Do you have a fat pet?



  • pseudomuffin
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    Nope! I have a very trim and athletic pembroke welsh corgi, I just wish I could live by his example haha


    This is Waffles :)
  • bio01979
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    I do not have fat pets, it's way easier to limit what they eat than to have discipline to do the same... I was a vet assistant for 11 years also, so I know the risks.

    lol I limited how much dry food I put out for the cats but they still got fat. Lol and I was actively trying not to let them get fat but was unsuccessful lol
  • michellemybelll
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    Gorgeous dogs! Good to see a lab at a proper weight. So many labs are overweight that people think it's normal, and when they see a healthy one they think it's too skinny!

    funny how that can be directly applied to humans, at least here in the U.S.
  • walleyclan1
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    These are my youngest and they are both lean and muscular


    This is my oldest and she is also lean. I have had people stop me on walks to tell me I need to take her to a vet because she is too skinny in their warped opinion. She developed diabetes despite being thin her entire life.


    These are the two that take work to cut weight from. They are both 12 years old and have joint problems (previously repaired cruciate ligament tear on the kitty and hip dysplasia on the dog)

  • cassondra1370
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    A fat cat is a happy cat...


    I did, however get this handsome fella to try to encourage more kitty exercise.

  • dancingonstarz
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    Found a fairly recent pic of my girl. She's a mutt, and she's 12 years old. A pound or two chunkier than her normal in this pic, I think. She's chillin' under some rocks after a hike when I went rock climbing with my bros out on the desert. She's kind of free fed. If she's hungry she paws at her food container and I give her a scoop (usually twice a day) unless she's already had plenty and I can tell she just wants food cause the people are eating, lol.

  • JeremiahStone
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    yeah..but i killed it.. i called it my belly :P
  • jollyjoe321
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    We're mean with our treats, we break them into really small pieces ;)

    If I could get as toned as my pet dog, seriously, I'd be the happiest guy ever!

    He's a Springer Spaniel cross Parsons Jack Russell and he runs like a missile :huh: