most awesome habit of significant other (past or current)



  • liesevanlingen
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    He adores me and constantly lets me know. We'll be in the middle of a conversation and out of nowhere, he'll give me this adorably sappy look and say, "Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?" or "I love you so much." Mind you, I do the same sort of thing, so it's definitely mutual. I guess we're each others most awesome habit.
  • SmartWhatever
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    My boyfriend always cooks with me ans is an awesome cook! He always put the seat down. And he likes to sing to me, which just melts me every time...
  • Ashleyxjamie
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    He tells me i'm beautiful

    He cooks for me (and I for him)

    He brags about me to his friends

    He does most of the laundry

    He adores my singing and guitar playing

    He isn't a lazy *kitten* and he motivates me with my weight loss (we joined the gym together)

    He doesn't compare me to other women and says I am the only girl he notices! (and I believe him)

    He's the first guy who I fully trust <3
  • xvxCelticWandererxvx
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    The list would be too long! He's braw through and through :smile:
  • 007FatSlayer
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    He's always so sweet and does everything for me (voluntarily!). He also supports all of my decisions and if he thinks a decision I'm going to make/already made isn't good, he will tell me and give me his idea on what would be best (without being negative). He has made me a better person-- definitely.
  • He let's me be me and has never tried to change anything about me. That's an awesome thing.

    yup. we have both been in relationships before where you look back and you think 'if I was all those wrong things, why didn't you find someone you like/ approve of?'
  • atb0821
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    Nearly everything my husband does is awesome.

    He's patient, caring, confident, sexy, spontaneous, etc. I guess the *most* awesome thing is that he puts up with my crazy butt.
  • TallGlassOfQuirky
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    My boyfriend's only bad habit is biting his nails. He has more awesome habits than I could possibly list but I have to say his most awesome "habit" is that he shows me in a million little ways every day that he wants me, respects me, desires me, and loves me for who I am... and he makes me feel safe and secure, which I never felt before.
  • PlayerHatinDogooder
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    She's down for a threesome.

    With another girl.
  • SoViLicious
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    He worships me
  • SoViLicious
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    She's down for a threesome.

    With another girl.

    I lied
  • AprilSchulte10
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    He always says sorry first and tells me how much i mean to him and how hed be lost without me :)
  • Fozzi43
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    He leaves me a love note EVERY morning before work without fail.
  • KickassAugust
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    My Brick asks my just about daily: "What can I do for you today, baby?"
  • dlionsmane
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    We cook together, clean together, shop together. He gives me little 2-5 minute massages regularly :) He still opens doors for me and reaches for my hand when we are out walking. He also cleans the kitty litter (which I absolutely hate doing) and takes out the trash ! He is also doing MFP with me and he has lost 8 lbs.
    The best thing though is that he encourages me to follow my passions and I am now cooking up a storm and doing photography :)
  • ACepero79
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    She walks around topless in the house.
  • mmddwechanged
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    He loves to cook, is always cleaning, he has a habit of being very clean himself and showers religiously. He puts up with my ongoing quirky need to hyper- focus on something obscure until I feel I've mastered it before moving on ( and sometimes dragging him with me in the process). My Favourite habit is when he picks me up and puts me on the kitchen counter and let's me wrap myself around him:)
  • miatine
    miatine Posts: 17 Member
    He's adventurous and pretty much down for anything!
  • mockchoc
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    Mine does most of the good stuff people mentioned plus if I want to go anywhere in the world most times he'll agree.. if he thinks it's safe and take me there, if he thinks it's not then we don't go and I might go alone lol. I love having the bestest travel companion ever. I don't wan't anyone else. We did this since we were 16 and still going strong 3 decades later.
  • porcelain_doll
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    The perfect man does exist! Thanks for giving this single girl hope!

    Same here!!