Man Periods



  • Nessiechickie
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    Big time !!
    But i don't agree that it is right after ours.
  • Tiffyholli
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    Have you checked his beer-steak-o-meter ?

    I'm taking him to the brewery today.
  • _Waffle_
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    I swear sometimes I think my boyfriend has a period.. It usually happens once a month...

    As long as he doesn't start discussions on MFP about periods then it's okay for him to have a cranky week.
  • SerenaFisher
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    I swear sometimes I think my boyfriend has a period.. It usually happens once a month... He gets cranky & annoyed etc just like how women get when were on ours. Do you think your man sometimes have man periods? :laugh:

    OMG girlie, course he will go through all the cranky and annoyed stuff.

    Just right after your TOM, the guys have a helluva lot of stuff to put up with from us!!

    We blame it all on TOM, weight/mood swings/I love you/ I don`t love you?my clothes fit/they don`t fit...

    ....the poor guys have to put up with it each and every month,!

    so of course they have a period ...they are going to think weight/I love you /I don`t love you? Your clothes fit/you look fine stop worrying

    arrrghhhh let me have a break and stop driving me crazy

    I don't know what you women and men are smoking, but people all have mood swings. Ours, as females, may be more chemically evident but we're all just giant walking chemistry sets that have the ability to go off.

    As to the poster of this quote about men putting up with us, perhaps you are an unbearable teetering emotional mess but that doesn't mean every man out there has a girlfriend like you. So please do not include me in your feelings of what your man has to put up with. My man also admit he has a "period", but his happens about once a week, or once daily if he has a bad day, then I have these moments too. Imagine that, being human and being stressed = emotional outcomes. :ohwell:
  • BeachIron
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    He may have too much blood in his alcohol stream
  • Jetjedi
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    The monthly Ball Cycle, lol.
  • xvxCelticWandererxvx
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    Ya know, now that I think about it, he doesn't seem to be as grouchy and has been quite happy since I no longer have them. :laugh: :laugh:
    Hmmm *shrug*
  • kimosabe1
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    dude, totally!!! My husband always gets cranky for an entire week and it sux! Then I have my period another week so we have 2 great weeks a month! lol...
  • billsica
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    I just hate having to wipe the blood up with tissue paper. I wish they would make something for male absorption.
  • ironanimal
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    We get closer every time you "have a headache"
  • mustang289
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    Men get them, but we don't call them 'periods', its called a 'question mark'

    As in when you ask us a question, we just respond with 'huh?'
  • Mother_Superior
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    Not since I went through the change. Hot flashes are a pain in the *kitten*...lemme tell ya!
  • SerenaFisher
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    Men get them, but we don't call them 'periods', its called a 'question mark'

    As in when you ask us a question, we just respond with 'huh?'
    oh, they were saying "huh"?

    I thought it was, "duh".

    My bad. :flowerforyou:
  • Otter1422
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    Depends on the "dry spell".

    It is a constant cycle of increasing tension, stress and anxiety that increases by the hour up till the point the dry spell ends, and then starts over.


    I believe the medical term is Baby Batter Build Up Syndrome and your man she seek out a support group at your local dance club.
  • brower47
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    They are called hemorrhoids.
  • SmartWhatever
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    YES! They do. Its best to just throw beer and steaks at them, then run away.
  • mmm_drop
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    Periods aren't nearly as bad as semicolons; semicolons are a mother effer.
  • funforsports
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    Man periods usually come on about 3-4 days with no sex. They can be real miserable if no self pleasure is taken during that time.
  • Cp731
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    Burn the witch!

    [img] Marvel Alliance Facebook/brujaescarlata.gif[/img]
  • Morninglory81
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    I find getting naked helps alleviate the symptoms!:bigsmile: