I hate hummus



  • paintlisapurple
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    Oh great, now I'm afraid to try it. :grumble: :sad:
  • poohpoohpeapod
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    Homemade Hummus is not sour like store bought hummus. If they use too much citric acid it will taste bad. Sabras is the best store bought but when it's so easy to make just do it at home and play with flavors. Takes me 2 minutes to make a roasted red pepper hummus in my vitamix.
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    don't eat it then........... although what I would say, is if you've never tried hummus made by Arabs, then you have not had the chance to try hummus at its very best. My own attempts at making hummus are really not too bad, but pale in comparison to what you get at a decent Lebanese restaurant, or even better, if you eat home cooked food at an Arab family home...
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    I love it, make my own now. Soo Good.
  • talamer
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    I freaking like Hummus!

    I eat i t regularly with any grilled meal (Chicken or kabab...etc)!!

    so if u don't like it! just don't eat it! Simple ;-)
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    My whole family (including 3 kids who have eaten hummus since they were babies) LOVE it. I make my own, but if no time I will buy Sabra with Pine Nuts

    If you don't like it don't eat it. I don't like mushrooms so I don't eat them. End of story.
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    So don't eat it.

    You'd think you were forced to do so.
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    My mom makes the best! Yummy! You need the right amount of tahini and make sure it gets blended/food processed enough to a smooth texture. Grainy hummus is not hummus. hehe Of course if you're buying it, it's much hard to control those factors.
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    i love it. i usually make my own. the store bought stuff does not even come close to tasting like real hummus (it's not bad, and there are some brands that are tasty but i wouldn't compare it to real hummus).
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    I love it...the key is to make your own and use top notch ingredients like tahini and the best virgin olive oil you can buy...

    I love baba ghanoush it is even better...
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    Phew, there, I'm glad that's out in the open. I hate hummus, of all flavors. I think it's a little bitter, and kinda grainy, and the mouthfeel is what I can imagine quicksand would feel like on my tongue.

    That's my confession for today. Flame on, you chick-pea lovers!
    Make your own its a totally different animal (or bean) to the bought stuff and only takes 5 minutes in a food processore
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    I had some tonight. The first taste reminded me of feet but it got better. If that's even possible.
    Oh my.
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    I love chickpeas in any form- my husband says they taste like dirt. Sabra is super smooth and I'd love to know how they get it that way.
    I have to confess I hate goat cheese- it tastes funky to me, my husband likes it of course!
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    The texture is creamy, not grainy at all. It's very smooth and has a great flavor (the garlic one is great)


    I didn't like it either until I had this brand! It is delish!
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    ok so sharing food hate :)

  • Hi,

    I guess the reason you don't like hummus is because the flavour of the hummus you are used to eat is from US and not the Israeli one.
    I got several hummus recipes in my blog that could change your mind.

    Good Luck,

    Batia from IL.