Making myself get up early to exercise



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    I use an alarm on my phone that requires me to complete a maths problem before it will shut off. I put it far away from me on the other side of the room. Forcing me to get out of bed and then forcing me to use a little bit of brain power. That usually does the trick for waking me up.
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    You don't have to workout in the AM if that really isn't working for you - there is nothing wrong with doing PM workouts. I have never been a morning person until now. I am so protective of my sleep and refuse to wake-up any earlier than I have to lol. However, I realized that doing PM workouts meant that my workouts were inconsistent because some evenings are busy and then the day is gone before you know it. Also, I am exhausted after work and dread having to workout on top of my already long day which doesn't help the motivation and consistency. Sooooo I just got to a point where enough was enough and I realized that if I want to get it done then it's going to have to be in the AM.

    How do I get up? My alarm is on for 6am which allows me 1 snooze (yes, I built in room for a snooze because that's just who I am and I enjoy having the extra 10mins to slowly get out of bed and not feel rushed.) I have my workout clothes ready to go, running shoes next to the treadmill, water bottle in the fridge ready to grab, prep all my other work clothes/lunch/bag/etc... the night before so the AM is super easy to get through even if I'm half asleep and stumbling around. I also drink water before bedtime the night before because by the time my 6:10am alarm goes off I need to go to the bathroom so bad that I have to get up.... and then I'm up so I just say screw it and head for the treadmill instead of back to bed. If it's a really slow day then I tell myself I can just walk it out... but I find usually after the first 10mins I feel great and end up running anyways. Good music really gets me pumped.

    I'm now at the point where it's pretty easy to do it.. i almost look forward to it as well which is a change for me. I have more energy for work and feel like I had some "me" time before the long day ahead. Plus I love that I can come home after work and not have that extra thing still left on my to-do list - i can just relax after work now, enjoy my family, take time to cook dinner, etc.

    P.S. I should also mention that I built up to getting up an hour earlier by doing 10-20mins increments each week.

    Sorry for the long post but I hope that helps!
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    The only thing you can do is just get up and do it, seeing as though you go to bed at 10am is a good first step, once you get up and go to the bathroom and wash face and brush teeth, you start to feel a lot better

    It takes getting use to but trust me it gets easier once you make up your mind that it needs to be done

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    haha love this.
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    I am up at 5am every week day. It was hard at first but you can do it. Now I don't even attempt to hit the snooze.

    Now I am in the habit of making sure that my workout clothes are picked out the night before so that I don't wake my husband up. I also pack my lunch and my gym bag every night before I go to bed so there was no excuse for not getting out the door in time to do a minimum of 45 min at the gym.

    Me too!! I get up at 5 am for a 30 minute walk, breakfast is already planned (pre-made if I can do it) and lunch, snacks and gym bag are all packed. I am NOT a morning person but it feels great to me to come home AFTER work and know I already worked out and I can lounge until bed. Good luck! :smile:
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    Native americans used to drink water before bed if they had to get up early. You'll have to experiment a bit to find the perfect amount that will make you HAVE to get up when your alarm goes off in the morning. I don't do this necessarily, but when my alarm goes off and my bladder's bursting, it makes it a lot easier to get up right away. You'll adjust after a while and it will be easier.
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    I'm up at 4:30 am to workout. Was it hard at first? Very. But after a while your body gets used to it and I'm now at the point that even on the weekends I'm up really early. I like it though, I now get alot of things accomplished in the mornings before the rest of the house is awake. Like others of said, you just have to want it bad enough. A person can do anything they set their mind to, as long as they really want it!
    If you have a smartphone, take a look at an app called "I Can't Wake Up". Its a free app. There are different tasks you need to perform before it will allow you to snooze or turn the alarm off. Puzzles, passwords, etc. My favorite is the barcode scanner. You can program several items and it will randomly select one each morning. You must scan the barcode before the alarm will turn off.

    I like to pick things from my kitchen since its all the way on the other side of the house from my bedroom. Normally once I'm out of bed, I'm good.

    I don't need this app, but that just sounds like fun, especially the barcode scanner! I want to set it up on my fiance's phone and make him scavanger hunt for things I've scanned into it just to get his butt out of bed in the mornings. Okay, that was mean, but it would be kind of funny *snicker*
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    I start at 4, and its the best part of the day, LOVE MY MORNINGS!
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    My hubs wakes up at 4am to go to the gym, he hates it but once he gets there hes always glad he went.. I think you just have to zombie your butt out of bed and force yourself until you get into a routine.
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    i have like 8 alarms set over like a 30 minute span, if i need to be UP for real at 630 the first one is like 5:50, then 6:01...6:08....etc etc etc

    till im just so annoyed and awake!
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    It gets easier once your internal clock adjusts to the new schedule. Definitely never put the clock right by your head, that's snooze button city. Put it across the room. Use multiple clocks set at different alarm times. Once your internal clocks clicks you'll find yourself beating your alarm up.
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    Thank you so much for posting on this topic... I too am having a real hard time waking up to get a workout in even tho every night I am prepared to do so. Then that 1st alarm goes off but I still manage to hit the snooze button way too much! Sometimes I don't even remember turing off the 1st or 2nd alarm! Anyway, Thank you for addressing this issue, by reading the repys you have gotten, I have a few ideas for myself!
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    I too struggle, but AM workouts are really the only time I have to make sure I fit it in...gotta try moving that alarm clock across the room! Once you are up, its not that bad, and once you get that workout in you will feel so good about the day!
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    Have EVERYTHING ready the night before. Clothes picked out, gym bag, lunch packed. Do NOT push snooze! Just get out of bed before you have any time to think and wash your face. Get dressed, and I like to listen to my ipod as I get everything together out the door. I brew coffee the night before for a quick iced coffee as well, and out the door. I am up at 5 and out the door by 5:30...

    It's not always easy, but that is why I literally don't think about it until I'm out the door. It's like, what if I had to be at work? This is my job, I have no choice. I don't think of it as an option. And once I'm done and on my way to work I feel amazing, accomplished, and ready to take on the day. I wouldn't have it any other way.
    this, exactly.

    I do take a LITTLE more time to get going in the AM (I like to ... ahem... go before i leave the house, and it takes time for the coffee to kick in), plus i like to shower before the gym, but otherwise - yes, EVERYTHING is prepared the night before, gym clothing set out, bag with work clothing, towel, toiletries is ready. food for lunch is ready. coffee is brewed and i scarf it down cold. breakfast is a banana that i eat on my way out the door. so that's getting up.

    It takes time to really get into the habit but it does become habit. I used to get up at 5.30 and sometimes would convince myself that i'm too tired and go back to sleep. now i force myself to get up, and i actually started (this past week) to get up at 5.15 becuase otherwise i get to the gym too late.

    as nike says JUST DO IT.
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    Get a dog or cat. Once there is even the slightest sign you're awake, they're up. Once they get used to eating early, they will make sure you won't sleep in!
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    Get a dog or cat. Once there is even the slightest sign you're awake, they're up. Once they get used to eating early, they will make sure you won't sleep in!

    QFT :laugh:
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    I just downloaded the "I Can't Get Up" app. That is awesome. I am going to test it out tomorrow and see if it works. I'm going to scan some barcodes in tonight from stuff in the bathroom....haha!
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    I was never a morning person, but I also work full time and have 2 children and the only time I can guarantee I exercise is in the morning before work. So I get up at 4:30. I have short term goals for myself- I want to get into a size 6 for my vacation at the end of the summer and stay in a 6 or even go to a 4 by my 40th birthday ( January). I feel like with goals to work towards it make me get up and go. Also, I put out my clothes and heart rate monitor ect at night so I kind of stumble around in the morning and I am 10 minutes into the routine before I am fully awake. It is becoming a habit now also. This morning I did not want to get up, then I thought about my goal and it pushed me. This goal also helps me to push myself during the routine as well when sometimes I want to fast forward through the hard stuff LOL (I am doing Insanity)
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    I'm in the same situation as you are. Between working full time & two children - I find it hard to exercise at night when things finally settle down because I've been going non stop all day and I'm exhausted. Last week I attempted my first morning workout...out the door at 3:45 for 45 mins at the gym. It was hard and I couldn't believe how that 45 mins helped my energy level all day. I have a friend who works out at 5:00 am every morning - so I text her when I'm done for a little piece of accountability since we can't workout together. I started slow...last week two mornings, this week I will do two - but try for three and hopefully end at 5 days a week by middle of July. I set my alarm for 3:30 and then set my cell phone for 3:35 and leave it in my kitchen. It's loud enough to wake me up - but not loud enough to wake up the hubby and kids... it worked last week and I hope it works tomorrow morning when I plan on going.

    Good luck...
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    My alarm goes off and I inwardly tell myself to suck it up and get up for about 5 minutes.... I hate waking up earlier than I know I have to, but I'm always glad later on. Still working on consistently listening to that little voice in my head telling me to move it. When I do run, it's at about 4 am...once I'm out there it is kind of neat to be out and about when it's so quiet.