What time do you exercise?

The only time I can get to the gym is when my twin's dad comes home from work. Sometimes that isn't until 10 PM. -sigh- (leaves at 8am) No daycare at the cheap gym I'm at. I can't walk/run around here because it is a bad area. I tried in home videos, but with twins it is impossible to keep them entertained while I workout. They don't nap anymore. Won't play in their room, or watch a movie without "checking" on me every 5 minutes. We are in a town home, so no yard. Plus, not safe area anyway. OMG I hate it here.


What time do you exercise, and does it really make a difference when as long as you are doing it?


  • aquarabbit
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    I exercise right when I get up and before dinner. Do they take naps? That might be a good time to try and squeeze in a workout. I'm doing Body Revolution right now and they're only 20-30 minutes. Or you could have them try to do the workout with you. They might think it's dancing or something.
  • asdelmonte
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    I work out early mornings. My alarm goes off at 4:45 and I am out the door by 5am. You wrote that DH leaves at 8am. I would go to the gym early and be home before he leaves. I know for me, that is the only time I can guarantee an uninterrupted workout. Good luck!
  • michellekicks
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    Any time I can.
  • ang3li
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    I go after work and before dinner.. so around 630pm.. Then have dinner around 8pm..

    How about early in the morning? Before the kids wake up?
  • Mommy_Time
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    early in the mornings. during school time for the kids it is 4AM summertime it is more around 5-6AM. I have 5 kids ages 2-8
  • celtbell3
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    I do yoga, pilates, and caliestenics in the morning for 45 minutes to one hour. In the evening I do my cardio - dancing to running to biking to spinning to swimming to gym machines! I don't think it matters, as long as you put in some time!
  • cwolfman13
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    Mon/Wed/Fri I do my 10K workouts at lunch..sprinting, running, etc

    Tues/Thurs evenings and Sat mornings I do my weight training. I usually do some Tabata at lunch on these days as well and then take a walk through the park.
  • TwinMom422
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    I'm usually up late entering reports for my job. Hard to get up really early. I can always try though!
  • Ninguneado73
    Ninguneado73 Posts: 832
    Very early (which reminds me, I should get off mfp and go to bed) for a run. Some evenings I lift weights.
  • skylarking036
    I do a strength training program at 0430 and then am out the door for a run by 5am. It's just too darn humid here to go any later.
  • Klem4
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    Have you looked into a different gym? We have been members of YMCA for over a year now, and I love it. They also have adjustable rates, according to your income. I am not really into working out at home myself, so that's why I suggest looking into this.
    anywho, I workout in the morning, right after the kids wake-up, we get dressed and eat and off we go, about 9am usually.
  • paintlisapurple
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    I exercise when the time is right with my two year old. Zumba on the Wii is a lifesaver. It's fun, inexpensive and in my living room. :flowerforyou: Good luck!
  • MorganLeighRN
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    I usually run in the AM. Look up the daily HIIT online. I will use my 8 year old as weights. He hops on my back and I get going.
  • stevepax
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    I have the 4:30 AM shift, my wife gets the 6:00 AM shift.
  • quiltlovinlisa
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    Oh gosh, I UNDERSTAND!!! There's 19 months between my twins and my middle son and boy was it HARD to exercise when they were bitty.

    I hope you find something that works. I found adding movement whenever I could.
  • Madame_Goldbricker
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    I go to the gym either after I finish a night shift or before I come in for one. If you've got a games console theres lots of dance games out there. Get the twins to join in infront of you & get a proper work out yourself behind them. Failing that have a look on youtube for HIT routines - you can fit them in whenever you get a little gap of time during the day.
  • sunshyncatra
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    I am in the same boat with the bad area and am so frustrated about that! I get on the exercise bike after my three year old goes to bed. Sometimes on the weekend I can get him to watch TV while I ride for twenty minutes, and sometimes his hand is on my knee while I go, lol. We also do silly dance parties which can be pretty good exercise when he is into it.
  • Punkin7411
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    M-F at 6 a.m. and on weekends it's usually in the afternoons.
  • lenkearney
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    5:30 -PM right after work - Gym is in the building - 2-3 times a week and usually a 20-30 mile bike ride on weekends.

    Hard with kids. I usually tried to have then do things with me.
  • Orfygirl
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    First thing when I get up! I have learned that if I don't get it in first thing in the morning that the kids will keep me so occupied that I don't get to workout later. Sometimes I can get an evening bike ride in with the kids before bed.