Calling all short girls



  • pseudomuffin
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    Hey hey :) I'm 5'2" and always looking for new friends, feel free to add me! I've been losing and gaining the same 5 lbs for like 6 months so I need some external help getting my butt into gear
  • lissa3967
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    Hi, I'm 5'1" and 180 lbs. My goal is to lose at least 50 lbs. I just started this today and am hoping this works.

    Please feel free to add me, I would love some support through this! :)
  • megganxrose
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    I'm 5'1" and want to lose 40-50lbs. I currently weigh ~150, but I have a very small frame so I don't carry weight well. The lowest I weighed as an adult was 113, and I by no means looked too "skinny". 100-110 sounds like too little to most people, but I'm sure some as fellow short girls, some of you can relate!

    My trouble is staying motivated. I've never been this big, so I just feel hopeless and ready to give up before I even start!
  • adrianabafus
    hello girls!
    Today I am starting this new journey. I have gained around 4 kgs since I left my job. And right now I am starting a new job and my clothes do not fit me very well !
    So... I will try to loose around 5 kgs in 5 weeks, hopefully i will reach my goal on August 9th.
    I am doing some jogging at the beach around 20 minutes, very early in the morning because it gets sooo sunny after 9 am.
    Hopefully i will start many more activities
  • nvpixie
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    I'm 4'11". I'm pretty much at my goal weight, but I'm working on maintaining this weight and starting an exercise routine. I'm pretty lazy about exercise and need the motivation.

    Add me if you like. :)
  • Inspired30
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    Hello! I'm 5'2 and looking to loose around 10 more pounds. Once I get to that goal, I'll take it from there and see if I need to loose anything else. It will just be nice to be that low again! Feel free to add me :)
  • mia4502
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    I'm 5'3" and I have lost 7 lbs so far. I am hoping to lose about 13 or so more. I have adopted clean eating for the most part. I stay away from white sugar, white flour, processed, anything that has ingredients that I can't pronounce. I am not all the way clean because I do love to have a glass of wine of a light beer here and there. Just being honest. I have lost 7lbs since the end of May. And it really is a slow process. Losing weight the healthy way is a very slow process and it should be a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. Eating 1000 a day is NOT ENOUGH. I saw above some said that's what they are doing. Your body goes into starvation mode which ends up backfiring on you. I do 1500 calories a day and I lose. Granted it is slow, but it does work. Do not starve yourself. In order to lose weight you have to feed your body. I eat five to six times a day. Always a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate at each meal. I drink about 7-8, 16.9oz bottles of water a day as well. I incorporate two cups of green tea a day as well. This is what works for me. I try very hard not to starve my body. All that does is slow your metabolism. Make sure you eat a well rounded breakfast within one hour of waking up.
  • ChangeupEma
    Hi there, feel free to add me I'm 5'1 and my goal is to lose 30lbs and my calorie intake is set at 1,200 as well. You can do this : )
  • Virgo09
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    I'm 5'3 looking to lose about 25 lbs.
  • Mariposa_Lily
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    5'2" and in the middle of losing 10 lbs. My advice would be to not try to go too fast! That 1200 calorie number is there because it's difficult to get enough nutrients at a lower number. Mine is set there, too, and I'm set to only lose 1/2 lb per week, though I've been exceeding that a bit.

    I will admit that my *net* is often lower than 1200, but I almost always try to hit 1200 food calories. I've lost 5.3 lbs in the last five weeks through only diet and gentle exercise (daily 45 minute walks and yoga). So, it can be done, and 1200 calories leaves at least a little room for a treat now and then. ;-)
  • ButtermilkPanda
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    Hi there! I'm 5'3" and would like to have some friends on here as well!
  • ittyXbittyXbritty
    I am 5'0" and am looking to lose about 10 more pounds. You're all welcome to add me, but I must warn you that I am a recovering we can't expect perfection and the epitome of health. But at least I'm trying.
    Hey hey!
    I'm 5'2 and trying to lose 15 pounds at the moment. Calorie goal is 1200, plus exercise 5x per week.
    Feel free to send me a friend request or message me. :D
  • Joreanasaurous
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    Hi! I am 4'11".

    Don't be scared to play with your calorie intake until you find what works for you. I am pretty active so I never go belonw 1800 myself... Often way more than that. It's working for ne personally and my body seems to agree with it. Some people swear by 1200, which didn't work for me at all. So yeah. Play for a while or even try thr TDEE method of you want. Best of luck on your journey on here.
  • sweetbri07
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    HI! I'm 5'0 and trying to lose 40 lbs. It's been a constant battle and I constantly have to remind myself that muscle weighs more than fat and to not become discouraged and frustrated when the scale goes up, because its the inches that go down! I'm a big stickler for healthy nutrition and exercise and am always helping my boyfriend who is an MMA fighter stay on top of his health as well, so I'm hoping it rubs off on me more! Feel free to add me!
  • erinfaaaaace
    Hi all!

    I'm 5'0" with approximately 90 lbs to lose.

    I'm desperately seeking motivation to stay on track, I'd like to lose as much as possible before my wedding on April 26th. If anyone has any eating or fitness tips, throw them my way!

    You can also friend me on here or If you use FitBit, under the same user name.

    Good luck all!
  • sueozzy
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    5'3" ...please add me need motivation and advice from other short people!
  • BlessedBe23
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    5'3" here and need to loose about 130 lbs......I'm excited to have found this forum...most of the folks here seem positive, some just seem to want to rain on everyone else's's my first day here, so good luck to all of us!
  • johnelwell
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    Not a lady but married to a short lady, she struggled and I became interested in nutrition and joined MFP. I calculated targets for her and she has lost well since, please feel free to add me - who knows it may do the same for you. Good luck anyway.
    The offer to add me goes to any of the MFP folk who reply to you
  • britttttx3
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    5'3 :)