Mirena IUD and Weight Gain



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    ive had every test and since i got my mirena removed i have lost 3 pounds i have not been able to loose weight and i had all 3 of my doctors tell me that it was cause of my weight gain cause of the issues i had after my bypass so there is no excuse here it is mirena that did what it did to me :) i follow my calorie intake and i walk everyday and do sit ups i was not able loose nothing everyone body is different
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    You’ll find a few threads on Mirena here. Just answered on one of them last week. I HATED every second from the minute it was inserted (super painful) to the minute it came out – approx. 10 days later. I couldn’t handle it. I bloated to approx. 4 months pregnant, my face burned, broke out. I had major cramping and some spotting. I put on +- 4 pounds in 10 days. I was super anxious. Depressed. I had suicidal thoughts. No joke. And I’m super positive in life . I couldn’t sleep either. I felt like crying and/or eating all the time.

    I had it removed. Within 24 hours I was almost back to myself. My hormones are still a little out of whack but getting better. And I am now going on month 4 of having it removed.

    It has serious side effects. Long term as well. Once I started really researching this, I was glad I had it removed.
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    I was able to lose 60 pounds during and immediately after pregnancy. Got that little sucker and gained back 30 but started noticing my hair was breaking off in hand fulls and now that I have 6 months left I'm super emotional around what would have been my period though I never was before. I have been able to lose weight, but it's coming off very slowly and in a nontraditional fashion. I'm debating on getting another in April or just going with the nuva-ring. I love the not having to think about it aspect, but the cons are starting to outweigh the pros.

    just an comment...nuva ring is the same hormone as the Mirena and I believe a tad higher...
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    I just got my Mirena removed on 6/12/13 after having it in since 10/16/08. It hurts less getting it removed than put in. It only hurts for a second when it is pulled out and the doctor even showed it to me so I could see that in fact it was taken out. The first day after it was removed I did not really feel any different just really tired, no cramping or pain. The second day was pretty much the same a little less tired. Today is the 3rd day and I feel fine. I have to wait till Sunday to start the Birth Control pack. I weigh myself daily and in the last week I have not done anything different and on monday I weighed 254.0 and today I weighed myself and it said 252.0. I always weigh myself every morning the same way and at the same time. so It is pretty accurate. I know of other people who have had mirena and had it removed and some bleed right away and others said about a week later. Well no bleeding so far, but it has only been 3 days. The doctor said if it doesn't start by the time I start the BC pills on Sunday then it should regulate it and I should have a normal period after the first pack. I have not had a period in 5 years.
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    Well, I guess I spoke too soon, my period started on day 3 after having the mirena removed. It is not super heavy but it is off and on bleeding. I have been unable to sleep through the night the past 2 nights, waking up every hour and I am one of those people who is usually out as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have been having slight nausea and stomach pain which I am told is cramping. I got really emotional today at the stupidest little thing- Kaiser did not have my BC pills in stock so I will not be able to start them till Monday for some reason I feel apart and got all mad and started crying out of nowhere...wow emotions. I guess that would be the hormones. Well see what happens hopefully the BC helps balance everything out and I do not get pregnant in the meantime. Oh and I weighed myself this morning and it said 250.6 I was 254 on monday...kinda strange since my eating habits and exercising habits have not changed.
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    I've had Mirena for over 10 years and LOVE IT! I didn't gain weight from it - I gained weight from everything BUT this. For those of you considering an IUD - this is the BEST!! I haven't had a period in more than 10 years. How awesome is that!?! And the hormonal highs and lows are practically gone. I highly recommend it.
    Me too. I love my IUD. No periods? No bloat? No cravings? I should be a spoksman for Murina. LOVE it!
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  • I had the 5 years copper IUD.. and I was told the samething about NOT gaining weight on it. Dr. actually scolded me and said EXCUSES EXCUSES ! he said if I was a doctor I would think I was silly?? like asking if you get fat on water. - Dr. Sharma :laugh:
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    I'm about 3.5 years into my second one. I did gain weight after I had the first Mirena, but that was due to my lifestyle, I don't blame the Mirena! Now on this one, I've lost 22kg for far (about 50lb) so I can't say it's hindering me in that regard. I am very happy with it.
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    My doctor said that although studies show that the Mirena is only supposed to have side affects of 3-5 lbs, he has seen women have huge gains with it in. Over the course of about a yr I gained about 50 lbs. I also quit smoking so that probably has something to do with it to. I still have mine in, and I have successfully lost 47 lbs but its been a tough 10 months. I feel like maybe with it out I may have been more successful, but I think different ppl have different reactions to things. I am still trying to loose as I was overweight when I got it to begin with.
    Also, my best friend had her daughter the month before I had my 1st son and went on the Mirena afterwards. She was always one of those naturally tiny individuals, but during the 2.5 yrs she had the Mirena she was a size 12, and a little "chubby" compared to her prebaby body. So, I had somewhat suspected it may have had something to do with her birth control, then she removed it to get pregnant again, and since having the second baby has slimmed down incredibly! She opted out of birth control this time around, but she looks like she did 6 yrs ago, before babies where involved. Just a thought.
  • After years of birth control, my gyno decided to put a Mirena IUD in. I ended up gaining around 30 pounds (mind you, I was also in my first semester of college so part of it was freshman15). I had it in for 11 months and I ended up with a yeast infection once a month. By the 9th month, I ended up passing out and rushed to the emergency room and it turned out that bacteria somehow got onto the Mirena, which caused the yeast infections and when I started to pass out, it turned out that the bacteria ended up spreading through my entire body. When I completed research once I was discharged, I found that I was not the only one who suffered from that. I've been IUD-free for eight months, I switched to the NuvaRing; my weight is still high but I feel a lot more healthy compared to before. Would I recommend it? Not even to the person I hate the most.
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    I had my IUD put in about 2 months after giving birth to my son. I was breast feeding and I only gained 30 pounds with my pregnancy. Right where they wanted me. I am tall and most didn't believe I was even as far along as I said I was. I didn't exactly over indulge with the food. I was 143 lb when I got pregnant and 170 when I gave birth. I got back down to the 140's but started going back up with no change in my diet or activity level. In fact I was more conscience of what I was eating. When I got pregnant I got severe acne and it never stopped after I had the baby. I seriously believe (after much web search) that the Mirena is the culprit for all of it. I've seen where many people have had the same issues.
  • I had my first Mirena after the birth of my last child, and loved it. I didn't notice any weight gain, but I was still losing baby weight so I doubt I was checking the scale. I had that one removed May 1st and my second one inserted the same day.
    Just prior to that, I had lost 5 lbs with Isagenix, and was in the habit of tracking my calories with My Fitness Pal. The insertion was VERY painful, and I noticed my face broke out horribly for a few weeks after, but I understand it's hormone related (it is birth control, after all).
    What is driving me nuts is the 5-7 pounds that I have put back on, without a change in my eating habits. I'm tracking closely, and am eating better than ever, and I can't drop anything! Typically I'd be able to lose weight if I was careful with my calorie intake, but it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference over the last 2 months. Which is annoying, since it's summertime.
    I'd bet money it's related to the Mirena, but obviously everyone's body will react differently to this, and differently to any form of birth control. I just hope I'm able to regain control over it.
  • Before I had my son I weighed 157 always. And at full term with him I weighed 175 . After the baby I lost my baby weight which wasn't much. And two months after I got the Mirena IUD and I didn't even know weight gain could be a side effect I've had it for 16 months and weigh the most I ever have. 185 is my current weight, I do the exact same thing as before, maybe more now since I babysit 5days a week I'm constantly busy. I can't believe the fact that I weigh 10 more lbs than I did when I was full term with my son. I'll be making arrangements to switch birth control soon. I also have anxiety which I had while I was pregnant, it just never went away .
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    i have had the IUD for 4 years haven't had any side effects either, well i don't think so at least! i gained 30 lbs since having my son but i wasn't exercising or watching what i eat and gained it in about a year, i was stressing alot so i think that is what that was about! Im taking mines out next summer (trying for baby number 2). Everyone's body is different so some people might react more then others!! I think when i take it out im going to pay more attention to my wieght and see what happens and see if i want it back in after i have my 2nd child!!
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    Just curious after two months without it, have you had a change in your weight? I am potentially have a similar experience although, I've gained about 25 lbs over a three year period.
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    I have had my mirena iud for 8 months now. I hasn't made me gain any weight whatsoever.
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    I'm on my 2nd Mirena. I had each placed as soon as possible after my 2nd and 3rd babies. No weight gain from the IUD, just crappy eating and not moving enough!
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    I never gained any weight on Mirena, and have had no trouble losing weight (I joined MFP about a year after getting the IUD implanted). The hormone dose it slowly emits is so low, I don't think it is likely to cause significant gain weight. Eating more calories than you burn is the only thing that makes you gain weight.

    ****It only takes about 250 extra calories a day over your TDEE to gain 20 pounds in one year.
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    my ob told me that it would have no effect on your weight and in the 4 weeks sense I had mine put in ive lost 26lbs on my diet