Sports Bra for Big Boobs??



  • PatsyFitzpatrick
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    I love the champion bras from Target. They offer ample support and are inexpensive.

    I think that's what I'll get. They have one at Sears that has no metal on the straps.
  • get10fit2013
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    I'm no help, because I was wondering the same thing today. Thanks for asking the question!! Good info.
  • MsEndomorph
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    My favorite sports bra is Champion. They have different "strengths" and I use whatever the strongest is.

    Honestly, I usually wear a regular bra under my sports bra. Keeps the girls firmly in place :)
  • Stump_Likker
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    I've busted the straps on several and have just resorted to wearing two at a time.

    So ready for a 2nd breast reduction.
  • thenewmanda
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    I'm about to resort to duct tape myself. I still haven't found that I can go with just one and I'm down to a 36DD from a 40E..girl problems!!! Good luck!!
  • bio01979
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    I have an under armor one I like and I am about a DD at the moment technically maybe a small E but I refuse lol. I haven't broken it :)
  • I'm a 34E and I wear the red and blue aftershock bra. Its amazing!
  • First post on here but a subject really important to me since I am a 36 j....I really love my Freya Active sports bras. They are underwire for the most support and are the only sports bras that have worked for me! Get from a quality department store and many will alter when they get a bit loose around the middle. I get mine at Nordstroms or Intimacy in the states.


    I know this was for the OP... but THANKS!! I thought I was out of luck being an I cup and all...
  • IbiH
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    Shock absorbers all the way. I have various in all colours.

    Good luck
  • Contrarian
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    I got a sports bra at Mark's Work Warehouse. I am also a D cup, although my band size is smaller than yours. There are many places to buy them. Sportchek and LuluLemon are two other places that come to mind.
  • die2fat4love
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    Do you have a Macys or Nordstrom? I am a 36DDD and madinform makes some really supportive stuff sold at macys and Nordstrom- or lane bryant if they have them.
  • rayzerwolf
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    i wear 2 sports bras on top of my regular bra when i go out side to run and i am a 36 GG
  • theoriginaljayne
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    I wear two bras when I run: one of my comfortable, everyday bras first, and then a basic Nike sports bra over that. Works like a charm, and also creates a nice little pocket to slip my iPod into. (I'm a 32DD.)
  • die2fat4love
    die2fat4love Posts: 149 Member
    My favorite sports bra is Champion. They have different "strengths" and I use whatever the strongest is.

    Honestly, I usually wear a regular bra under my sports bra. Keeps the girls firmly in place :)

    This is a great idea too!
  • yavrig
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    These bras are FA-BU-LOUS!!! there are no metal parts except for the eye hooks IN THE FRONT!!!

    They have lots of retailers in Canada so check out their website to get addresses of where you can go. Several locations in BC, Ontario, Montreal, Alberta.

    You only need ONE or TWO. They are made so well that they will last and last and last.
  • _Emma_Problema_
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    I double up on bras. I was a 38D before and am now a 36DD so I feel your pain. I don't have the money for expensive sports bras so I just wear two! It's worked for me so far! I also have a more comfy one that I put on under a tighter one so that I don't have chaffing problems on my shoulders.

    Also, if you are looking for specific bra recommendations, I'd suggest you use the search feature for the boards. You'll find there are already a lot of threads with bra recommendations for big boobs. :)
  • 5thbidness
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    if you live in a centre large enough for department stores, you might want to check out any specialty running stores in the area (running room, or locally owned independant). they will often carry decent sports bras. also, i second the enell. it's a little warm because of the full back, but the compression is good for high impact activities and it lasts a long time with proper care.
  • nmiller0813
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    I wear a regular bra and then a Hanes Sports bra from Walmart to give me that extra support., but I buy the sports bra a size smaller, (ex I am a 42, so buy a 40). I have a couple of 38's also, and they hold them together, really tight!
  • lavanaloses
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  • Panache. Best sports bra ever. I am a G. Cute too.