Dream job vs actual job.



  • nytius
    nytius Posts: 173 Member
    Dream Job: Systems Analyst or Mega millions lottery winner
    Actual Job : Accounting Analyst

    Making my way from actual job to my dream job one career move at a time :)
  • Linli_Anne
    Linli_Anne Posts: 1,360 Member
    Dream Job: I don't know if it has a title - office manager would likely be closest; budgets, customer service, marketing, PR, bookkeeping
    Actual Job: Accounting Supervisor
  • BeLikeBarbi
    Dream Job: Pediatrician

    Actual Job: Supermodel
  • lostdogg
    lostdogg Posts: 450 Member
    Actual job - track supervisor for railroad
    Dream job - retired lottery winner..... n is that a job?
    Or maybe traveling the world hosting a beer show on the travel channel for the greatest microbreweries and foreign beers
  • CheyenneTLE10
    Actual Job : Freelance graphic designer

    Dream job : The woman on Celebrity Apprentice who sits at the front desk and does nothing. I bet she makes so much money to do that. I want her job. Hahahaha

    LOL! This literally made me laugh out loud...every time I watch that show and she says "You can go in now" I always say, "I wonder how much she gets paid for saying that?"
  • Illona88
    Illona88 Posts: 903 Member
    Actual job: editor

    Dream job: writer.

    Close enough for now ;).
  • xvxCelticWandererxvx
    xvxCelticWandererxvx Posts: 2,890 Member
    Actual job: Mom
    Dream job: A professional, world traveling Mom
  • CheyenneTLE10
    Actual Job: Deputy Nisga'a Elections Officer
    Dream Job: Elementary Teacher (although I probably get paid more doing what I am now, my current job is more seasonal)

    I'm going to school to become a teacher...only a few more courses!
  • ThinUpGirl
    ThinUpGirl Posts: 397
    Actual Job: Full time mom & student. Part time bartender.

    Dream Job: Child psychologist
  • monicarcaro
    what is your actual job and what would be your dream job? and what led you to either?

    (actual job) Assistant Account Manager at an advertising agency for agribusiness chemicals
    (dream job) Assistant Brand Manager at MillerCoors for Miller 64/Leinenkugels

    I love me some alcoholic beverage marketing - it's so fun! Even if I don't drink as often as I used to :)
  • RaineMarie
    RaineMarie Posts: 158 Member
    Actual job: military lawyer (Air Force JAG)

    Dream job: civilian victims' rights lawyer; or a college english professor. :)

    I love being a military lawyer, but I dont know that I'll stay in for a full twenty years. I'd like to have some stability in my life, too!
  • blondageh
    blondageh Posts: 923 Member
    Dream Job: Fish & Game Warden (Seriously, you get paid to be on the water and in the forrest, yes PLEASE!)
    Actual Job: Software Control Specialist for the State (Blarg)
  • brillmer
    brillmer Posts: 1,268 Member
    My actual job is running/managing the office of a company in Toronto.
    I oversee all marketing, advertising and booking decisions. We are similar to the National Antiques Roadshow, but in Canada.

    My dream job.. and my eventual real job.. Would be a professional chef or pastry chef.. Or owner of my own restaurant/dessert shop

  • RenCara
    RenCara Posts: 300 Member
    Dream job: Psychiatrist

    Actual Job: SAHM of 6

    The latter would cause me to seriously need the former.

  • Queen_Adrock
    Queen_Adrock Posts: 130 Member
    Dream job: Beach librarian :glasses:
    Actual job: Corporate librarian :grumble:

    Close enough!
  • kcregger2
    kcregger2 Posts: 6
    Actual Job: (still in college getting 2 BBAs in Accounting and Marketing) but I would love to be a controller at a University
    Dream Job: ESPN broadcaster at all the big college football games!
  • RenCara
    RenCara Posts: 300 Member
    Actual job: first grade teacher

    Dream job: first grade teacher

    ...I am a lucky person!
  • ashleybreanna13
    ashleybreanna13 Posts: 249 Member
    Actual Job: Receptionist at a Medical Supply Store
    Dream Job: Veterinarian!
  • Phoenix24601
    Phoenix24601 Posts: 620 Member
    Dream Job: Broadway performer
    Real Job: Middle school teacher

    Life just went that way.
  • notyouraveragetalia
    notyouraveragetalia Posts: 223 Member
    Actual: HR Advisor for a Hospital

    Dream: Duchess of Cambridge