Day 1 of no diet coke...not going well



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    So, I am a regular drinker of diet coke. I absolutely love it. On a good day, I only drink one, but most days it's two, and somedays it's more like 3 or 4 (if say, I get it at a restaurant and get refills). This is more of a personal challenge to myself and I have a can in the fridge at my work in case I decide I can't do it. I've done this once before and it sucked.

    Is anyone else a reformed cola drinker? How long did it take you before you stopped missing it? Did you replace it with anything else? I am not really a juice drinker or a flavored water drinker- it's pretty much just diet coke, plain water, coffee, or beer for me. I do like unsweetened ice tea, but that's not very portable and if you buy packaged, it's usually sweetened or very expensive.

    I used to prefer it to water and all else.

    I just switched one day to tea, and that was it. When I really wanted one, i'd have one, but one, then order a tea. Now I'm just with water. I think it happened in a time where my overall favorite flavors shifted from sweet to bitter.
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    I haven't necessarily given up Coke, if I want one I'll have one... but lately it's been straight up water, iced coffee or tea made by me or for something fizzy a glass of soda water with a splash of cranberry juice (I like how bitter and refreshing it is). You may try spiking carbonated water with a sweet juice if what you're craving is the carbonated sweetness
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    pfft, talk to me when you regularly drink a 2 liter :)

    i cut it out for a few months, went strictly with water.

    then at walmart i found they have these great little generic flavor packs you can add to water


    ^^ drink with vodka. good stuff... :wink:
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    I finally got over drinking soda. Haven't had pop of any kind at all for about 4 months now. Start the day off with a couple large cups of black coffee and a little milk on my oatmeal, then after that I only drink water the rest of the day.
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    Why would I stop drinking diet soda? I like it, it has no calories, and it's the perfect guilt-free sugar craving.

    Oh, right, because the Aspartame is going to kill me.


    I'll just say this now: I'm a first responder, and my ambulance has yet to be dispatcher to an Aspartame overdose. Just saying.

    I'll take my soda and drink it, too!
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    i used to drink soda ALLL the time i started drinking selzter water then just went off with soda all together and drank water!
  • MamaDee2
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    I was a 2 liter a day diet soda drinker. I have been without any for a little over 2 weeks. It does get easier, just hang in there.
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    I quit drinking soda more or less cold turkey when I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) over two years ago. He'd cut it out years before to lose weight. His drink of choice was diet Arizona Green Tea, which really helped because it had caffeine. After a few days I noticed I wasn't bloated- I didn't even know the carbonation had made me bloated in the first place! I did get headaches and feel miserable for about a week, but it was very much worth it.

    These days, I drink coffee, water, and hot or iced tea. I've cut back on caffeine, but I don't think I'll ever quit. Yes, I do use Splenda/ sucralose in my coffee and tea, but I feel like it's the lesser of two evils. At least it won't rot my teeth. Soda actually gives me all sorts of interesting and horrible stomach problems now, so I generally avoid it. Every now and then I'll have a diet cola of some kind with rum in it.
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    I love, l love, love Diet Coke. I have a can a day; it's not going to hurt me. I also have chocolate every day--why deprive yourself of something that you like?
  • mmddwechanged
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    I'm so sorry! I can't imagine. Although I have weaned myself to less than three or four a week. If I knew it was no more, I would want one too.
  • DiabeticResa
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    My problem about giving up the Diet Dr. Pepper was that I missed the caffine and started getting slight afternoon headaches. I had to start taking IBUPROFERIN in the afternoons. I have not had a Diet Dr. Pepper in about 2 weeks. I was bad and went back to my regular cokes until my diabetes went haywire and started running in the 350's and my Dr has given me 90 days to get aggressive and to get it under control or he will have to start me on Insulin shots.

    I am working really hard to get it under control and I am not drinking any kind of sodas anymore.
    1 can soda is 65 sugars and I am only allowed 25 sugars for the day.
    Diet soda is only 0 sugars and calories; but the sodium is still high so I still need to get away from it.

    I am fighting this battle with you.
  • Lochlyn_D
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    Your skin will thank you.

    Willpower! It's all about willpower. After 24 hours, the addiction is all in your head. You have to want it more!
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    I don't know how much you used to consume but for me Day 1 was missing the taste. Days 2-12 were missing the caffeine. You may want to research weaning from caffeine gradually for more chance at success this time around.
  • Tuala42
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    Coke zero is my addiction, the only thing that I think of as comfort food. I try and limit it to weekends only, though I gave in today because i had a horrible headache and three more hours of work. Thankfully I love tea, and use stevia drops, so I have healthy substitution. I rarely drink plain water.

    The thing that motivates me the most is the effect that soda has on your teeth---I try and picture myself after 20-30 more year of soda drinking and needing dentures---my worst nightmare.

    You definitely should find something to help with the caffeine withdrawal to help make things easier!
  • tessi1993
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    Can i ask, why is diet coke so bad for you?
    im not really a soft drink drinker at all.. but i had a diet coke the other day logged it and it had like 2 calories?

    im just curious..
  • boatsie77
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    Can i ask, why is diet coke so bad for you?
    im not really a soft drink drinker at all.. but i had a diet coke the other day logged it and it had like 2 calories?

    im just curious..

    Personally for me it is a 'trigger' drink. I used to eat salty, fatty, sweet junk food and wash it down with diet cola. So cutting out the diet cola helped me cut down on the junk.
  • ninerbuff
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    Can i ask, why is diet coke so bad for you?
    im not really a soft drink drinker at all.. but i had a diet coke the other day logged it and it had like 2 calories?

    im just curious..
    It's not. Unless you believe the correlative and anecdotal evidence from naturalist's and "clean" eaters. I rely on peer reviewed clinical studies for reference.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal/Group FitnessTrainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition
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    IMO, having one around is setting yourself up for failure. Just push through and don't let your cravings control you. You're stronger than that.
  • twinkiemon
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    I just gave up all soda for an entire 8 weeks during a weight loss challenge - it gets a bit easier, but there were still times I really wanted one, but I did stop wanting one every day. It was specific times like going out to movies or going out to eat where soda has always been a part of that.

    That being said, now that the challenge is almost over (3 days left) I'm not going to completely give it up - I will still have one if I go out to eat or go to the movies (which isn't often) but I'll no longer be keeping it in the house or buying the 20oz bottles to take home.
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    Mio and tea helps.

    Use Mio in plain seltzer if you crave carbonation.

    Try mass preparing a gallon or two of unsweetened tea the night before and put them in Kleen Kanteens or whatever.

    But diet coke is fine anyway.