What Is Your Favorite Healthy, Easy Snack?

BlitzClipz Posts: 154 Member
Since I do a lot of night time snacking and I realize this is hurting my shape up journey, I'm trying to at least switch my snacks out with healthy, low calorie stuff. I've been eating a lot of fruits, like plums and apricots and berries but I'm getting tired of just fruits lol. I just bought some carrots and cauliflower with some organic low fat dill dip and I think I can go along with that for a while.

But I'm really wanting some new ideas for easy, healthy, low cal snacks that I can munch on when the mood calls. I think if I can cut out the crap foods, it might also help with my night time eating as most of the stuff I start to crave around then is crap. If I can train myself to crave healthy stuff instead, I think I will have my snacking under control.

So what are your favorite healthy, easy snacks??


  • psykins
    psykins Posts: 76
    I LOVE honey roasted almonds. 28 almonds is about 150 cals. It seems like a lot of food because you get to count them all out :D
  • onwarddownward
    onwarddownward Posts: 1,683 Member
    Raw nuts, pb2, bananas.
  • lemonmon1
    lemonmon1 Posts: 134 Member
    bell peppers and hummus
    carrot and hummus
    carrot and peanut butter
    tamari pumpkin seeds
    fruit - red grapes, blueberries, watermelon, kiwi, apple, etc!

    just to name a few! I snack between meals most days!
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    I'll eat string cheese and baby carrots at the same time.
  • kganc001
    kganc001 Posts: 317
    Popcorn! :) You can spritz it with a little olive oil or water and flavor it how you like. :)

    I personally prefer the 100 cal smart pop bags. Not the best for "clean eating" I guess, but they're tasty, fast and easy.
  • pchesnut
    pchesnut Posts: 347 Member
    I love to eat 1/2 C of plain Greek yogurt with strawberries/pineapples/banana etc

    or I like a handful of raw walnuts and 7 reduced fat triscuts

    or a sugar free jello snack-pak (only 10 calories)

    or celery sticks and a few T of all natural peanut butter
  • taso42
    taso42 Posts: 8,980 Member
    sausage and egg mcmuffin
  • linsey0689
    linsey0689 Posts: 753 Member
    I love popcorn and carbmaster yogurt from kroger only 60 calories.
  • cchardy82
    cchardy82 Posts: 26
    Emerald makes 100 Calorie Almond packs-they come salty or sweet.
    yogurt and low fat granola
    hummus and low carb crackers or rice cake
    hummus and veggies
    salsa and fat free cream cheese with low carb crackers
    pb and rice cake
    pb and apples
    100 Calorie popcorn
  • starryphoenix
    starryphoenix Posts: 381 Member
    Kefir, has 20 grams of sugar per serving, but still very healthy. especially the plain kind which has no sugar.
  • BlitzClipz
    BlitzClipz Posts: 154 Member
    Great ideas so far!! I LoVe nuts, the only problem is I have difficulty stopping within a healthy/low cal range. So I'm hesitant to add them in to my snacks :(
  • pchesnut
    pchesnut Posts: 347 Member
    If you have a hard time stopping with eating nuts then you can get a small bowl and dish out the suggested serving and then take your snack and leave the kitchen. Also remember that nuts (and walnuts in particular) are high in fat but it is the good fat So pair it with something like crackers or yogurt to help fill you up faster
  • vaironika
    vaironika Posts: 36
    I love steamed broccoli, edamame beans (has a very good amount of protein) or some carrots :) Unsweetened almond milk is good too, or you can even put in some stevia to sweeten or put a teaspoon of natural cocoa powder to make a healthy chocolate milk. Also try sipping on flavored tea so you can fill up on hydration without any extra calories. Try to consume most your calories during the day :)
  • UAYpull
    UAYpull Posts: 26
    One serving of cashews.
  • foot1647
    foot1647 Posts: 92
    Raw Cashews
    Toast - Daves Killer Bread is my favorite
    Frozen Yogurt
  • Graelwyn75
    Graelwyn75 Posts: 4,404 Member
    I tend to always go for raw carrots with various dips or houmous.
    or baby plum tomatoes(grape tomatoes), berries, greek yoghurt, dark chocolate.
  • justtodayjen333
    justtodayjen333 Posts: 142 Member
    On eating nuts in moderation, my husband read somewhere that drinking lots of water while eating almonds actually makes the almonds expand in your stomach and you feel really full. Now as I actually write that, doesn't seem like it really happens, but who knows. And I know when I drink lots of water in between each nut, I do feel full. Just my thought.:)
  • thatonegirlwiththestuff
    thatonegirlwiththestuff Posts: 1,171 Member
    Plain greek yogurt, apples and red bell peppers. I eat the bell pepper whole just like I would an apple.
  • sdionnemoore
    sdionnemoore Posts: 45 Member
    Emerald cocoa roasted Almonds, 100 cal pack, crushed, and stirred into a vanilla Greek yogurt.
  • foot1647
    foot1647 Posts: 92
    I eat the bell pepper whole just like I would an apple.

    I've done that with onions before. I love onions, I haven't done that in a while, but if I make a burger or almost anything, I'll use almost half an onion to myself. Onions and Garlic are delicious raw. Probably doesn't help my breath any, but my wife doesn't care as she's the same way.