to lose weight.
  • sweetpea03b
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    I've tentatively set it for Dec 17th but not sure if I'll make it by then.... the #'s have definately been coming off SLOWLY. Good luck!
  • jennifer_417
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    In a perfect world, sure, it would work like that. And for some people, it does. But for the rest of us, weight loss isn't linear. Meaning, sometimes you don't lose weight according to the numbers. Sometimes you plateau or even gain, for no reason. The last thing I want to do is set myself up for disappointment by setting an end date for my weight loss. It's hard enough as it is.

    Also, as far as I'm concerned, there's no end game here. There's no AHA I'VE NOW ARRIVED moment. Yes, I have an ultimate goal weight, but my real ultimate goal is to be healthy for the rest of my life, and if that means I have to count calories for the rest of my life, so be it.
  • Tiff050709
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    My goal date is July 19, 2014 which will be my 30th birthday.
  • vypeters
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    The problem with an end date is that if you 'end' you'll gain it all back. Happens to an overwhelming majority of folks who lose weight because they drift back into their old habits.

    So my end date is when I die. Hoping that'll be a while.
  • SmartAlec03211988
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    I'd like to have 15% body fat by June 20, 2014. And 12% body fat by June 20, 2015.
  • UpEarly
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    I didn't do a 'diet' this time, so I don't see that there is ever an end date. I hit my goal weight about a year ago, but I continue to log food, track exercise and try to become fitter/healthier.
  • MyHealthyTemple
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    My projected end date should be the end of July but that is only to meet my current target. Then I will have lost 2 stone! This gets me back to a BMI of 25 so is within the health range. After that I would like to lose another stone if possible...have to see how hard it gets once I am smaller. I won't knock myself if I take a bit longer though. :-) All the best for the original poster's weight target loss and everyone else on here!